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Vote for Lady Gaga to be included in the 2012 TIME 100 List!


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Surprised they haven't mentioned anything about her album and you know, her multi million selling #1 single, Born This Way, plus the fact that she had the second best selling album of the year, second only to Adele. But no, they just go on and on about the BTW foundation. You would have thought she had done nothing musically since she was last nominated. She didn't even get a place on the Time 100 last year which was stupid, as after TFM she was an even bigger and more influential star than the first time she was featured.

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Name Yes No

Erik Martin 115450 10869

Ron Paul 35748 4257

Asghar Farhadi 22523 1709

Anonymous 21957 4797

Benedict Cumberbatch 17140 3101

Imran Khan 15424 1738

Alexei Navalny 14268 1756

Adele 12775 12789

Lady Gaga 12156 4556

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