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'Hunger Games' star criticizes Taylor Swift, Madonna for 'rampant' appropriation of black culture


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People complaining about cultural appropriation stating every stereotype they can think of.

And that world keeps spinning.

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I missed you too, it seems like forever since I saw one of your posts around.

​As a white person I know what I'm talking about when I say that there is no such thing as a culture based on skin color, easily shown by the global, cultural diversity among people who look the same when you narrow them down to their physical appearance. Any opposite way of thinking is based on the logic of colonialism and racism.

I understand that minority groups feel pressured to speak up when they feel like their "culture" is being misused, but the complete lack of reflection on what exactly that culture is supposed to be and the lack of examination of the predominantly emotional and irrational arguments throws me off. One look at history will prove that not one culture came to be without appropriation of tens of sources.

I'd rather evolve to a future where the idea of a racially inspired culture disappears and makes room for individualized concepts. What's really interesting in this whole matter is why certain black individuals feel offended and mistreated and why stereotypical elements of "black culture" are so popular in the media, yet nobody can even begin a discussion about that without emotional arguments being thrown into the game of social media. Accepting these allegations on their own terms means a demise into racism and a blind acceptance of emotional arguments that are only being taken seriously because they're coming from a minority group that people can sympathize and identify with for all the wrong reasons.

​Culture is based off history. People of color spent hundred of years as slaves based on their skin color. so that statement of yours doesn't make sense to me. A lot of what we see today in their culture, (the way they speak, the way they dress, the way they carry themselves) is subconsciously influenced, based and developed off these years of slavery (or at least a big portion of it) , however, white people do not share that kind of history, ironically, they were the ones on the other side, the oppressors.

The concept of an isolated culture is far from delusional if you follow that logic.

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i dont agree with everything she said, but i think she makes some very valid points.

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