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  1. Alii added a post in a topic: Justin Bieber for Men's Health   

    More like Boy's health  
  2. Alii added a post in a topic: 'Blurred Lines' Earnings Revealed   

    I bet nobody is feeling bad for Robin now.  
  3. Alii added a post in a topic: Katy Perry Is The Top Female Songwriter Of 2015   

    Y'all are pressed but this list still makes zero sense
  4. Alii added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea glad she didn't win Grammy   

    No, it shows that she can't deal with fame. So basically, she doesn't deserve it.  
  5. Alii added a post in a topic: What alive artist has the biggest fanbase?   

    This and Taylor.
  6. Alii added a post in a topic: Gaga's male equivalent?   

  7. Alii added a post in a topic: Taylor Swift walks backwards to avoid paparazzi   

    As if she doesn't enjoy it.  
  8. Alii added a post in a topic: Chris Brown has been a dad for nine months!   

    I disagree. He has been my dad for longer.
  9. Alii added a post in a topic: Taylor Swift unleashes New Romantics on iTunes (now at #9)   

    Get them coins I guess.  
  10. Alii added a post in a topic: Photos: Lady Gaga heading to St. Jerome's Bar in NYC last night (TFM teas)   

     I don't like it tbh
  11. Alii added a post in a topic: Madonna: "ART and POP are very separate now!"   

    Because she didn't bring them togethet. Calling an album art doesn't mean it is.  

Status Feed

  1. Alii

    When the nastiest people think they are the greatest ones! :sick:

  2. Alii

    Like A Prayer, the album, is basically a masterpiece. :heart: 

    1. Prismatic close to art as pop music gets

    2. Alii

      Beautifully described! 

    3. Yanko

      so is ray of light and confessions on the dance floor  

    4. Alii

      I haven't listened to either in full yet. But I will. :popcorn:

  3. Alii

    I can't believe most threads aren't even able to hit 2 pages now. 

    1. Admin

      This is Gaga Daily's ARTPOP era. Just wait for its Oscars performance! :)

    2. nikola

      yeah it so sad its like all people that actualy made some posts left because of the bugs...i just hope they will be back soon

    3. liz89

      I hope everyone will be back soon. 

    4. Alii

       The update has actually grown on me. Some people should give it a chance tbh. 

    5. nikola

      yeah mee too but it has some bugs that makes it pretty unusable...but i think once thats fixed it will be ok

    6. Gohan

      Baby, you'll get used to it in a week. Don't leave, and principally don't leave me

    7. Alii

      I'm not thinkinh of leaving, Sweetie. :heart: GGD has become so important to me. 

  4. Alii

    What should young people do with their lives today? 


      find the right place socially, emotionally, financially and geographically. 

      And then become wanderlust people.

    2. Sunny

      buy ARTPOP on iTunes

    3. Alii

      And the Grammy for best answer goes to... :popcorn:

  5. Gohan » Alii

    Do you know Mariah's newest nickname?

    1. Alii

      Ali's new fave? :hor: 

    2. Gohan

      No, Cow's Vagina! :lolgaga:




    3. Gohan

      No, baby hahahahaha. Didn't you see that thread about how chinese people call celebrities? :laughga:

    4. Alii

      I betta delete the comment then haha. :laughga: I haven't seen it yet, school and stuff. Everything kinda sucks and I have exams next week. :giveup:

    5. Gohan

      Nvm, hahaha. Awww, poor baby :( wish you good luck, I'm starting uni today at 7 pm. You have my support for anything :heart:

    6. Alii

      :( Thanks, you are so sweet! :heart: I wonder what you are studying. :popcorn:

    7. Gohan

      You too :)

      I'm studying Nutrition

    8. Alii

      Haha, I'm sorry that you don't like it. :( Wish you the best of luck!

    9. Gohan

      I like it, nnnnn

    10. Alii

      Good for you then. :heart

    11. Gohan

      Thank you for your wishes! :heart: my whole comment didn't go through :P

  6. Alii

    I want a Butterfly. Like Mariah Carey.

    1. Gohan

      She was/is so obsessed with Monarch butterflies :)
    2. Mariah Carey

      Same tbh :hor:
    3. Alii

      Really? I didn't know that. :flutter: But the song is so beautiful!
    4. Mariah Carey

      That song made me a fan tbh :flutter:
    5. Alii

      I started listening to her like two weeks ago. :giveup: She is so good!
    6. Alii

      Your avis are always so cute, they make me wanna cry. @Gohan
    7. Alpha

      mariah carey-oke
    8. Alii

      What ? :laughga: @Alpha
    9. Gohan

      @Alii aww, I'm happy to know that at least you like them ❤
    10. Alii

      You're definetely one of the sweetest members here. :heart:
  7. Alii » Spyro

    Thanks for adding me! You are going to heaven! Yes, to heaven!

  8. Alii

    There is a huge surprise in my profile!

    1. liz89

      do you want to get some profile views? :hor:
    2. Gohan

      "huge" I SEE YOU
    3. Alii

      I do, I do :hor:
    4. Alii

      Well it definetely is huge! :hor:
    5. Andreyw

      "Gaga , come to see my profile , please!"
    6. Alii

      Boris is busy. :fan:
    7. Andreyw

    8. Gohan

      A HUGE blank space I see *eyes emoji*
    9. Alii

      And I'll write your name
  9. Alii

    There is a huge surprise in my profile!

  10. Guille » Alii

    hello alii! i'm sorry that i'm bothering you with this but i saw you were online and wondered whether you could help me by RTing this: i really need it, it's ok if you don't want. thank you anyway :S

    1. Alii

      I'm sorry I don't have a twitter account! Wish you good luck tho.
    2. Guille

      It's ok, thank you for reading haha :)
  11. Alii

    I want to get more into Madonna. I've already listened to Celebration and loved it. What's her best album?

    1. Mr Josh

    2. Gohan

      Like A Prayer, Sorry, Hung Up, La Isla Bonita. Give It 2 Me and Future Lovers are good for me too :nick:
    3. ChicaSkas

      Like a Prayer <3
    4. nickyB

      bedtime stories
    5. Alii

      Thanks guys :hug: I thiught Hung Up was on Confessions :flop:
    6. Mr Josh

      It is
    7. Alii

    8. ChicaSkas

      Madonna is a great artist. When / if you feel like you want to hear Gaga mashed with her, i have many of those tracks :)
    9. Alii

      She definetely is! And thanks, I'll keep that in mind ;)
    10. Memo

      Ray of Light + Confessions >>>> :legend:
  12. Alii » Tayfani

    I love how you have changed your age from 99 years old to 1 :rip:

    1. Tayfani

  13. Prometheus » Alii

    Thanks for adding me!

    1. Alii

      Welcome hun 😃😃
  14. Alii

    What`s on my mind?

    1. yASSsss

    2. yASSsss

      Big fat Ds
    3. Alii

    4. Gohan

      Assess, good lips and undisclosed desires
    5. Alii

      And a very submissive twink :hor:
    6. yASSsss

      I'm submissive, just so u know :Madge:
    7. Alii

      Omg come sit on your masters leg tbh
  15. Alii

    Amy winehouse â¤ï¸

  16. Alii » Bambino

    Hello! Miss you alot.

  17. Alii

    Heart Attack :music:

  18. Alii

    I need more profile views tbh :nails:

    1. Star

      Giving you 1 new view :hor:
    2. Alii

      Thank you :hor:
  19. Alii

    Happy new year :party:

  20. Alii

    Merry Christmas

    1. Bad Kids

      Merry Christmas!
  21. Alii

    Puss In Boots is really amazing tbh :nails:

  22. Alii

    New set :party:

    1. Bambino

    2. Star

      Love it!
  23. Alii

    Bitch Don`t Kill My Vibe is amazing!!

  24. Alii

    Happy Halloween :party:

    1. Bad Kids

      Thanks sweetie <3 .