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Dad charged with murder after leaving baby inside hot car all day


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Apparently he was s-xting other women (six) while at work, including one whom was underage at the time, and allegedly searched on his computer: "how to survive in prison," visiting a Reddit page on being "child free," and "how hot a car needed to be to kill a child." 



Leanna Harris told police that she had recently seen a story on a state initiative aimed at reminding people not to leave children in cars and that it was a fear of hers, Stoddard said.




But Harris not only forgot his child, he got an e-mail from his son's day care during the day and at one point went to the vehicle to place lightbulbs inside, never once remembering Cooper, the prosecutor said.
"I think it's remarkable he didn't stick his head in that car," Boring said. "He knew what he was going to find."


Read more here: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/03/justice/georgia-hot-car-toddler-death/

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