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  1. etron added a post in a topic: Gaga's new Wikipedia photo   

    Is this a joke? Such an unflattering photo. Why couldn't they have put up a still from her Oscars performance? Or any other picture where she isn't wearing a rubber leotard and a cheap wig...
  2. etron added a post in a topic: VIDEO: ISIS militants destroy ancient artifacts   

    Ugh. When can we nuke them?
  3. etron added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

    This. Everyone seems to give The Fame a free pass because it sold so much. A lot of the tracks are pretty forgettable. Most of The Fame doesn't even sound like a Lady Gaga album.
    I love ARTPOP and personally it's my favorite album to listen to. I think the melodies and instrumentals are definitely the strongest of all her albums, but ARTPOP really falls short when it comes to the lyrics. A lot of them are very vacuous and shallow, which really affects the quality, in my opinion.  So I think in that respect, BTW is the best album overall.
  4. etron added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    That always turns out well. :laughga:
  5. etron added a post in a topic: "For every day I may seem superhuman, there are always days were I'm..   

    Completely agree. The media WILL turn on her again, it's only a matter of time. They're so fickle that one performance can totally change how they think of her. Imagine what will happen when she gives a performance that's not up to par with her usual standard. 
    We just have to be very grateful that her enormous talent is being appreciated right now. Hopefully it won't be forgotten too quickly. 
  6. etron added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    There are some really heartless, childish people here. No matter what she's said about Gaga in the past, that fall must have hurt like hell and could have done some serious damage. Hope she's all right.
  7. etron added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    Excited for this, but I'm concerned her music is going to take a backseat for a long time. TV seasons aren't exactly filmed in a day...
  8. etron added a post in a topic: Katy Perry takes scandalous pictures, slammed by media   

  9. etron added a post in a topic: Kanye West developing video game about his mother   

    Kanye clearly knows what the consumer wants.  :lolgaga:
  10. etron added a post in a topic: Gaga worked every day over 6 months for her oscar performance   

    I'm not surprised. Those songs are very hard to sing, but she absolutely killed it. 
  11. etron added a post in a topic: Has Gaga fallen out with Elton?   

    Look how giddy elton is to be in the presence of the queen.
  12. etron added a post in a topic: Gaga's ‎Oscars‬ showcase may have been a turning point in her career   

    Love how Billboard are eating their words. It warms my heart. 
  13. etron added a post in a topic: TIME: Lady Gaga invented the current era of pop music   

    Is this 2009 again or something, I can't at the fickle media.  :smh:
  14. etron added a post in a topic: Gaga Fashion: Grammy's or Oscars   

    She looked gorgeous at the Grammys, but something about the big puffy dress and rubber gloves is so Gaga. I love that she didn't conform, but still kept it classy.
  15. etron added a post in a topic: Still can't believe that Jewels & Drugs is on ARTPOP.   

    I like it. It's messy but fun, kind of like Cake.  :classy:

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  1. etron

    Being gay and having a crush on a straight guy is the worst. I always seem to fall for the ones I can't have. :(

    1. Teenage Cream

      Convert ha. :pray:
    2. Edgelover129

      Happens all the time. It sucks
  2. etron

    Can you tell a lot about someone based on the chanteuse they stan for?

    1. PACO

  3. etron

    I get the feeling Gaga's red rubber gloves were a deliberate tactic to divert everyone's attention away from her engagement ring. I doubt she wanted her love life to be the talking point of last night.

    1. Paper Gangsta

      She said she planned them way before engagement
  4. etron

    "Climb Every Mountain" was such a wonderful song to end on. I had tears in my eyes.

  5. etron

    All I want to do is masturbate in peace.

    1. Caesium

      I feel u
    1. jojo Freud

    2. jojo Freud

      I would wear this to the gym
    3. bionic

    4. jojo Freud

      no these
    5. etron

      ^ really like those jojo
    6. jimakostsalas

      Not sure, but it's so pretty :flutter:
    7. What

      they are hideous lol
  6. etron

    I am so fvcking done with snow. Go back to Siberia or wherever the hell you came from, we don't want your white-ass fluffy crap here.

  7. etron

    FourFive Seconds is cultural appropriation of white people. This must be stopped. White people have suffered enough.

    1. Jed

      This is why the world hates white people
  8. etron

    Dafuq is with that weird noise in the background of Kanye's verse in Fourfive Seconds?

    1. HausOfGuy

      i think its paul
  9. etron

    What does four-five seconds even mean?

    1. Paper Planes

      it's how long you can listen to the song before falling asleep
    2. ashamednudist

    3. etron

      legit question tho, I have no idea what it means. 45 seconds? FFS?
  10. etron

    Why is it so annoying when people chew loudly? Just stop. Put it in your mouth, close your mouth, THEN chew. And do it quietly!!!

    1. Lance

  11. etron

    Nobody likes Perez on Big Brother. He's like the little kid at the back of the class who eats glue and puts marbles up his butt.

    1. Jonna Lee

      that was me
    2. LEFZ

      it's funny because that's exactly what he does if you know what I mean
    3. etron

      WHY was Gaga ever friends with this wretched, awful person? Talk about a poor judge of character lol
  12. etron

    I wonder why Gaga is dressing up so much and returning to her crazier looks lately. She usually only puts in this much effort when something is coming, like a new album or whatever.

  13. etron

    I really freaking hope Gaga doesn't call her next album 'Monster 4 Life'. It is so beyond basic and uninspired, and just makes her look like she's completely run out of ideas. The sentiment is nice, but seriously... we know how much you love your fanbase. Please come up with something more interesting.

    1. amenART

    2. TheOriginalOne

      Where did you get the idea that she would do that?
    3. etron

      ^ She has been posting #Monster4Life constantly for the past few months. And you know how much she likes to plug her album names at any given chance...
    4. amenART

      also #HausWork
  14. etron

    WHY is CTC a 63 on Metacritic? Do these critics not have ears?

    1. Andy McQueen

      They are dumb - why do artists value the opinion of "an expert" anyway - did those critics every write songs themselves? Did movie critics ever made their own movie? Do restaurant critics cook themselves? Mostly not.
    2. Native

      Because they aren't biased. Cheeck to Cheeck is a good album but it's really not anything special.
    3. etron

      Queen, it's a great album. Top notch production, amazing vocals, and a great choice of standards. The fact most of the critics mention ARTPOP and the state of Gaga's career in the reviews speaks for itself. Many of them ARE biased because it's become trendy to hate Gaga in the media, and following trends gets more clicks on their websites.
  15. etron

    What happened to Tara?

    1. Didymus

      Gaga confirmed today that she's still doing the make-up and always will.
  16. etron

    Just convinced my friend to tell a random guy "buy Cheek to Cheek on iTunes." :D

  17. etron

    new album, new nudes :')

  18. etron

    I really don't get Anaconda. Is it supposed to be a parody? Like, it's SO bad, it can't possibly be for real, can it?

  19. etron

    is Anaconda a parody of **** songs or something?

    1. Yanko

      i love that song
  20. etron

    My friend said something very sad the other day: "Does Lady Gaga still make music?" Oh god, she needs to come back hard... :'(

    1. djBuffoon

      If he/she was *really* curious, he would've been pleasantly surprised to hear about an entire album of new Gaga material :yes:
    2. etron

      But she wasn't, she's just a non-fan. It's still depressing to think some people aren't even aware that Gaga released an album last year...
  21. etron

    Where's Asia?

  22. etron

    Anyone else find it disgusting that The Big Bang Theory has halted production because the cast members demand $1M per episode?

    1. hausofmike

      No. It's the biggest tv show on tv right now. Has been for years. They deserve it
    2. Mr Josh

      Seriously? :dead:
    3. Henry

      Wait what? Links?
    4. etron

      BrooklynBaby, firemen, nurses, doctors, policemen, soldiers and politicians deserve that kind of money. Not TV show actors or dare I say it, pop stars. (But I guess that's where all OUR money goes...)
    5. etron
    6. hmm

      disgusting that they've stopped production, or disgusting that they're demanding that payment?
    7. etron

      hmm: disgusting that they're demanding so much payment.
    8. Mr Josh

      So they want 700k more, that's quite the raise. If they quit because of it they'll not just ruin a great show but probably become irrelevant themselves and wish they never left (it has happened many times before).
    9. etron

      Ikr? It's just so greedy. Makes me sick.
    10. Anomaly

      Yeah, that is very greedy. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just read it. I really appreciate the TV Stars who love what they do and give everything for the shows they belong to. It makes it feel so much less genuine when they turn into money-hungry pigs in instances like this.
    11. Koala

      Nobody deserves that money for just acting :awkney:
    12. ClapDown

      Would you rather the entertainment corporations have that money instead? I'd much rather have talent be highly paid rather than execs and shareholders, but that's just me.
    13. Anomaly

      You mean the people who write the scripts, shoot the program, provide all of the effects, edit all of the footage, control the lighting, create the scenes, direct the show until it's perfectly crafted to their vision, and essentially make the show everything it is meant to be, while receiving little to no recognition for it while the greedy celebrities have their faces plastered on magazines and billboards all over the world and demand unreasonable amounts of money? Then yes, yes I would.
    14. ClapDown

      The basic production costs don't change that much, though, from season to season. Regardless of how successful a show becomes, the vast majority of behind the scenes people earn similar salaries - they're largely fixed, especially with the help of unions. When a mega hit like The Big Bang Theory occurs, most of the profit goes straight back into the company and into dividends for shareholders and huge bonuses for senior executives.
  23. etron

    "I'm more comfortable doing jazz than pop," she says, less than a year after releasing an album called ARTPOP....

    1. Morphine Prince

      You do realize she never said she doesn't feel comfortable doing Pop, right? She just feels more comfortable with jazz than pop. That doesn't mean she doesn't love Pop.
    2. etron

      Yes, love, I'm just pointing out the irony.
  24. etron

    Does anyone else tend to neglect the songs nearer the end of each album? I always start the album from the start and then have to stop before I reach the end...


      I do, like with ARTPOP, the first 6 songs each have like 200+ plays each, and then everything after that has 200-
    2. Driezewies

      For me it's mostly the other way around :p