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  1. famous added a post in a topic: Cary Nokey (aka Rob Fusari) Gives An Update & A New Gaga Song   

    This thread is a mess and is making me very uncomfortable. Chica clearly did not intend for this thread to turn into this.
    A few things: 
    1. STOP throwing around accusations as if you know what you're talking about. There are many people in this thread posting as if they know with 100% certainty who did (or didn't do) what. Unless one of you is Gaga or someone close to her, take a seat and stop making assumptions about her private matters.
    2. Rape/sexual assault is a serious topic. It isn't some frivolous thing to throw around in discussion with theories going every which way. Discussing things Gaga and other public figures have said is fine. But please respect that it is a serious topic and something very personal for Gaga. How do you think she would feel reading this thread?? Especially before so many posts have been hidden. On this forum we prefer if every post was something we could be reasonably comfortable with Gaga seeing. Please think about that before posting.
    3. Stop the bickering. There have been members quoting each other back and forth and bickering this entire time. If you have nothing constructive to contribute to the thread, don't. 
    Thank you. 
  2. famous added a post in a topic: Gaga at a Funeral   

    cute, but not thread worthy....I don't see this garnering any real discussion, and plus we have multiple topics on this subject! 
  3. famous added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. famous added a post in a topic: Kanye West on Lady Gaga being the creative director of Polaroid   

    Remember when they were going to tour together...? 
  5. famous added a post in a topic: RedOne on Gaga's new album: "Hopefully the best album of the decade"   

    And the hype begins :rip:
  6. famous added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Lady Gaga exchanges belated Christmas Gifts with Homeless   

    When she asks Peter "can I have some money?" 
    Omg she's just the cutest person ever :flutter:
  7. famous added a post in a topic: Supposed leak of Partynauseous   

    As everyone has already mentioned, this is fake. Closing thread!
  8. famous added a post in a topic: Limited (FREE!) Gaga autographed Cheek To Cheek booklets   

    Did they get both unsigned CD and the signed booklet? Or just the signed one? Curious how this is all working!
    I'm in Canada and have still got neither :duck:. 
  9. famous added a post in a topic: Limited (FREE!) Gaga autographed Cheek To Cheek booklets   

    I haven't got my CD or my signed booklet yet. Still have faith that I will though :). 
  10. famous added a post in a topic: The Paris show will be live streamed.   

    Putting this in rumours until you provide some receipts :sweat:
  11. famous added a post in a topic: i have proof gaga in fact is on GGD   

    Well this thread is going nowhere useful. Locking.
  12. famous added a post in a topic: GagaDaily Cheek to Cheek Q&A with Lady Gaga: Submit Questions NOW!   

    For Cheek To Cheek, you and Tony have interpreted classic songs from the Great American Songbook. Do you ever stop to wonder how your songs may be interpreted in the future? Also, I think it's amazing how you have made Tony Bennett and Jazz music more accessible to younger audiences and your fans who may not have listened to this type of music otherwise. What do you think Tony's lasting legacy will be?
  13. famous added a post in a topic: GagaDaily Cheek to Cheek Q&A with Lady Gaga: Submit Questions NOW!   

    The promotion of this album for me, is reminiscent of all the of promo you did for Born This Way when it was coming out. It's amazing and is IMO just one of many examples of how you're one of the hardest working entertainers out there. I was just wondering, how come the approach to promoting this album seems different than with  ARTPOP ? 
  14. famous added a post in a topic: GagaDaily Cheek to Cheek Q&A with Lady Gaga: Submit Questions NOW!   

    Hi Gaga! What can we expect from any potential Cheek To Cheek tour? Will monsters have to ditch their usual apparel for more "classy" attire? 
    [spoiler] You don't even know how happy it makes me to see you so happy these days. I'm so proud of you. Your music and smile lift me up when I feel low, which is too often these days. [/spoiler]
  15. famous added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Lady Gaga sings 'Bang Bang' live   

    Awkward question but I'm super behind especially with all the promo that's been going on...but, where was this filmed? NYC?

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    they were trying to get me to 10,000 posts when I had 9,999 posts http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/139288-iam-never-getting-to-10000-posts/

  2. famous

    it's been a left shark kind of day.

    1. Gaga Alien

      Hi, I was wondering if you could delete my account?
    2. famous

      Tried to PM you, but wasn't able to.

      We don't delete accounts here; the best thing for you to do would be to simply stop logging into this account, and disable any notifications you may be receiving. We can also permanently ban you from the site if you'd like to take away the option of returning here, but your account and previous posts will remain visible to other members.

      That being said... what's going on to make you want to leave?
  3. Ambrosia » famous

    Thank you for the birthday wishes ~ I had a great day, thanks! :)

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    Hello! Could you please help me? I made a mistake asking to add the CD collector tag to my account, so I wanted to know if you could please put me back in the Graphic Artists group? Thank You! :D

  5. Simon » famous

    I love how your love for Gaga made you seen the world! :)

    1. Simon

      and brought you to places you maybe never would go!
    2. famous

      Aw thanks, that's sweet! I wish my family had the same thoughts, lol!
    3. Simon

      You're welcome! Well, you're own human being and you are able to make your own decisions :party:
  6. Scar » famous

    Hey there, I was wondering if you could please delete my account, I made it and I regretted making it... Thanks.

  7. Jonna Lee » famous

    Hi! :) I was wondering if you could ever-so-graciously change my username from "Jessica Lange" to "Jonna Lee". Jonna Lee is the lead singer of the band that is featured in my signature, and is the girl in my pro pic. I guess this is kind of a flimsy pretext to request a username change upon, but it'd, er,"fit in" better than Jessica Lange. I'm sure you're very busy and that you get 92889489 username change requests per day, but if you could change it, i...

    1. Jonna Lee

      it'd mean the world to me!
    2. famous

      Hey, sorry for the hold up. Do you still wanted this changed?
    3. Jonna Lee

      It's fine lol, and that'd be great :)
    4. Jonna Lee

      And also, thanks for giving me a warning instead of a warning point over the pointless post :)
    5. famous

      Changed...! And no worries, it wasn't super point worthy but do try to refrain from those sorts of posts in the future ;).
    6. Jonna Lee

      tysm :hug:
  8. Brooke Candy » famous

    WTF why did i get a warming print?!? The person i replied to with that post attacked me first because i stated my opinion About gaga's tattoo. The reason why i replied like that was because i got angry at him for attacking me. And I Am the one who's getting a warming point? Are you kidding me? Because the post was in full caps with Some 'fcking's in it? The mod Elisabeth saw the whole arguement in the thread and posted that People should not attack others because they stat...

    1. Brooke Candy

    2. Brooke Candy

      ...they state another opinion than yours. She dint give me a warning point tho, because i was the one who got attacked my 3 people in that thread for stating my honest opinion.
    3. Brooke Candy

      So could you please remove the 2wp's, it's Not fair what u did.
  9. Ray of Light » famous

    And the world can look so sad; Only you make me feel good

    1. famous

  10. Yanko » famous

    can you like remove those 2 pointless wp's? thanks

    1. famous

      No....unless you're able to tell me a good reason why randomly including a quote that says "everybody forgot about your fat ass" about Lady Gaga on her own fansite should be allowed :/.
    2. Yanko

      lord jesus it was a tweet and i put it in quot it was a troll tweet on twitter and i included it for a laugh i didnt know it was against the rules please remove it people were calling an artist gross and disguasting and they got 0 wp's
    3. famous

      Still not necessary, and no where did you include that it was a joke or even a tweet...and even so, the content of said tweet is very offensive towards Lady Gaga and had no relation to the other content you were posting so it was just inappropriate and disrespectful, and trolling in that fashion is not allowed.
    4. Yanko

      ":dies: " i wrote this emoticon under it how was it trolling? and it was in quot
    1. famous

      Oh hai! I was lurking you cause I meant to PM you but got distracted (derp). To answer your question, you're right, only Gagadaily emoticons are allowed in sigs =).
    2. Logan

      Lol, I'm always suspicious when a mod views my profile. Thanks for letting me know <3
  11. famous » Alex Spears

    How was meeting Gaga?! Congrats boo!

    1. Alex Spears

      Thanks, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING AND MORE!!!!!!!! Like I already knew she is The Goddess Of Everything Flawlessly Flawless, but when I actually met her, it hit me.... that I was with The Goddess, she's the nicest, smartest, sexiest person I have ever met, we talked about 45 minutes, she called me handsome, so I called her flawless goddess and she smiled, she also signed over my cuts and gave me advice, she even showed me her own..... she said she'd loo...
    2. Alex Spears

      Look for me at artRAVE Toronto. So during Gypsy she remembered me and she blew me a kiss and waved hello, she melted my heart.
  12. Good Enough » famous

    Hey, just wondering if you'd be able to change my name back to Unwritten please? No more name change for me after this I promise :*

  13. famous » JOROMonster

    CONGRATS ON MEETING GAGS AGAIN!!!!! and omg just saw you're doing the raves in London!? yasss jose!

    1. JOROMonster

      Than you! yasss! Im so excited! :D
    2. famous

      are you going just for Gaga? :)
    3. JOROMonster

      Well I always wanted to travel there, and Gaga will be there, So its a yes hah :p
  14. andy232000 » famous

    I'm the guy you gave a warning and we need to talk! first i want to notify that i already talked to whomever is in charge of your twitter, that i was going to promote this DVD here and needed help with it, so at least someone on the team had to be aware, if it is that they read my tweets (which i hope they did because we had a conversation) so i want to notify that. secondly, how on earth do you creat a freaking threat? I've been trying to communicate with your support for help be...

    1. andy232000

      i also don't believe i deserve those five points as i´ve read the posting rules and it says 2 to 3. also, what happens if you accumulate too many points? i also don't think i offended someone, nor was disrespectful AND my advertisement was GAGA related and a lot of monsters have been expecting it and saying it looks really good. users here even told me "get that promo!" and good stuff, so i really don't feel like i did something bad. and as far as I'm concern, non...
    2. famous

      All you've done is gone into random threads, quoted people and posted that over and over though, that's not what the forum is for, and it just annoys people. Normally we would ban a new account who is soley doing that, as it looks like purely spam. I will reduce your points if you would like to be a part of this community and follow the rules. You need to have 50 posts to create a thread, and they need to be actual contributing posts...you can't just go into every thread and post...
    3. andy232000

      i understand but! i think its very hypocrite that at least someone (again, the one who manages your twitter account) had to know about it, and if it was wrong, they should have told me then and there. i know you are a big website and have millions of users who send tweets all the time, but after responding several times to my tweets and having and online conversation, that person should have notify me at least, not just ignore me, and then I'm all responsible ( i am but i at least wan...
    4. famous

      I didn't ban you. Having a duplicate account is also against the rules, so it will have to be banned. I'm going to sort this problem out in modland. If you agree to not use your original account for advertising purposes, we can unban it.
    5. famous

      Yeah...meaning another forum moderator noticed your spam posts and banned you, not me. Modland is the part of the forum for moderators where we discuss the site. You're really not helping your case here by saying you have multiple duplicate accounts.
    6. famous

      You're the same person with two accounts, that is explicitly against the rules. I am going to unban your andy23200 account, but if you all you continue to do is spam the forum then we will have to take further action. And now that you've made me aware of duplicate accounts of yours, I will have to run your IP and ban those as well. So just use the andy account if you would like to contribute to Gagadaily, which you are of course welcomed on. Thanks.
    7. andy232000

      Thanks the other acciunt i just created it to reply here, i was not planning on usong it, i just couldbt communicare throught other way
    1. Alex Spears

      IMPORTANT!!!!!!! http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/106877-letters-to-jamey-a-little-monster-project/ Thanks bb :hug:
  15. Simon » famous

    Since I can't write you messages. I wrote few posts after that post that I was kidding. :huh:

    1. famous

      Sorry the points stand, it was in no way clear that you were kidding in the post itself. I or others (the post was reported) shouldn't have to scroll down to see that, you just shouldn't be writing flamebaity posts in the first place if you aren't serious about them.
    2. Simon

  16. Kermit the frog » famous

    Hi! Thanks for the warning, I knew I kind of crossed the line while typing that. Sorry.

    1. famous

      hey it's alright! it was just a minor slip up, we didn't think it warranted a point but just wanted to let you know as it was reported and like I say it's a touchy subject :hug:.
    1. famous

      No prob !!
  17. Alex Wesker » famous

    I accept the point for trolling, not for saying what I said. If I did feel that way I'd be in all my right to express it as long as I dont insult people.

    1. Alex Wesker

      Oh so that's how you leave these kind of messages in other's people profiles? Awesome :D
    2. famous

      It did insult people though. Of course you are entitled to an opinion, but it doesn't mean said opinion is not disrespectful. Sometimes opinions like that are better left unsaid...
    3. Alex Wesker

      Well that's their problem. I guess that means I have the right to report everyone who says "I dislike X" and you have the duty to give them warning points then (see what I'm trying to say?)
    4. famous

      It would depend on the subject matter really. It should be fairly common sense IMO that any "opinion" against a physical attribute that someone can't always help, could be taken as disrespectful. If someone had said "I dislike Gays", yes that's an opinion, but it's sure one that wouldn't fly around here. People are more than allowed to dislike things here, especially if they convey their thoughts in a mature way and provide an explanation. That's life, not...
    5. famous

      everybody will agree. You must understand though how something like "I dislike fat/gay/white/short/whatever people" might make someone feel victimized and unwelcome. All I'm saying is that certain opinions need not always be said, or if they need to be, they could be said with more tact. BTW, it wasn't just me who decided to come along and give you a point. Your status was reported, and the decision was made collectively amongst several mods, who all found it offensive.
    6. Alex Wesker

      No it really doesnt nor it doesnt really change what I said. I'm gonna leave it here since I dont feel what I wrote on that status but that kind of PC just rubs me the wrong way. Bye
  18. famous » GrandchildDavid

    I saw u at the Q&A with your laptop :teehee:

    1. GrandchildDavid

      :omg: You should've said hii :heart:
    2. famous

      Aw I wanted to but I didn't wanna lose my spot! I was a few rows ahead of you ugh! But I got so excited when I saw what your laptop said :toofunny:
    3. GrandchildDavid

      Dang! >.< Do you live in NYC by any chance?
    4. famous

      I wish but no :(. I live in Canada! Do you live in NY?
    5. MissLizbian

      :teehee: http://oi58.tinypic.com/dm7fwg.jpg
  19. Ray of Light » famous

    Don't you know my as is FAMOUS. I love you <3

  20. Adam » famous

    Okay, it's fine. I'll try to take care of it before I head into work. Sorry to catch you at a bad time. Thank you, though. :)

  21. Adam » famous

    Hey Ashley, could you do me a small favor? I got a request for a name change and at the moment, I'm busy on the way to work. Could you please change this user's http://gagadaily.com/index.php?/user/16078-brigitte-bardot/ display name back to Simon?

    1. famous

      I'm actually just headed to work too, on mobile rn, but I'll try when I can! :)