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  1. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Kelly Osbourne QUITS Fashion Police   

    ​My exact reaction. 
  2. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Taylor on Katy: "I'm never going to talk about her"   

    There's clearly a feud because neither of them have ever actually said 'no, it's all fake - I love her etc.'
  3. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Eddie Redmayne's new shocking photoshoot from his new movie   

    ​Are you seriously stating that a real transgendered woman can't play a transgendered woman in a film?

    Okay.. so because Bradley Cooper is a straight male in real life.. he can't play a straight male in a movie, right? 

    Smh. Think before you type.
  4. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Lady Gaga looked stunning last night   

  5. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    I need a HQ version. Her vocals are so raw and perfect. Her vocals are just getting better and better.
  6. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    all in good time x
  7. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    When she wins an Emmy & a Globe come back to this thread X
  8. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    Relax, it's 10 episodes of TV. She can fit it into her schedule. I'd imagine the release of new music will co-incide with her acting debut. It's going to see her career multiply in ways none of us could have imagined. 
  9. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    Watch new music be teased in the upcoming months. This is just wonderful. I'm BUZZING omg
  10. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: What Character Would You Like Gaga To Play?   

    There's going to be a hotel. She'll own the hotel. I'm pretty sure it'll be haunted. There'll be singing. There'll be sex. Gays. Omg.. this has the potential to like.. CHANGE her career. She's going to have a HUGE year.
  11. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

  12. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

  13. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: TIME: Lady Gaga invented the current era of pop music   

    I need everyone on this whole damn earth to sit down and educate themselves by reading this flawless article. Every. Single. Bitch. On. This. Earth. 

  14. MelbHawker added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Rihanna - "Towards The Sun"   

    ... she should rename the song 'autotune'

Status Feed

  1. MelbHawker

    Everyone loves her again. YAS

    1. DavidKal

    2. yASSsss

      yass,literally everyone :nick:
    3. Yves

  2. MelbHawker

    I didn't really feel Gaga's Grammys Red Carpet look.

  3. MelbHawker

    omg someone pm me madonnas album

    1. Ursula Buffay

    2. MelbHawker

      Love you
  4. MelbHawker

    Guys. Gaga's going to be on the Grammys Red Carpet. I want her to SLAY like never before.

    1. RevelUnderYou

      me too, don't we?
    2. IntegrityKnight

      me 3
  5. MelbHawker

    Someone give me website where you can download free mp3's. PLS

  6. MelbHawker

    someone send me the madonna leak

    1. Grizabella

      its on rnbxclusive
    2. MelbHawker

      yep got it
    3. Grizabella

      Queen of pop's staged leak
  7. MelbHawker

    Sometimes I just wonder why I try with people.

    1. Lisa Vanderpump

      **** them tbh you dont need them
    2. MelbHawker

      I know.. but I'll pretty much be left with people who do nothing for me in life if I stop trying.
  8. MelbHawker

    I hope he likes me. *I'm in pain* UGH

  9. MelbHawker

    Can this Swift VS Spotify sh*t go away. It's so uninteresting.

    1. Koala

      like you
    2. Funkymonkey

      I actually don't get their fight? So Taylor just doesn't want to be featured on spotify or what?
    3. MelbHawker

      Oh look, a hater/stalker.

      I don't even know. If she doesn't want to be on Spotify, then she can remove herself from it.
  10. MelbHawker

    People are trying to bring me down, tear me down. Literally. I'm strong and I will not let them affect me. I've had enough.

    1. PicklePower
    2. MelbHawker

      Yas. That's me rn.
    3. Iismetti

      this is my prayer, that I'll day living just as free as my hair
  11. MelbHawker

    BTW was so EPIC. My God.

    1. Andy McQueen

      It still is. :flutter:
    2. MelbHawker

      I know <3
  12. Prometheus » MelbHawker

    How was the chickie run? Where is Buzz? Have you seen Plato and Judy lately?

    1. MelbHawker

      What are you talking about bb?
    2. Prometheus

      Rebel Without a Cause :emma:
    3. MelbHawker

    4. MelbHawker

      Shoulda been like 'YOUR NOT LISTENIN' TO MEEEEE!'
    5. Prometheus

      Girl I had to write a paper over that damn movie lol 15 WHOLE PAGES!
    6. Prometheus

      I don't remember who says that. :emma:
    7. MelbHawker

      Yaaaaaas I love it. Jimmy says it!
  13. Cappuccino » MelbHawker

    NO you have not :O

    1. MelbHawker

      thnx bb XXX
  14. MelbHawker

    I posted a selfie in the Pics thread. No comments. Have I lost my sex appeal? Save me gays

    1. Adampervez

      Do u have a link?
    2. Neptune

      give us the link, you flawless hoe
    3. MelbHawker

      Gurls. X
    4. Neptune

  15. MelbHawker

    Im falling for someone. Hurting.

    1. Kermit the frog

      Don't, it's ridiculous. Love brings nothing but harm.
    2. MelbHawker

      I can't help it bb
    3. Kermit the frog

      Weed. Now. Talk yourself out if it, you can do it.
    4. MelbHawker

      But I love him. He wants to take care of me.
  16. MelbHawker

    I just read 200,000 nudes have been leaked from Snapchat. Considering I've sent out about 1,000,000 of myself.. I now consider myself the new Jennifer Lawrence. Shower me with sympathy & praise and tell me I look hot anyway.

    1. vespertine

      melbhawker you look bootyful
    2. inuborg

      But like where have they leaked tho
    3. MelbHawker

      Thnx bb, & I have no idea bb. But they've leaked.
  17. MelbHawker

    Do we have the studio acapellas for ARTPOP?

    1. Hellspont

      i dont think so just G.U.Y.
    2. Sunny

      Only Swine and G.U.Y.
    3. Kayhan

      where can we find them?
    4. MelbHawker

      I need them!
  18. MelbHawker

    Another #1. YAS press da haters down flat

    1. Bloody Matt

      let me log in ATRL
  19. MelbHawker

    'Firefly' is so amazing.

    1. Cesare Borgia

      I hate it :emma: the intro gave me an head ache.

      I don't like it, replaced it with "the lady is a tramp" lol
    3. MelbHawker

    4. Cesare Borgia

      MelbHawker, it's a joke, right ?
    5. MelbHawker

      What's a joke? lol

      I wish C2C was full of "Bang Bangs" tbh, lol
    7. MelbHawker

      Bang Bang isn't on my CD :(

    9. MelbHawker

      getting a refund tbqh lel

      I won't buy C2C if Bang Bang is not in it, sorry gaga

      "it's not like I was going to, lol"
  20. MelbHawker

    I got a job! Me! Employed. By JAG. The clothing store. YAS

    1. RevelUnderYou

    2. MelbHawker

      Thanks bb!
    3. yASSsss

      still unemployed..:(
      (reminder:i:once commented on ur status that we're both unemployed :derpga: )
      btw,congrats :party:
    4. MelbHawker

      Gurl start applying - ASK YOUR FRIENDS. That's how I got mine.
  21. MelbHawker

    'Nature Boy' is so beautiful, my God.

    1. POTION

    2. MelbHawker

      oh hay bb
    3. POTION

    4. MelbHawker

      I want to have sex with you tbqh
    5. POTION

    6. POTION

    7. POTION

    8. POTION

    9. POTION

    10. POTION

    11. POTION

    12. MelbHawker

      yas bb das wat I want
  22. MelbHawker

    Just saw Justin Timberlake LIVE y'all! AMAZING. #2020Tour

    1. djBuffoon

      Side him a few years ago for the FS/LS tour. Flawless dancing and vocals :giveup:
    2. djBuffoon

      Side him a few years ago for the FS/LS tour. Flawless dancing and vocals :giveup:
    3. MelbHawker

      Was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!
  23. MelbHawker

    So f*cking depressed right now. I hate my life and want to get out of it.

    1. Didymus

      Ok, what's going on babe. PM me if you wanna talk about it. Love you, okay <3
  24. lego » MelbHawker

    You know you asked in that thread about shalom..Shalom in Hebrew, Salaam in Arabic, both have meaning peace, both connected to their religions (Judaism/Islam). She used ''marhaba'' in her video for Dubai, which is not religious greeting... I didn't see anywhere in that article that someone is upset for the words she used, it's just the fact that she's going there at that other user said the blood is still fresh.

  25. MelbHawker

    omg Jenifer Lawrence's nudes omg omg so hot!

    1. Sexxx

      stop being so straight
    2. MelbHawker

      lel did i lie tho?
    3. Sexxx

      no :hor: me n jenny are both killer sluts :legend: