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2014 MTV Video Music Awards: 8.2 Rating

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Morphine Prince

The PTC can take their suggestions and shove them up their tight asses. If you don't want your children exposed to this, learn how to be a ****ing parent and don't let them watch it! This show's target audience is teenagers and young adults. Stop acting as if your teens are some innocent virgins. I'm sure they fap to p0rn every night under the sheets with the iPhones you bought them so stfu and get the **** out of our lives. 

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Fun fact: the VMAs aren't for your children. You watch them knowing they're going to be like this because you complain about it every year. So why not just let your kids watch select performances the next day? I doubt they care about the awards themselves.


It's not everybody else's job to parent for you.

Pretty much this. If you don't want your kid watching it than don't let them - simple as that.

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Why does the VMAs still happen anyway? What a contradiction this network has been for so many years already. They think it's the only hope and probably the only contract why the network is still MTV because of this award show they have. No one should support this award show anyway. It's where tweens vote and we already have that it's call the Teen choice awards. Leave the awards for otehr networks and work on your ethics MUSIC tele VISION


So what Nicki Minaj has a butt video.. it's only because your teen is watching teen mom and likes music on the radio that she happens to see this. It's like they're brain washing kids anyway on this channel 

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Willy Wonka

Is every here missing the point?


They talk about the double standard, how women always have to rely on "s-x sell".... :wtf:

Trust me, I didn't miss their poor understanding of feminism.

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Dangerous Man

Whatever. The VMAs isn't for kids. Didn't they know it was filled with adult content even before?

"A little less conversation and a little more touch my body."
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