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Gaga meeting a fan in Chicago today, wearing a SWEATER!1! (3/6)


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Face and hair wise shes been looking extremely beautiful lately but... (and this comes from a deluded monster that loves almosteverything she does) I feel like shes losing her Gaga essence lately, she looks great, and I atually like some of the stuff shes been wearing, but idk, its been a while since I see a candid and go "LOVE THAT OUTFIT, THAT OUTFIT IS EPIC, WTF IS SHE WEARING" like they used to be

And again, dont get me wrong, she looks awesome, and im glad shes aking a break and everything, I just dont see the Gaga factor anymore on her fashion

I'm starting to think that phase in her life is over...change is always good :sweat:

She looks great though. I'd totally wear that sweater too.

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*The nails. :eek:

Duckface. :eek:

That must be one of Taylor's shirts/sweaters/whatever. :eek:

I don't think Taylor is a Givenchy kind of dude lol

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