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Be My Baby reminds me a lot The Way, which is a good thing... but she can do better  :)

Love Me Harder is a bop, deserve to be single at one point

Why Try is  :heart:

🌹 free britney 🌹
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Love Me Harder is AMAZING. The secret s-x bop of the album I hope it becomes a single at some point. 

Love Me Harder is like Ariana's response to DWUW. It's so good, I love it. :giveup:

The other three are ok, but nothing special.

I thought the same thing too! :giveup: 

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I love all 4 tbh :giveup:


Expected to hate Just a little bit of your Heart, but its actually quite moving, despite being repetitive..


That high note + last chorus :giveup:



ATM IM Be My Baby > Love me Harder/Why Try (cant decide) > Just a Little Bit of Your Heart --- and even the last song on this list is still flawless to me :flutter:


My only complaint is that the Chorus of Why Try does NOT need that much Auto-Tune :awkney: but I'll get over it.

私自身もこの世の中も誰もかれもが, どんなに華やかな人生でも, どんなに悲惨な人生でも, いつかは変貌し, 破壊され、消滅してしまう. すべてがもともとこの世に存在しない一瞬の幻想なのだから
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I'm obsessed with Love Me Harder. It's really great. The other three are good too, I would say LMH and Be My Baby are the best of those 4.

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