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Gaga on Lifetime's "The Conversation"


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Looks like it was shot around the same time of her UK X Factor performance + can't wait to see Eva Longoria's segment!

Chromatica fan chat: https://t.me/joinchat/ObU0LRigtBKBmqxG5qVFoQ?fbclid=IwAR3hOUvyy93_W9ka9iDZBINEVVTRQp-Sd_PFLpwUJgef_SUW01jg3sHyukY
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The looks like crazy, the preview pic tho

It has so much potential to be on the LOLGA thread. :toofunny:

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Pure Adrenaline

look her when she answer on the s-x question she smile and look above like there was someone behind the interviewer......why I'm thinking that Tylor was there too.... :nasty:

It's much more fun to have hizophrenia... u never get lonely
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