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  1. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Gaga Related Random Conversation Thread   

    Beautiful Dirty Rich. First Gaga song I listened to and fell in love with her right then and there.
    Bad Romance
    Born This Way
    The Edge Of Glory
    You and I
  2. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Reminder: Applause is a Hit Single   

    Wait what? Applause is a flop? Who the hell said that?
    It's one of the best songs of 2013 hands down. You don't see a gym playlist without that ****ing song on it.
    They still play it on Lebanese Radio to this day. 
    Is there anything more musically orgasmic on the album? It's not my favorite but arguably the best produced.
  3. Evanescence added a post in a topic: What makes Applause still sound new?   

    It's fucking fun to listen to ...makes me wanna fucking curse all day while lifting my hands up in the air as if I'm not tired of doing it.
  4. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Popjustice's 2013 readers' poll RESULTS   

    Queen of Contradiction, Queen of Controversy, The One And Only Queen of Conts. Lady Gaga.
  5. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Gaga at dinner with Taylor in Lancaster, PA last night   

  6. Evanescence added a post in a topic: German media review: Gaga is "flop of the year"   

    They can fuck off for all I care. Quit posting this garbage.
  7. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga: "I have finally found love"   

    life? :derpga: (if you believe)
    marriage? :laughga:
    break-up? :ohno:
  8. Evanescence added a post in a topic: "APPLAUSE" in Misheard Song Lyrics: 2013 Edition   

    I won't chew the steaaaaaaaaaaaaak.
  9. Evanescence added a post in a topic: WATCH: Lady Gaga performs "DWUW" with Christina Aguilera on The Voice   

    Applause is so flawless :giveup:
  10. Evanescence added a post in a topic: WATCH: Lady Gaga performs "DWUW" with Christina Aguilera on The Voice   

    This is the first performance to make me literally cringe..
  11. Evanescence added a post in a topic: WATCH: Lady Gaga performs "DWUW" with Christina Aguilera on The Voice   

    Ryan Tedder is cuter than I remember...
  12. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Justin Bieber   

    I see you.
    I see you're into interracial hunk x twink p0rn.
    I see you.
  13. Evanescence added a post in a topic: MANiCURE Added to Gaga's BMI; Next Single?   

    It's a classic misdirection.
  14. Evanescence added a post in a topic: Jazz album delayed till late 2014   

    Saw this coming.

Status Feed

  1. Evanescence

    Haven't been on GGD in forever. I see I missed an unreleased song? Damn :(

  2. Evanescence

    Heartseeker Ashe giving me Monster Ball teas....

    1. POTION

      how :rip: ?
    2. Evanescence

      No ****ing clue but I saw Gaga the moment I saw the pic
  3. Evanescence

    Beyonce's "Naughy Girl" is the sexiest song ever made...

    1. Evanescence

      Or is it Insatiable?
    2. Evanescence

      Or is it Sexxx Dreams?
    3. Evanescence

      Or is it My Humps?
    4. U-GO-BOY

      Or is it Party In the U.S.A.?
    5. Florin

      Sexxx dreams
    6. Cameron1012

      omg i love that song ha
    7. inuborg

      have you heard her new record? lol
    8. TropicOfCANCER

      ^ sexual =/= sexy
    9. inuborg

      I didn't ask anyone for definitions
    10. TropicOfCANCER

      wow. rude. well you got one anyway.
    11. inuborg

      ^ soothe ya boobs
  4. Evanescence

    So am I free to come back now or is the drama still ongoing?

    1. Biotic

      Depends on what drama. There's always a drama going on here :smh: I think the Miley thing is still going :toofunny:
  5. Evanescence

    I haven't visited GGD lately. I suppose Gaga's info freeze turning me off from a forum lol

  6. Evanescence

    Cut the last 30 seconds out of Venus and it's one of my favorites. I don't hate the last part but I don't get the point of an Astronomy lesson

  7. Evanescence

    Hey guys... anyone here play the piano? Have a question

  8. Evanescence

    Can someone give me a brief overview on what happened? Too lazy to read it all.

    1. Creyk

      Gaga said she had a tough year last year but she is ok now
    2. Creyk

      Oh and practically confirmed Venus for third single
  9. Evanescence

    My family got me an upright piano for Christmas. I can't hold back the squeels.

  10. Evanescence

    Even Katy Perry agrees that Dark Horse sucks.... Not saying she should stick to her usual style but that song was literally the only single of hers that I actually cringed at.

    1. Zach Monster

    2. GreenEyes

      She does? Why?
    3. Desperado

      that taste lol is the less cringe worthy song of her, the others are just ...
    4. Pandora

      It's amazing apart from Juicy J's part :awkney:
    5. Glow

      lmao dark horse is the best song she's released since TGIF and E.T.
    6. Evanescence

      Hey you might have a different taste than me, but considering that i usually like her songs and this one stands out, that means she tried something different but fell flat on her face.
    7. bionic

      should release Legendary Lovers
  11. Evanescence

    Every time someone posts a source saying something unequivocally negative about Gaga, I'm going to tell them to go to hell and tell the OP not to post that trash

    1. Glutamate

      you bad bitch be careful
    2. Golden Gangsta

      No. Stop the negativity, gosh.
    3. Evanescence

      Go to hell and dont post that trash.
  12. Evanescence

    I usually like Katy Perry's singles but Dark Horse is disgusting. My brother had to turn the radio off. What was she thinking?

    1. Benji

      Dark Horse is the best song on Prism though :reductive:
    2. SpazeDevize

      There is no drop. Its stagnant and makes the listener wait for the climactic chorus. The pre-chorus does not work as a chorus sorry.
    3. Benji

      Don't be sorry, it's a jam! :-)
    4. ALX

      it's not bad, sorry it's not Jesus music
    5. Evanescence

      No really... I can't even think of one good part in the whole song. It's just...monotone and boring. I much prefer her other releases.
    6. Evanescence

      I am easily amused... I even found Rebecca Black's Friday to be funny to listen to after a while. I see no redeeming quality in Dark Horse whatsoever... that's just me though
  13. Evanescence

    Gypsy for next single pls ty kthnxbi

  14. Evanescence


  15. Evanescence

    I just realized that after the Gypsy bridge, Gaga says "For life". I had always thought it was "tonight", even after 100 listens. I love the song even more now.

    1. Mariano

      whaat :udidnt: That was one of the things that I Liked the most in the song, the first time I listened to the studio version .. and the "Would u go with me / see the world with me" in the last hook :}
    2. Married the Night

      My mind has been blown
    3. Evanescence

      I actually just got new headphones as a Christmas gift. My hearing is quite weak so I couldn't tell the difference, and I had never read the lyrics. Then I listened to the live version on my iPod and I heard it quite clearly and i was like O.o... I LOVE IT EVEN MORE NOW.
    4. Evanescence

  16. Evanescence

    *sigh* That moment when you realize the guy you like is 5 years younger than you. That's not a lot but 23-18 is still a big gap for me. He looks ****ing 25 though. Ugh... fking musclebait.

    1. Antichrist

      Age honestly doesn't matter. I'm with a guy that's 4 years older than me, and that doesn't affect my love for him at all. Don't let age be an important thing. And besides, 5 years is nothing huge.
    2. Deacon

      I think mental/emotional age is the more important factor. My boyfriend is 6 years younger than I am (26 - 20), but I always feel like he's actually older because of his maturity.
    3. Gohan

    4. Evanescence

      It's just 18-19.. if it has a teen, I just can't do it.
    5. Evanescence

      I'll give it a try but I have a feeling I'll feel like pedobear.
  17. Evanescence

    Not sure if this is asked often here, but WHYYY has Gaga not released "Nothing On But The Radio"? It has one of her catchiest choruses ever...

    1. bionic

    2. Glow

  18. Evanescence

    Oh **** I just got my first warning point

    1. PotatoBanks

      slaying the lessors
    2. TheOriginalOne

      What for? How long did you go without one?
    3. Deacon

      Bad kid tbh
    4. Majora

      #badkid #lol #pale
    5. Evanescence

      It was about someone calling Gaga jealous of Beyonce's success and she's out of ideas so I raged at him for some reason and called him a moron. We talked more but I got a WP anyway for my 1st post lol
    6. Evanescence

      (reason I called him a moron was because he insisted he was right even though he gave no evidence and would not budge. We talked tho and he wised up) #impact
  19. Evanescence

    ATRL more toxic than GGD. I'm blocking that website from my browser. Bunch of ****ing queens.

    1. Sunny

  20. Evanescence

    Merry Christmas everyone

  21. Evanescence

    I'm ignoring all this drama going on, playing ARTPOP and smiling as I dance to Venus and Sexxx Dreams erotically

    1. DMTT

    2. Redstreak

      There was drama?
    3. Evanescence

      That drama regarding Gaga and GGD. Not really in the mood for stan culture anymore. Too much bitching.
    4. Redstreak

      I was just helping you ignore it. :derpga:
    5. Evanescence

      Oh :toofloppy:
    6. Evanescence

      Well I'm ignoring it again. :)))))
  22. Evanescence

    The "BABY" at the end of the gypsy bridge is the best "baby" Gaga has ever sung :giveup:

    1. Zach Monster

      And you can tell because the whole Gaga discography has the word "baby" in it. :legend:

      Someone should edit every baby of her discography together :legend:
    3. Zach Monster

      ^ Somebody already did. :smh:
  23. Evanescence

    If it started raining, you won't hear this boy complaining because I'm glad you're the one that got away, cause it's a beautiful day

  24. Evanescence

    Applause has one of Gaga's best instrumentals.