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Rules for posting in Entertainment section

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The Entertainment Section is reserved for all current, relevant and credible global entertainment news and discussion, such as new music and video releases, major announcements, and other big celebrity stories that hit the mainstream media. ALWAYS put a source with a link in the opening post (OP). Failure to comply this will result to the thread being closed / merged into the base thread / moved to the appropriate section.

- All general discussions, including reviews, rumors, social media posts (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram, etc.), and thoughts, about an artist / TV show / movie / video game / literature should be posted in their respective base threads in the available sub-sections. If a celebrity makes a social media post that reveals current, relevant, and credible news as described in the above paragraph, their post may get its own thread. Otherwise, threads will either be closed or be merged with their respective base threads as soon as possible, even without prior notice. Please remember that whether or not a social media post is thread-worthy will be at the moderators' discretion. 
If you're gonna post a news article, be sure it's from a reputable source. Please do not post entire news articles, post an excerpt and provide the link to the full article. Thread titles should be descriptive and straight to the point, not misleading and confusing. For example, if the article is about Justin Timberlake releasing a new album, then simply title your thread as "Justin Timberlake releasing new album". 

Our new policy about NSFW images:

From now on, no NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images will be allowed on the forum. This includes: images containing nudity which include breasts, buttocks, genitals, or images in which those parts of the body are covered by see-through clothing or other suggestive objects/materials. For example, a picture like this is allowed, but this one is not.

However, you may still post links to pages that contain such pictures - for example, a link to Twitter or an article that contain the image. If broken, this rule will result in warning points.

NOTE: These are all being done to make things much clearer for everyone on what to expect in opening a thread in the main Entertainment section. Please be reminded that the main Entertainment section isn't the place for you to post things that entertain you per se, like funny YouTube videos or internet memes. It's the place for actual and relevant Entertainment news. Post those "entertaining" stuff instead either in their respective base thread or in the Conversation Area section.

Rules and reminders for the sub-sections (Fan Base, Movies & TV, Video Games/Books/Other):
- The Fan Base section is for the discussion of all artists, bands and music groups only. There should only be one thread per artist / band in this section. If the artist has a huge release coming up (new album / music video release), you may create a new thread to generate buzz and interest in the main Entertainment page. However, please refrain from spamming the section with irrelevant discussions.

- For the Movies & TV section, only one thread is needed per show/film/etc., so please do not create additional threads devoted to the same title.

- In the Video Games/ Books/ Other: we discuss the aforementioned topics and other related media. If your topic does not fit into any of the above categories, then it belongs in the Conversation Area

*Do not use this site to advertise products, websites, or trade illegal material (this goes for all types of media as well, Gaga or otherwise). Do not post illegal download links to any commercial product (music, film, TV show, e-books, games). Gaga Daily strongly does NOT support illegal downloading.

Thank you!
Updated 3/8/15

- The Mod Team, GagaDaily.com

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