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VIDEO: Britney Spears lip-syncs Perfume with Sia vocals


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Last night Britney performed her 2nd single off Britney Jean, with a twist. It was clearly Sias vocals (who wrote the song) that was being played.


What even :spin:

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It's a nice song but Britney's vocals are so edited on it

Haters gonna need more than a flashlight for my shade
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Ray of Light

The fact that the poor thing is oblivious to all of this, and her career, is just so sad :( She should really retire, keep doing her therapy and counseling, spend time with her children, and stop tarnishing her bit of legacy.

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Dangerous Man

Lol, but what's new though.

Waiting for a news where she is actually caught singing live perfectly. :spin:

"A little less conversation and a little more touch my body."
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