What began as an uncertain voyage into an unknown abyss shaped by hiccups and metamorphosis has undeniably resulted in an unprecedented, record-shattering, music-industry-shaping, pop-culture-creating, queer-movement-paving, celebrity-status-exceeding, award-collecting Star. Lady Gaga in her form, fashion, and technique blows modern, mainstream celebrities out of the water. She is a genre-queer pop culture reference assembled by Frankenstein. She occupies the liminal space floating between theatrics and reality. She is darkness, and she is light. Gaga’s career exploded from humble, nail-biting beginnings into a larger-than-life reality that inspires her little monster followers daily.

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Lady Gaga’s impact molded pop culture’s distribution and presentation. Since her 2008 “Just Dance” debut, she has been nominated for a slew of awards that span from Grammys to Oscars. Her live performances reconstructed all expectations of how a concert should entertain and include its audience. Her music videos infected the essence of the form. Her outspoken, middle-finger-waving, love-diffusing character liberates us. She resurrects basic and human social values: bravery, love and kindness.

The Monster Ball Tour, crafted from The Fame and The Fame Monster, was recorded and documented live at Madison Square Garden resulting in a must-see DVD. With each spin of that disk, little monsters are subway-launched back to the liberating, baptismal magic of her performance. Willpower fails to resist the primal urge to systematically strip to the beat, fingerpaint your nearly-naked body with reckless abandon, sing the hits without the presence of a bouncing ball, rock floorboards with your body’s repeated leaping and springing inertia, while scream-quoting Gaga as she reminds home-viewers and live-crying fans, between shallow, suspended breaths, that we’re all goddamn superstars and we were born this way. This cinematic showcase allows anyone, at any time or in any place, to bear witness and experience Gaga’s unmatched performance talents and her authentic-artistic-aesthetic genius.

Her other released albums, Born This Way, ARTPOP, Cheek to Cheek, and Joanne, solidify her robust refusal and visible scoff at the notion of stagnation. Innovative and unique, her albums cover an incredible range of style. Each album offers its own compilation of wardrobe changes and clever set design. Lady Gaga embraces the potential of irrelevance that goes hand in hand with the forgetful nature of mainstream’s hivemind. She forgets her former-self with every produced album. She permits passion to possess her. She gestates. She creates remarkable art that inspires anyone with ears. In a quaint blink of a decade, Lady Gaga has manufactured enough content to populate an endless playlist. Her dynamic style and breadthless technique combine restoratively to water the garden beds of her unrivaled, blooming success.

Gaga, your unwavering fanbase passionately promises to remain devoted to your projects, your message, your shape-shifting vision and culture-quake motions. You inject our ears with hope-saturated notes and content that spins us around. You ground your followers in the sentiment that they are, in fact, the greatest things. You induce ethereal inspiration: you become moonbeams on pearl-laced strings singing under light’s gentle refractions; you evoke vivid, smoky effervescent visions through mind mined manifestations that incite a hypnotic power stronger than any siren. Shine on, Lady. We’ll be here for the next ten years chanting your glorious name with our paws up, watching you reach unprecedented heights, our eyes starstruck, all while you illuminate our world from menacing darkness. —Adam James Zahren