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Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 12 / Siege is over

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Cocaine Heart

You are getting ridiculous. Why are you demanding special treatment of Islam? This newspaper ridiculed every religion on Earth from Christianity to Buddhism.  Don't come here with your selection of their covers translated by social justice warriors from tumblr on google translate and try to educate french people about what they mean. :toofunny: Also keep your "racist white people" issues on tumblr too. Being muslim is an ideology not a race.


If you are offended by these cartoons then they obviously apply to you, if your God is not somebody with a bomb on their head, but a peaceful man who preaches love than you have nothing to offended of. Remember - "these terrorist are not muslims, they are extremists and criminals", well then Charlie Hebdo is obviously poking fun at their god, not yours. So keep your double standards for yourself.


I really don't know what's your angle on this site. I see you in every topic targeting random users with your long posts talking about touchy subjects trying to make them uncomfortable to disagree, so you won't come back screaming "racismracismracismracismracismracism" at them. :roll:  Like what's in it for you?




How are we *indoctrinated when we come from totally different backgrounds? We are adult women, not easily manipulated children.




: to teach (someone) to fully accept the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a particular group and to not consider other ideas, opinions, and beliefs

I think the bold part applies to many of you here.


This is you tho ... and your first statement is the concept of how indoctrination works. You shove these beliefs, ideas and opinions into children because they are easy to manipulate. Once taught. the information so gained is retained for life, as with all acquired knowledge, such as learning to ride a bicycle once taught, unlearning is not an easy option. Sound familiar ? 


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Then stop calling everyone and everything racist. That's not any better.

Why? It's obvious that cartoons will spark discussion and that some will find them offensive and express how they feel. No need to call me out and silence my voice.

Do I think that some of the cartoons seemed racist the first time I saw them? Yes. Did I admit that I was wrong about certain cartoons after discussing them in a peaceful way? Yes. Do I believe that not only magazines but everyone should be nicer? Yes. Did I get called out for being respectful and kind to everyone nonetheless? Unfortunately, yes.

Again, you clearly did not get anything that I said earlier and I really do not want to repeat myself when all I have to say about this topic has already been said (or written in this case).

"If you don't have any shadows, you are not standing in the light." - a wise person


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Due to the hostility generated in this thread, it will be closed. If we are going to discuss serious matters of this nature, we need to be considerate to others and post in tactful manner.

in bocca al lupo


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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