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Gaga reveals "Monster Pit" tour plans + chances to meet her backstage


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How is that a horrible idea? Get real.. Who wouldn't want to be that close? You don't want to dress up, or stay all night.. then pay to get a good seat.. the pit isn't the only close place.

What could exactly happen :ohno:

I've got this vision of the people who are queuing ON the day being really bitter/jealous about the people who have been waiting overnight, and the fact they'll essentially get a better view. It could all turn very catty.

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I think she means there will be enclosed areas within the stage that are for GA people who waited all night. I'm sure there will be a LMZ again.

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I hope this idea never comes to fruition. Another "soon" or "never gonna happen even though I said".

What happened to being yourself? Now Gaga wants me to change how I dress? Really?

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I was able to be right up against the railing, 6 feet away from Gaga at the Monster Ball, and I only waited about 4 hours outside (I had LMZ tickets, obviously.)

I'm really not here for this idea tbqh. I'd rather just pay hundreds of dollars and secure my spot >_>

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Hello Mr. Radio

This is such a stupid idea. Some of us have things like school, or jobs, or families, that doesn't make us any less deserving! :(

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