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Which Q4 albums are you anticipating ?


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Betty Who

inb4 it's postponed due to Adele :ohno:

Noooo I didn't think about that :dies:

Oh well, there's Troye Sivan and Lana releases in a matter of weeks :woohoo:

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September releases:

Every Open Eye x Chvrches 

Honeymoon x Lana Del Rey 

Wild x Troye Sivan 

And the other one is Adele's 25

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The one that fixed are BIG BANG - MADE and Lana Del Rey


Still waiting for fixed date for Coldplay and Adele then I can get excited.


Other than that, also looking forward for

Janet Jackson, Xtine, Crystal Castles, Garbage, Gwen,

Kanye, Megadeath, Rhenna, Smashing Pumpkins, TLC

But these need official confirmation still.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ paradise lost (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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