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Lady Gaga Brings Her Dive Bar Tour To Los Angeles

Lady Gaga Brings Her Dive Bar Tour To Los Angeles
Photo credit: Getty Images via gagaimages.co

Lady Gaga wrapped up her promotional Bud Light Dive Bar Tour on Thursday night at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California. Mother Monster hit the stage to perform songs from her newly-released album Joanne, which is expected to debut at number one on next week's Billboard 200 chart.


Getty via gagaimages.co

Gaga kicked off her set walking through the crowd singing the fan favorite "Come to Mama." She also performed the new singles "A-YO" and "Million Reasons," as well as "John Wayne," "Angel Down," "Joanne," and the project's lead "Perfect Illusion."

During "Angel Down," Gaga changed some of the song's lyrics to "Trayvon Angel" to honor the song’s inspiration, Trayvon Martin.

"I wrote this song about people loving each other and taking care of each other," Gaga told the packed crowd. "The election is coming up and I really hope that is a peaceful day, as much as it can be. I pray that on that day we all understand that not everybody is gonna vote for the same person. Everybody has different ideas and thoughts and that’s okay. We don't have to hate each other because of that. What we have to do is come together, and the reason is because there are a lot of people suffering and there are too many angels down, so let’s not focus on the hate."


Getty via gagaimages.co

Among other songs Gaga performed at the tour's LA stop was the new recod's title track "Joanne," a beautiful dedication to her aunt, who died of lupus at age 19, the same age Gaga was when she started performing in New York dive bars.

"When we made this song we just thought it was a beautiful song and an honest song," Gaga shared. "But after this record came out and everybody heard this music and came to my father’s restaurant in New York, Joanne, to celebrate, I saw a look in my dad's eyes that I've never seen in my whole life, because when my dad was really young he lost his sister, Joanne. Sometimes I used to wonder if I got to meet my real dad. Because sometimes things happen that are so hard in your life you die too, or a part of you dies. And after this record came out, I swear that a part of my dad came back to life."

Gaga finished the show with an energetic performance of "Perfect Illusion" during which she jumped onto the crowd and poured beer all over herself.

Watch Gaga's Dive Bar show in Los Angeles below (fast forward to the 30:00 mark) and be sure to purchase your copy of Gaga's brand new album Joanne via iTunesAmazon, or at your local record shop!