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Gaga on Lifetime's "The Conversation"


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So to sum up what we know about Gaga's s-x life :

1) She hates being called Gaga (she likes to be called Stefani)

2) She likes being the dominated one.

There's probably more but that's all I really remember.

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"This is the last interview I will do for a very, very long time."

But I will fill the gap with old, unused footage. :troll:

erm... well, her episode might not even air for months anyway so... i mean, did u see how many women were on the list there?

Mabe shes worked it in a way to air right before her new single comes :lol:

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Oh, it starts in April? ****, I thought it got cancelled or something, I was getting worried because we heard about this months ago, then nothing. Gaga isn't the only person I want to see on that show, they're gonna have Sarah Silverman too! I'm totally tivoing that ****.

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I hope she's not the season finale or something, otherwise it'll probably be months before her episode airs.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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