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​Because she is. Shes literally as generic as Katy Perry and Kesha if not even moreso since shes yet to find much of an identity as a pop artist and the majority of her music sounds like factory produced R&B tinted pop tracks or generic electronic songs like this one, One Last Time, and that terrible thing she did with Zedd that was unfortunately released as a single. Seriously, Break Free and One Last Time are just beyond generic. Random gay club songs #123-124 that could've been sung by anyone. All she has going for her right now is the fact that she has some vocal chops, but who cares when they're lent to songs like this one. And tbh I don't even care for what her voice brings to the music really. I don't hate her or anything in case this post comes off hostile or something. Im not. Just my opinion. I think shes pretty ****ing wack musically speaking.

​I find it extremely hard to believe you actually gave her discography a proper listen, she's very diverse.

whats generic about this ?





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