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  1. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Who would you like Gaga to do a joint tour with?   

  2. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Kelly Clarkson Announces 2015 Summer Tour   

    Might go to that Buffalo date
  3. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Orange is the New Black - Season 3 June 12th!   

    Finally I'll have something to do with my life, I remember staying up all night watching every episode
  4. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: UPDATE: Madonna announces The Rebel Heart World Tour dates   

    Great another tour I can add to the list of tours skipping Buffalo
  5. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks considers joining the politics   

    Tbh America will always be a mess, moving to Canada tbh.
    The Gays need their own country, not this floppy mess
  6. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks considers joining the politics   

    I actually prefer less government in general, however Obama did do good things. Dream Act, Gay Marriage, Pot, taking Troops out of Iraq etc. But we just need somebody who is qualified, Hillary was very qualified, but yeah. Tbh I view Obama as more of a celebrity than a Politician.
  7. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks considers joining the politics   

    This is just as Racist as if it were the other way around
    Americans know what they want, but are too scared to do anything that isn't Democrat or Republican, we need to find a good balance, maybe Liberatarian, BTW our current President is Black & our previous President was White & they both ****ed **** up, we need somebody that will focus just on problems at home, for example did you know that in California there are thousands without access to water & raising money for that is not considered important, but apparently donating money to other countries is.
    We need to stop looking at Race & just look at qualification
  8. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Which music video look would you like Gaga to redo again?   

    Do What U Want
  9. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks considers joining the politics   

    Wait was she serious?
  10. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to reincarnate into a gay black man in March 28th 2100   

    David Lei Bradnt is Straight!
  11. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: My Gaga drawings over the years   

  12. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    Can we get the full site option back for mobile!
  13. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Kiesza   

    Might see her with Betty Who in Buffalo, is she good live? :whitney:
  14. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You"   

    Um Buffalo/Albany.... Cinemapolis 5 is in Ithaca, NY.... like 3 hours away from Buffalo & Albany, do the cities or do not at all, don't do a half way & lie to us like da fuq :awkney:
  15. Alex Spears added a post in a topic: American Horror Story: Freak Show (Season 4 Discussion Thread)   

    Today sucked R.I.P. Ben/Meep :emo:

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  1. Alex Spears

    I can't get the full site from my phone or change my header! :(

    Can we go back to the friend system instead of follow + I miss chat :(

    Good job so far though Admin, we love you!

    1. Alex Spears

      Also can I please stop receiving notifications that are irrelevant, like I only want notifications that are about me, my statuses, my posts or my topics.... how do I get that back?

    2. bionic

      Changing headesr is disabled at the moment, as is chat. A few of us have headers because a member of staff changed them but its proven to be buggy so it's not happening for a bit.

      Chat will be back soon.

  2. Alex Spears

    Tbh I need to move to NYC, L.A., Chicago or another huge city like that, tbh I am too good for Buffalo. Sorry not sorry, people like me get overshadowed by sports n ****.

    1. Highway10

      cum to australia alex ur fans are waiting !! 

    2. Alex Spears

      Not making the same mistake Gags made with artRAVE :laughga:

  3. Alex Spears

    HEARTBEATS V2 ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I've had mine for 4 years and they still werk like the day I got them!

  4. Alex Spears

    Hi, why can't access the full site from my phone, that was the best part of GGD!

  5. Alex Spears

    Maybe I am just destined to never be loved & mistreated everywhere I go, maybe I should just kill myself.

    1. Didymus

      I love you, you kunt
    2. Alpha

    3. Phoenix

      No, don't let these thoughts get in your head and ruin you. You know there is someone. We all feel/felt like that, hold on, it will be better! <3
    4. Alpha


      Dont worry you'll find happines eventually everyone does :)
    5. PACO

      daddy paco loves u tho
    6. Gohan

      You're a strong man and you don't need anyone's approval to be yourself
  6. Alex Spears

    I am completely unlovable.

    1. Alex Spears

      It's like anywhere I go nobody cares about me at all, I don't know why I even try anymore.
    2. Phoenix

      Tone down the sass :*
    3. Andreyw

      what happened? :(
    4. Alex Spears

      Typical Homophobia, but as usual like Phoenix implied it's my fault.
    5. Andreyw

      o_O :hug:
  7. Alex Spears

    Delete it fat, but before come into chat!

  8. Alex Spears

    Is this really a surprise lol? Should I be worried?

    1. Prismatic

    2. Alex Spears

      On another quiz I still got Blackout smh.... & I am going to the Buffalo date hunty!!!!!!
    3. Prismatic

      You definitely need daddy Prismatic to show you the light :madge:
    4. Alex Spears

      Shut up Lesbon, buy ARTPOP on iTunes!
    5. Prismatic

      ERTFLOP ewwwwwww.... Buy Rebel Heart on iTunes and feel the rebelness.
    6. Alex Spears

      How hip, cool & interesting, but mostly exciting & kinda weird.... it was so complex to make probably, but it's really cool
    7. Prismatic

      It's very 'hip' and cool and extremely exciting.
  9. Alex Spears

    I AM SO THIRSTY FOR NEW DETAILS ABOUT AHS: HOTEL, BEST SEASON ALREADY TBH!!!!!!!!!!! Ready for S6 starring Lady Gaga, Britney Spears & Beyoncé.... American Horror Story: GAYS

    1. Jewels n Drugs

  10. Alex Spears

    I am going to on a field trip to a Black Ministry, I am Gay AF, I hope I don't get Holy Water thrown at me tbh. It ia not a religious trip though, I am going 1. Black History Month 2. Good Food 3. It gets me out of school.

    1. Alex Spears

      In these trips I always end up meeting a fierce old Woman who starts asking about "my girlfriend", I just go along with it, while my gurls are next to me screaming or when I start acting Homophobic LMAO!
  11. Alex Spears

    I wore a leather jacket it school & thr teacher kicked me out of class without a destination, because leather jackets are considered "outer wear", dumb ass bitch, wasting my education over a jacket.

    1. Alex Spears

      I asked her if she would wear that in the cold & she didn't say anything. The school dress codes these days are:

      1. Pointless
      2. Sexist
      3. Unconstitutional, I understand boundaries, but stop dictating us.
    2. Teenage Cream

      I would drop out of that flop school. A leather jacket is a ****ing jacket. It is meant to be worn to keep you warm. The **** is wrong with the school system these days? :madge:
    3. Creyk

      Everybody wears leather jackets all the time where I live and no one has a problem with it
    4. Alex Spears

      TC my school is a ratchet mess

      Creyk in the real World nobody cares what people wear, school is literally tragic
    5. Haroon

      We weren't allowed to wear leather jackets either at my school but I wasn't given a reason, I think it's because it's not "school-like" or something, like it's associated with being "bad" and stuff - kinda like how hoodies aren't allowed at some schools
    6. Alex Spears

      It's totally dumb tbh :(
  12. Alex Spears

    If you work hard, you make your dreams happen, if you don't, then you become a bum. Nothing is given, nothing is free, everything is worked for.

    1. Dr Rogoe

      when I turn 18, I'll win lottery 6 times
      then retire when I reach 25
  13. Alex Spears


  14. Alex Spears

    Who wants to come to chat tbh?

  15. Alex Spears

    Making a Metallic Gold outfit for my alexRAVE: The ALEXPOP Ball Tour!!!!!!

    1. Tayfani

    2. Alex Spears

      No more hints hee hee, I am also gonna sport some Pastel Rainbow Hair with light up extensions! ;)
    3. Tayfani

  16. Alex Spears

    I will be in chat waiting for you hoes so we can turn da **** up!

  17. Alex Spears

    PITTSBURGH I AM VERY SORRY I HAD TO CANCEL MY alexRAVE, IT WAS DUE TO SUBZERO WEATHER!!!!!!! I will make this up some how! :'(

  18. Alex Spears

    Our Lorde & Savior, Goddess Of Everything Flawlessly Flawless SLady Godgâ SLAYED OUR SOULS TO HELL, THEN TO HEAVEN, THEN SENT IT BACK TO EARTH!!!!!!!

  19. Alex Spears

    Can you all help me drag this Homophobe to the pits of Hell

    1. New Romantics

      on my way
    2. destinyofself

      No need to drag him, look at the state of him, mess. His selfie with the cookie monster.... twins tbh
    3. Alex Spears

      He blocked me LMAO

      @New what did you tell him?
    4. New Romantics

      I ended up not saying anything. No point in trying to educate someone so deep in their ignorance
  20. Alex Spears

    LUSH is such a flawless store! I got the Lettuce Face Mask, Rehab Shampoo, Robot Bath Bomb & Sexy Soap from there yesterday!

    1. YCHofficial

      again this lush promo
    2. Alex Spears
  21. Alex Spears

    I would like to thanks Haroon for helping me find amazing clothes, love you doll!

    1. Phoenix

    2. Haroon

      Anytime :hug:
  22. Alex Spears

    Where can I find SKIN TIGHT Skinny Pants for Guys? And not the kind with baggy ends?

    1. Haroon

      Topman :yes: They have a fit called "spray on skinny" and "super spray" which are like wearing a second skin
    2. Alex Spears

      THANK YOU! Any other places?
    3. Haroon

      ASOS have "ultra skinny" or "super skinny" I believe :)
    4. Alex Spears

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    5. Haroon

      You're welcome, happy buying :D
    6. Alex Spears

      I got a pair a spray skinny red jeans & a L.A. Tee Shirt for $12, THANKS QUEEN HAROON!
    7. Haroon

      How funky :classy: Hope you enjoy your purchases :)
  23. Alex Spears

    My Little Fags, can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh as I kick off alexRAVE!