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  1. Kidz Boop

    So many two-faced ppl. *shakeshead*

    1. Eulonzo

  2. Kidz Boop

    bitches are still pressed esp. V and V. lmao.

  3. Kidz Boop

    Oh my, aren't you butthurt.

    1. Scheisse ._.

      i would be, after an evening with you
    2. Scheisse ._.

      lol sry
    3. Bjork

    4. Joe Matthews

      Sorry, i couldn't hear you. I was too busy killing myself :flutter:
  4. Kidz Boop

    Just cos you're liked, doesn't mean you're right. This is one cause of nepotism.

    1. Joe Matthews

      ugh.. just stop :roll:
    2. Carrie Bradshaw

      Someone is pressed
  5. Kidz Boop

    Still, corruption and oppression are far too common threats to the democratic society.

  6. Kidz Boop

    I guess fighting for freedom of speech is "serious business", I guess you don't mind SOPA? Hypocrisy is everywhere.

  7. Kidz Boop

    Did I target someone? :beat: I wish this made sense.

  8. Kidz Boop

    Some ppl are real bigots. And some are conceited racists,

    1. Fat Jesus

      Let it go.
  9. Kidz Boop

    SHE IS SCUM. 30 and scum. She's corrupt and won’t respond to anything recognizable as reason. She has no coherent or convincing arguments. She's a bigot and her name is V.....

    1. John Maze

    2. Rino

      Vera Wang?
    3. Rino

      She is not 30 though
    4. Venefikus

      I hope you're talking about some random non GGD that happens to go by the name of veronica...
  10. Kidz Boop

    I wonder when we'll only have 10 members online. :toofunny:

    1. garnite

      never. you guys always say these things when everyone is in bed. at night in the uk there are over 200 members online.
    2. garnite

      every night!
    3. Alijandro

      this isnt just about timezones :hehe:
    4. HazMonsterPaws

      It possible that we'll have only 10 members in the future and it is not because of time zones :nails:
    5. stayclassy

      I don't know, but I know I won't be one of them.
    6. garnite

      well, it is about time zones IF the complaint is the current """"""""dwindling"""""""""" of members.
  11. Kidz Boop

    :uh: Deleting my status. Is U Mad?

  12. Kermit the frog » Kidz Boop

    flawless avatar :legend:

    1. Kidz Boop

      Thanks! :)
  13. Kidz Boop

    This place is dying. :lmao:

  14. Kidz Boop

    If you wana disable sigs. for your 3rd world bandwidth go here: http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/20943-how-to-disable-viewing-signatures-with-pictures/ No one wants these tacky sig.sizes

    1. Kidz Boop

      Bring back "normal" sig. sizes or buy a proper server ffs
    2. Kade

  15. Kidz Boop

    My fukin' sig. If YOU think only 10-20 people disagree with this rule, you're deluded.

  16. Kidz Boop

    And we're back. Typical. :roll:

    1. HorheiFernandez

      I tried to comment on it but by the time i did it was gone
    2. Kidz Boop

      This status will probably get deleted too. They're out of control.
  17. Kidz Boop

    The numbers are dwindling. LAWL :awesome:

  18. Kidz Boop

    I was looking for the breath of a life / A little touch of a heavenly life / But all the choirs in my head say no, oh oh

    1. Ribs

      Florence.. :flutter:
    2. Ceremonials

      Amazing song :flutter:
    3. Ribs

      It slays me so much ;-; :cry:
  19. Kidz Boop

    Chrome is a terrible web browser. Changing to FF.

    1. Kermit the frog

      you've seen the light
    2. Kontikki

      IE9 :legend:

      jks i switched to chrome the other day :giveup:
    3. Pazuzu

      ff worked heavenly for me, then crasshed one day and was never the same+continued to crash. I had to witch to chrome :giveup:
  20. Kidz Boop

    http://i.imgur.com/Ht7zP.gif Praise the lord. Saved my files, music and fap folder from deletion.
    1. MeL

      :toofunny: fap folder
  21. Kidz Boop

    Laptop won't start. No back up. Might lose everything. I can't.

    1. RoadToLove

      lol bai xxxxxxx
  22. Kidz Boop

    My cynicism is a facade to hide rampant romanticism.

  23. Kidz Boop

    Just be happy she's having a tour. Ugh.

    1. Bloody Mary

      IKR? :tea:
    2. Pop Culture

      Exactly :)
  24. Kidz Boop

    Why should we post in a "suggestions" thread when it's never gonna be taken seriously. What a joke.