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  1. ProudBadKid added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday, Gaga!   

    Happy birthday mother mons†er!
  2. ProudBadKid added a post in a topic: Rihanna   

    Can somebody link me to some riri's leaked official instumentals/acapellas??

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  1. ProudBadKid

    GGD is close to 1.111.111 total posts!

    1. iAstroLeo

      ILUMINATI!!! :lag:
    2. Artifact

      We are in 2012, that must mean something. END OF WORLD :giveup:
  2. ProudBadKid

    GAGA Y U DON'T GO TO ROME??? :cry:

    1. Dazedmadonna

      Proprio Milano doveva scegliere <_<
    2. ProudBadKid

      Un altro concerto buttato via D: per lei l'importante è stare lontana dal centro e dal sud...
    3. Dazedmadonna

      Grrrrr, maledetta haahahahaha
      Vabbè a questo punto mi toccherà partire per Milano ç_ç
    4. ProudBadKid

      A me non mi faranno mai andare a Milano T.T già non vorrebbero mandarmi a roma se viene D:
    5. Dazedmadonna

      Ma perchè??? ç_ç
    6. ProudBadKid

      "E' troppo lontana" cit.
    7. Dazedmadonna

      Du' palle -.- non può venire nessun altro con te , scusa?
    8. ProudBadKid

      Tutti odiano gaga qui! :') conosco solo una monster e non ci fanno andare da soli insieme!
    9. Dazedmadonna

      Ma nooo =( Che sfiga proprio
    10. ProudBadKid

      Due anni fa abbiamo fanno un macello per il monster ball ma nessuno ci si è cagati D:
    11. Dazedmadonna

      =(( quanti anni hai scusa??
    12. ProudBadKid

      15 e non mi mandano!
    13. Dazedmadonna

      Diavolo =/ Mi piacerebbe aiutarti, ma non penso ci sia modo
    14. ProudBadKid

      L'unica cosa che posso fare è scocciare i miei finchè non mi mandano... Tu di dove sei?!
    15. Dazedmadonna

      Sardegna, però comunque i miei non hanno nessun problema a mandarmi
    16. ProudBadKid

      Beato te! I miei hanno tanti problemi .-.
    17. Dazedmadonna

      Uffff :( Mi dispiace tantissimoo
    18. ProudBadKid

      Pazienza! Oramai ci sono abituato!
    19. Dazedmadonna

      :( hai msn, facebook o qualcosa del genere?
    20. ProudBadKid

      Sisi ho msn! Ti do la mail??
    21. Dazedmadonna

      Si si, scrivimela tramite msg privato :P
  3. ProudBadKid

    Just got that the last song added by gaga to her BMI is Out Of Control! :legend:

    1. Hai

      When!!? :excited:
    2. ProudBadKid

      I don't know but this is the link! :cry:
    3. Nathan

      Im pretty sure anyone can add those.
    4. ProudBadKid

      No... just gaga can... It's her own BMI!
    5. Nathan

      A bunch of fake ones have been added by "lady gaga" before though
    6. jv2612

      You have to pay monthly to make an account, there are no fakes in that site.
    7. Nathan

      :o Hm, I don't think its gonna be for her then, probably another artist.
    8. ProudBadKid

      I hope just that out of control will leak... *flutter*
    9. Nathan

      lmao, don't :p its gonna be the last song to leak if anything.
    10. Nathan

      lmao, don't :p its gonna be the last song to leak if anything.
  4. ProudBadKid


  5. Adam » ProudBadKid

    Hi there, I really like your avatar. Very pretty! :D

    1. ProudBadKid

      Thank you so much! :D
  6. ProudBadKid

    Has Born This Way (Hedegaard & Brandon Beal Remix) LOSSLESS leaked??

    1. Jesus

    2. ProudBadKid

      Ok thank you!
    3. LipglossLuxury

      Link? ;O
    4. Lior

      link!!! :O
    5. ProudBadKid

      One moment.... uploading! :)
    6. Lior

      please and thanks :)
    7. ProudBadKid

      Soundcloud doesn't want me to upload it D:
    8. Lior

      mediafire! :(
    9. Grant Gaga

      yes someone PLEASE post ittttt! and what does LOSSLESS mean??
    10. Lior

      @ghale94 extremely high quality.
    11. Grant Gaga

      ah, figured. haha but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone leak that
    12. ProudBadKid

      It was leaked by project gaga! A day when they were already closed I saw on my tumblr's dashboard that post with a link to this remix in lossless! Enjoy! PW: pawsdown
    13. Grant Gaga

      sweeeeeeeeeet thank you so much!
  7. ProudBadKid

    Project_Gaga deleted his twitter account :(

    1. Jesus

      I guess they're not coming back then...
    2. Jesus

      Leak shit.