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  1. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: artRAVE: November 20th (Sheffield, UK)   

    What a great show! I arrived at 5.30pm and somehow managed to get near the Venus stage! I'm just sad it's all over now though
  2. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: GagaDaily confirms artRAVE DVD on Twitter!   

    Thank the Lord!
  3. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Gaga interviewed on French show "C à vous"   

    Ugh I can't bear to watch this because of the stupid translation
  4. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Gaga dines at Paris restaurant, leaves in table cloth for Halloween   

    This is probably her laziest costume idea but I can't stop laughing at it!
  5. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Anyone fancy watching me on TV this week?!   

    [quote name="Minaj" post="5837406" timestamp="1414441423"]I loved it :party: I don't see why you would go out though unless you do something really bad :omg: Did you look at Twitter during the show? Search 'Coach Trip Rebecca' or 'Coach Trip Twins', some love you :giveup:[/quote]

    Aw thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I saw the Twitter comments, most of it is nice but there is some abuse which is what I expected, nothing too bad though!

    Let's just say it was unfortunate voting tactics...
  6. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Anyone fancy watching me on TV this week?!   

    [quote name="Elizabeth" post="5836643" timestamp="1414431245"]omg, I love coach trip but I haven't watched it for years. So cool that you were on there!

    Haha thanks, it's my favourite reality show!

    Minaj, what did you think?
  7. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Anyone fancy watching me on TV this week?!   

    [quote name="Uco786" post="5835711" timestamp="1414413745"]:lmao: oh god im stupid[/quote]

    Aw don't worry haha!

    I'm actually in the first clip shown on there about the plunger...
  8. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Anyone fancy watching me on TV this week?!   

    [quote name="Minaj" post="5835597" timestamp="1414410123"]I LOVE COACH TRIP :giveup: Give me spoilers please :giveup: I will definitely watch you on it! I saw you in a Digital Spy article, did you get along with the girl called Georgy? She looks :wtf:[/quote]

    OMG NO WAY! I have been seriously obsessed with coach trip for about 6 years and to get on it was a complete dream come true (although I didn't last long at all lol but I didn't mind because just to get on it at all was amazing!) Feel free to inbox me any questions about the other couples, Brendan etc! I'll tell you now that Georgy will be the star of the show, I've never met anyone like her! On today's episode there's a hilarious incident with her and my brother, I can't wait to see it!
  9. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Anyone fancy watching me on TV this week?!   

    [quote name="Uco786" post="5835579" timestamp="1414409874"]Omg is there a way to watch it in the US??[/quote]

    Possibly by clicking the link on the OP? I'm not too sure atm!
  10. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Zone [Information/Discussion]   

    the ARTPOP zone people on Saturday's show looked out of this world, it was amazing to see people who were really into it! 
  11. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: Anyone fancy watching me on TV this week?!   

    Well if you do, then tune into 'Coach Trip' on Channel 4 every day this week at 5.30pm UK monsters! I still can't believe I got to be a part of a reality show I've been obsessed with since I was 13. On the show, I'm Rebecca from the couple 'Rebecca & Stephen' (he's my twin) I'm not looking forward to seeing myself on TV though, I just know they're going to portray us as complete idiots (which we are but we don't want the whole world to know!). You can also watch it on 4OD here:
    No one is probably interested but it would be hilarious to see what some monsters think of my daft antics! 
  12. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: artRAVE: October 25th (London, UK)   

    This will be my first time standing at a Gaga show and I'm terrified! Where's the best place for a 5ft person to stand lmao? I'm hoping to get near the ARTPOP zone but I'm worried people won't let me back in when I go to the toilet
  13. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Zone [Information/Discussion]   

    Aww yeah gaga's onsite staff were all really sweet, they also gave you an insight to what it's like working with Gaga everyday.

    I actually met Colin again last night because I had the hot seat package and he said 'hey you're back!' He also loved my pic with Gaga and said that it's absolutely adorable! He's lovely
  14. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Zone [Information/Discussion]   

    [quote name="steveb" post="5806173" timestamp="1413845830"]I worked it out as about 45minutes, then we went outside for the pictures.
    Beng in her presence is truly mesmerising, I have written down a brief summary of the chat whilst it feels vivid to me, which I'll post later (was writing it on the flight back today). I didn't ask her anything directly; I was just truly in awe of her being there in real life, but I did tell her I loved her and thanked her for the experience and she actually gave me a sitting-down hug before the photo, which was awesome. I really can't wait to see the photo!
    Also - Glasgow is quite possibly the friendliest city in Europe, everyone is so lovely!

    Aaww that's lovely! Was there anyone who looked like they didn't want to be there and didn't talk to anyone else or Gaga? We had a few of those at Birmingham but tbh the majority of the group seemed to be dying as much as I was
  15. gagalovesme added a post in a topic: artRAVE: October 21st (Manchester, UK)   


    Is there a huge hurricane in Manchester though?!

Status Feed

  1. gagalovesme

    How good is Tinder for finding a potential boyfriend?! Haha

  2. gagalovesme

    I'm 20 next week and I've never had a this worryingly abnormal? :(

    1. IntegrityKnight

      nooooooo it's not
    2. calmar

      No, it's not. I'm 22 and I've never been in a relationship or dated or even flirted. If you're uncomfortable with it, then sure, go out and give it a shot. But don't make peer pressure make you do something you don't yourself feel ready for.
    3. Linda Belcher

      This is normal, you are young, plenty of time to find somebody! don't need to be in a relationship to be happy :)
    4. gagalovesme

      Thanks for your comments! I'm just wondering what it would be like to be loved by someone and to just always have someone who's there for you! Idk I just feel like I'm missing out but I don't understand where you get a boyfriend from if you haven't found one at school tbh! All the people I work with are women for starters haha
    5. calmar

      It's harder once you're out in the 'real world' as most people's friend circles have already been neatly established. At that point it's better to go and join community clubs or groups who may have like-minded people if you want to actively pursue it. I'm personally waiting for something organic to occur rather than trying to force someone onto myself.
    6. Morphine Prince

      No, it isn't. Just wait for the right relationship to come along. Don't listen to society that says you have to date a lot of people. My brother has only had one GF in his entire life and guess what? He got married to her and they have a beautiful daughter. He started a relationship with her at 18 and he's now 28.
    7. gagalovesme

      Yeah everyone seems to have at least some experience though, my cousin's best friend is going out with an 18 year old and she's 14 WTF! Thanks for your advice, I'm worried that I'll just be waiting forever though! I think something like internet dating definitely forces a situation though
  3. gagalovesme

    I still refuse to believe that the artRAVE is over!

    1. amenART

      seems only yesterday it was starting :emo:
    2. gagalovesme

      I know! Being a Gaga stan makes life pass by so quickly haha!
    3. jimakostsalas

      ikr :cryga:
    4. jimakostsalas

      I'll miss this era so much
  4. gagalovesme

    My fifth and final artRAVE was last night. I've had such a blast!

    1. BoomKack

    2. Phoenix

      You went 5 times? :damn:
    3. Yves

      5 times? I didn't even had the opportunity to go to 1 show.
  5. gagalovesme

    UK MONSTERS! Tune into Coach Trip on channel 4 at 5.30pm this week for my TV debut!

    1. What

      omg yaaaasss
    2. gagalovesme

      I'm so nervous agh
  6. gagalovesme

    No more artRAVEs now until November, I've definitely had the best month of my life thanks to Gaga

  7. gagalovesme


    1. calmar

    2. vespertine

  8. gagalovesme

    I'm going to be on TV next week omg help me

  9. PACO » gagalovesme

    Amazing avi, congrats on meeting gaga :sara:

    1. gagalovesme

      Aww thank you! I really couldn't be happier :)
  10. gagalovesme

    ABSOLUTELY CRYING AT MY PROFILE PIC! I've been waiting years to change it to that ♥

    1. Addy Ezzie

      Omg I'm so happy for you ! You deserve it :heart:
    2. Zilla

      Congrats Hun, lovely pic :)
    3. Sunny

      It's beautiful :flutter:
    4. gagalovesme

      THANK YOU! I couldn't be happier with it, I haven't been able to stop staring at it for about 24 hours haha
  11. gagalovesme


    1. Hellspont

      Make a thread :)
    2. gagalovesme

      I will do tomorrow when I've composed myself haha
    3. Hellspont

      What's she smell like :giveup:
    4. gagalovesme

      She actually didn't smell of anything lol probably because she had a shower beforehand!
  12. mariapaulareyes » gagalovesme

    It was nice meeting you at last night at the meet and greet!

    1. gagalovesme

      I've only just seen this, sorry! Thanks so much Maria, it was lovely to get to know you! I hope you're happy with your photo xx
  13. gagalovesme

    I'm finding it very hard to process what happened last night, I met Gaga oh my lord

    1. VforVendetta

      Really? :legend: When will I?
    2. Mr Josh


      are the things this guy is saying true?
  14. gagalovesme

    It's not like today is a big day for me or anything...I've just got my meet & greet with Gaga tonight, nothing special!!

    1. Lisa Vanderpump

      That's so excited boo! Have fun! <3
    2. ThatSLAYGUY

      Have an amazing time!!
    3. Lassex

    4. Rollercoaster

      Pinch her bum cheek!
    5. ScottishGaga

      Omfg im so jealous, have an absolutely amazing time !
    6. gagalovesme

      Thanks so much! OMG I don't dare pinch her are lol, God I'm so frigging excited
  15. gagalovesme

    I'll be in Gaga's arms in two days...oh my god

  16. gagalovesme » Poker Profusion

    OMG I love your profile pic & name! Helena Bonham Carter is one of my fave people on earth &'Bellatrix is a great character

    1. Poker Profusion

      Thank you! She's my favorite character in Harry Potter. I'm really fascinated by her actually. Helena is amazing too! A great actress :)
  17. gagalovesme

    Any tips on dealing with period pains for someone who can't swallow painkillers?!

    1. What

      hot water bottle
    2. Alpha

      Oh cmon be a man!
      It would solve the problem right away
    3. amenART

      I feel really sorry for women having to go through this every month :(
      I hope it gets better x
    4. Teal Ambition

      Just crush the painkiller and eat/drink it with something. It's what i used to do.
    5. MarryTheSequins

      nothing works for me. distract yourself, read a book or something you can immerse yourself in.
    6. gagalovesme

      Thanks amenART lol it's hard! I've heard that doesn't work though Teal Ambition? Easier said than done though MarryTheSequins, I've never had it this bad before!
    7. amenART

      goo luck, praying4you
    8. Teal Ambition

      I used to do it all the time and it worked lol wouldn't suggest it if it didnt ;) I would crush Tylenol extra strength or Advil.
    9. gagalovesme

      The problem is I can't swallow pills, I choke every time I try and swallow any pill, no matter how small!
    10. Alpha

      I have the same problem too so I mostly use the pills that you put in the water and go all smoky and yucky ( English has betrayed me )
    11. LadyVenus

      Personally I take hot baths with Epsom salt, it really helps.
    12. squeala

      they do co-codamol as a liquid suspension
    13. AyaKara

      Don't crush the painkiller unless the bottle says you can. This is VERY dangerous if the drug cannot be tolerated as a powder. I work in a pharmacy + am pre-medicine, but I actually found this out on my own; I tried when I was 15 and I had such a bad reaction I was vomiting. Check the label + read all instructions before you do!

      For my period, I just try to distract myself with being productive. I also lay on my side since that helps me a lot, and I keep my legs a certain...
    14. AyaKara

      way* lol of course that was when it was cut off. feel better! D:
    15. MarryTheSequins

      I've had real bad pains before. I feel your struggle :(
    16. Teal Ambition

      Well obviously it depends on the painkiller. The doctor said I could do it, I wouldn't just crush it without knowing if it was safe of not lol.
    17. gagalovesme

      Oh thank god you told me that AyaKara! Hmm well if it's the same next month I'll look for some liquid based stuff. Thanks everyone
    18. AyaKara

      I didn't mean it any way towards you Teal, I'm sorry if I came off that way :deadbanana: I just didn't want gagalovesme to end up taking something and hurt herself (since it sounds like she's at home as it is) :omg:
    19. gagalovesme

      Aw don't worry it was probably a misunderstanding! Thanks for your help though AyaKara
    20. Teal Ambition

      Ohh ok, just a misunderstanding :) Sorry!
    21. AyaKara

      It's okay! :kara:
  18. gagalovesme

    How the hell am I meant to do the new iOS update when I've only got an 8gb phone ffs

    1. Coop

      Update via iTunes on your computer. :D
    2. gagalovesme

      Thank you, I'll try that!
  19. gagalovesme

    How can I keep up to date with the latest photos of Gaga now gagaimages has closed?

    1. Alpha

      sacrifice your mother to the illuminati
    2. Sunny

      Check some of these galleries, they are pretty good
    3. SiberianBreaks It's a french site but it's very complete
    4. gagalovesme

      Ooh thanks!
    5. Alex Eli
  20. gagalovesme

    Kate Bush was just magical, I still haven't been able to get over it two days later

    1. squeala

      wow i am so jealous
    2. gagalovesme

      Aha I feel so unbelievably lucky! It was a phenomenal night
  21. gagalovesme

    Blondie tonight and Kate Bush tomorrow is so exciting!

  22. gagalovesme

    Today has been so good, I'm seeing Blondie tonight & my Kate Bush ticket arrived this morning!

    1. Didymus

      Two legends. Amazing, I hope you have lots of fun :hug:
    2. Lisa Vanderpump

      omg im so jealous
    3. garnite

      what d8 r u seeing k8 lets meet
    4. Lisa Vanderpump

      internet predator
    5. garnite

    6. garnite

      i just want you to have a real good time with me we can go wherever you want and back to your place if you want but thats up to you and basically i just want you to feel real special and safe and loved and needed and we dont have to do anything we can just hug and look into each others eyes
    7. Didymus

    8. gagalovesme

      Lmao wtf is going on?! Anyway Blondie were absolutely amazing, as always! Can't wait to see them at the itunes festival on Tuesday now!
  23. gagalovesme


  24. gagalovesme

    Having fun, friends and a boyfriend is just an everyday thing for most people but to me it's a dream

    1. JuliaWhorkova

  25. gagalovesme

    All I want right now is a Kate Bush ticket! Why do they have to be so expensive?!