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[JULY 2014] Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashes in Ukraine

Mr Josh

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I guess, but then they'll just target the "new company" :smh:

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Princess Die

Maybe this time they won't do something stupid and fly over a war zone. :smh:

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Either way, people will think twice before using their service again.

I would think only people who left with no choice, either by budget or itenerary, will use this airline.

Even so, there are more trust worthy budget airline from that same country, Air Asia, that budget travellers will choose before MAS or whatever their future airline name be.

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It doesn't change anything though, everyone will still recognise them as being Malaysia Airlines for a long time. I don't understand why both disasters are a reason not to fly with them though, both of those things could've happened to any airline.

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It does if they see build up of the same equipment IN RUSSIAN TERRITORY on the border, and then see them firing into Ukraine from the satellite. Are you suggesting non-Russian troops are firing Russian equipment inside Russia itself? :rip:


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It doesn't change anything though, everyone will still recognise them as being Malaysia Airlines for a long time. I don't understand why both disasters are a reason not to fly with them though, both of those things could've happened to any airline.

Superstition I guess, not many people would be comfortable flying with a company with such a terrible track record (thanks to these two tragic disasters).

Plus the Malaysian governments response to the MH370 disappearance was dreadful, and a total embarrassment, just making the entire situation worse.

I guess people feel safer on other airlines, even though the disasters were not caused by the airline itself.

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I think everyone should be skeptical around news. I mean obviously Russia is gonna release pro Russian news. America does the same for theirs and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


Now having a Polish background, trusting Russians is something you're taught on an early age to not do. But at the same time, I live in the Netherlands now, US has been spying on millions of Dutch people. They have been spying on ministers and even prime ministers and how can you trust an ally that behind your back does such things.


People that high up have agendas that go over our heads completely but regular people keep getting involved even without us knowing or wanting any of that. 


I think everyone should be aware that regular people like you and me are used like peons in a giant chess game. Russia has China as an ally so it's absolutely of importance that US keeps Europe as ally, basically everybody is getting used in this policital game.



I agree with most of your words, and before anything let me please express my deepest condolences to you regrading the tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing. It is a devastating tragedy and I think no matter what both sides in Ukraine are now fighting for, nobody had the right to fire a rocket into a plane with people who in no way participated in the conflict. I hope the OSCE gets the chance to explore and examine the area where it all happened. 


I completely agree with you on the issue that the governments are chasing their own crazy agendas in this big political game. That's why I am considering stopping watching news at all, because when I switch on CNN they say Putin is a demon, when I turn on RT channel they say the White House is evil, etc. 


I believe there are so many places in the world right now where there are significant, worrying problems with Human Rights violations. For example, according to Amnesty International the government of North Korea still runs concentration camps where they convict political prisoners. There are some countries of the Arabic World whose laws and legislation is extremely different from the US one and in no way responds to the standards of democracy. Not to mention that there are plenty of places in Africa where civil wars have been continuously going on and people are suffering from hunger and experiencing humanitarian difficulties. But no one seems to give a f*ck, everyone's attention is being pulled by the media towards one country for some reason, towards Ukraine. I think it is because all sides of the conflict (USA and Russia) do have some political  interests to defend in that region, while African territories are useless to them and, therefore, people can go on killing dozens of each other there without anybody paying attention.  


I just hope that the civilians who live in the area of eastern Ukraine where the fights are taking place stay safe. It is worrying to hear that the Ukrainian government started to use the imprecise rockets in populated ares. Although I do understand their desire to finish the war as quickly as possible, the use of such missiles is against the laws of war and may be interpreted as a war crime.  

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