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  1. Katie14 added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    As obvious as it is, a lot of people still treat victims with little sensitivity and respect. so maybe they need this kind of reminder and perspective. 
  2. Katie14 added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    But the point of the song is to shed light on the fact that people tend to push victims under the rug and minimize th e trauma of rape. In the song, Gaga is saying, how can you just dismiss me and say to be strong and move on, etc when you have no idea what I'm going through? It's about addressing the lack of sympathy and sensitivity towards rape victims.
  3. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Tony Bennett and Harvard Review praise Gaga's Oscars performance   

    That article is really amazing
  4. Katie14 added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    I love the song but I do think some of the lyrics are kind of cliche/cheesy. Especially the "until the water burns and crashes" "until you are at the end of your rope" part. I do like how relatable the song is though. The song is about rape but you wouldn't know that from the lyrics. The lyrics can be applied to any hard experience.
  5. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Am I the only one who listen to the Oscars performance every day   

    Not at all. I am still obsessed with it and have been playing it a few times every day. For the first 2 days after I played it on repeat for like hours straight. I just can't believe its her singing. I didn't know she had the ability to sound that good. The clarity and power in her voice is incredible. I have also been spending way to many hours reading articles and comments online. I can't remember a time when she has received this much unanimous praise. Its really incredible to see compliment after compliment especially after she has been criticized so harshly since Artpop. Its like she became a different person to everyone's eyes over night. 
  6. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Armani: Madonna is difficult   

    The point was that Madonna blamed Armani in her tweet saying she fell because her cape was tied too tight. I would assume that he thought that would happen so he suggested a hook instead. But Madonna insisted and then like Armani predicted she wasn't able to unite her cape in time and she fell.
  7. Katie14 added a post in a topic: More on that "Lady Gaga Moment" : "The Power of a Gimmick-Free Gaga"   

    The comments on that article are amazing. And anyone who does say something negative are argued against by multiple people.
  8. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga Now Considered As An A-List Singer   

    Im still shocked over her Oscar's performance. I can't stop listening to it. Like most of us here, I have seen every one of her performances, and we have heard wonderful vocals from her, but I still didn't know she could sing this well.  Where did that delicate yet powerful, rich and, crystial- clear voice come from? The only other time when her voice sounded this clear and soprano like was when she sang "Captivated" when she was 19. I didn't think she had the ability to still sound like that. I though her voice had gotten damaged from smoking and from being overworked. She was able to recapture all of the beautiful qualities of her voice that she had back then . But, she not only captured that sound again, she sounds better now than ever.  Her voice has a richness and maturity to it that she didn't have when she was younger. 
    This performance fully encapsulated all the best qualities that her voice has to offer (at least so far). I also want to mention that her emotion while singing was excellent. You can hear it in her voice but also in her facial expressions and body movements. It was like her entire presence was completely posessed by the music. I am not a singer but I know that conveying emotion and passion while performing is very hard for a lot of people. Many people can sing well, but can they make the audience feel something? Gaga just has that something extra in addition to her vocals that makes her memorable. She captures an audience and is fascinating to watch on stage. 
    Gaga has demonstrated that she is able to excel in so many different areas and genres. She is truly like 10 people in 1. I feel like she purposefully started in pop just to get a ton of fame and exposure. Now that everyone knows her, and she is a huge money maker, she has the opportunity to delve into pretty much any type of artistic world that she wants to go into. I wonder if it was her plan all along to take over the entire entertainment world.  It makes me think of when she said, "Im every icon" and, "Im going to get to do all the things that I want to do now".  
    I can't wait to see what other surprises she has to offer us. 
  9. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Cary Nokey (aka Rob Fusari) Gives An Update & A New Gaga Song   

    I re listened to that part of the interview. Howard asked her why women let men get away with sexual abuse. She says she doesnt and that she has talked a lot about it. She said that numerous producers have taken advantage or tried to take advantage of her  and if you do the math and look back at the history of who she worked with we can figure out who they are. But she was not talking specifically about the man who raped her. He could have been someone we have never heard of. Im sure Gaga has worked with dozens of producers or mixers who we dont know who fit the age range she described. 
  10. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Cary Nokey (aka Rob Fusari) Gives An Update & A New Gaga Song   

    Oh wow. I totally had that mixed up. Im sorry. But I do remember thinking that Gaga wasn't talking specifically about getting raped. That she was talking more in general about producers who have taken advantage of her and how she didn't stick around after that. Im pretty sure she didn't talk about getting raped until later on in the interview.
  11. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Cary Nokey (aka Rob Fusari) Gives An Update & A New Gaga Song   

    I don't remember exactly what Gaga said but I when she said it would be easy for fans to figure out I don't think she was talking about her rapist. If I remember correctly, Howard Stern was asking about producers trying to change her and why she or others like her would allow that. She was talking about not staying long with producers or collaborators who took advantage of her or didn't allow her artistic freedom. She said something like, "if you follow the timeline of my career, its not very hard to figure out"
    I don't know. I have to listen to that part again but Im almost positive she wasn't talking about her rapist.
  12. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Cary Nokey (aka Rob Fusari) Gives An Update & A New Gaga Song   

    How do you know this though?
  13. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Has Z100 mentioned Gaga at all this week?   

    Yea. What did he say?
  14. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Has Z100 mentioned Gaga at all this week?   

    When? How could I have missed it entirely? Does anyone remember what they said? I love hearing people talk about her on the radio.
  15. Katie14 added a post in a topic: Has Z100 mentioned Gaga at all this week?   

    Sometimes I listen to Z100 in the morning on my way to work from 7-8. Its a very popular American radio station. I was listening this week and I found it strange that they didn't mention Gaga at all during the time frame I was listening. Gaga's performance at the Oscar's was the most talked about moment from the entire show and she is going to star in a popular TV show next season. There is a ton of buzz about her these past few days. There is this section on the radio show where they talk about trending topics and headlines and there was no mention of her! Granted they didn't talk about the Oscars at all. I don't know, its just weird. Did I just happen to miss their conversation about it? I feel like the subject of Gaga is so huge right now that they would be talking about her multiple times throughout the day especially during the prime hour of 7-8 when most people commute.
    its weird.

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