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  1. Doogi added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    On mobile, every time I go to make a comment here, it automatically quotes a random persons comment, and also the emotes aren't working on mobile! All I see it for example : giveup : 
    that's how it shows on mobile ^
  2. Doogi added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    How would you get in trouble for putting it up online?? It's IN THEATRES. It's out for the public to hear. It's not illegal. Anyone that has the audio recording of it SHOULD post it online! You can't get in trouble you're not doing anything wrong.
  3. Doogi added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    I will literally laugh if people DONT record it. Like if you don't..: what the hell is wrong with you?
  4. Doogi added a post in a topic: Adele - 3rd album rumoured to drop next year   

    Gaga. That's all.
  5. Doogi added a post in a topic: NEW Ariana Grande Song - (9 Second Snippet/Produced By Cashmere Cat)   


    Hopefully it gets released soon!
  6. Doogi added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    [quote name="hpmcmill" post="6381090" timestamp="1424898440"]

    I'm going to a showing at 8PM tomorrow night! So excited!![/quote] Make sure you pull out your phone, place the camera face down in your lap, and hit record when the song starts. No Vine, No Instagram, No 5, 10, 15, 30 second clips. We need the FULL song recorded. Please. :) You're the best.
  7. Doogi added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    Her face when shes getting up literally looks like :Madge:
  8. Doogi added a post in a topic: Ohio news anchor taken off air after calling Lady Gaga’s songs 'jiga--   

    [quote name="DontDoubtDavid" post="6379401" timestamp="1424885206"]

    whats jiga?[/quote] Jigaboo* they censored out the "boo" part
  9. Doogi added a post in a topic: Ohio news anchor taken off air after calling Lady Gaga’s songs 'jiga--   

    Lmao I don't think she meant to be offensive. I Think it was just the first word that came to her mind. I'm glad she wasn't completey fired forever.
  10. Doogi added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    Link please?
  11. Doogi added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece | Run Run Run (f/ John Legend)   

    Piece By Piece is horrendous. But Run Run Run is good.
  12. Doogi added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Rihanna - "Towards The Sun"   

    It's good I like it
  13. Doogi added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Rihanna - "Towards The Sun"   

    [quote name="Navy" post="6373139" timestamp="1424799778"]

    Yes MY ****ING QUEEN.
    She wrote this song!! Get that Oscar baby! :legend:
    So ready for God8
    This is perfection, I'm so proud right now

    It's more exciting than everything on 1989 though :awkney:[/quote] No one was even talking about Taylor Swift this literally has nothing to do with her. Way to throw shade and possibly start something :roll:

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      She has no idea the impact she has made... But I don't plan on telling her either. :laughga: She'd probably be sooo pissed off at me :laughga:
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    Can we just round up all the people who are still enthusiastically playing "Blurred Lines" and quarantine them somewhere.

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    I drive past the restaurant that Gaga and Taylor were at all the time! Taylor also stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Riverhead, which is where I used to work! I found out he was staying there from a friend of mine that still works there and checked him into his room. When she texted me about it, she told me that "Lady Gaga's fiancé" is staying at our hotel. I said what do you mean "fiancé"?? She said "That's what everyone is saying." So maybe they rea...

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