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Yulia Volkova From t.A.T.u: "Being gay is wrong; lesbians are okay"


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Like someone else already said, extreme s-xism + homophobia. I think it's weird that she's okay with a woman being a lesbian, but a man being gay is wrong because "he's supposed to procreate". It seems twisted that she thinks men are the ones that are supposed to procreate, when WOMEN in our society are the ones that are supposed to procreate and if they don't have kids, they're seen as "a waste of a woman". Not that I think that way, but it's WEIRD that she thinks that about gay men, but she's okay with a lesbian couple. I just.. ugh. I just don't know how can people have such twisted ideas and live their lives with their eyes covered.


I can't believe what she's saying. It's a slap in the face to the fans and to THE PEOPLE WHO GOT HER WHERE SHE IS. We know she's not gay and that everything was a show, but she should know that their music and their image back then inspired so many gay people to accept themselves. This is like Gaga releasing Born This Way and years later coming up with these stupid ideas.

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Yennefer Stark

the ****

I read that in Bayonse's voice :lmao:

She screaming 'bout aesthetics yet she looks like a mess, those lips gurl wtf :toofunny:


Formally known as Ibo
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I listened to "Not Gonna Get Us" for the first time last week and now I find this. :wtf:


Oh well, I better stop listening to them now while I'm not really attached to their music. :laughga: Absolutely disgusting statement. :manicure:

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Wow, just confirming further what we have thought for years, Lena is the superior and better member of t.A.T.u.


This is very disappointing in Yulia, I stan for t.A.T.u. and have always admired their support for the LGBT country when they come from a country which is so homophobic. I don't get what changed, just years ago Yulia always spoke out in support of gay rights and equality. Very strange. Seems like along with most of Russia, she is moving backwards in time.


Whereas Lena remains flawless, and continues to support gay rights (aswell as being the one who is far more musically talented).

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