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  1. Valentino added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion (Gaga single tracking: August)   

    I'm shocked at Ke$ha's debut chart numbers! O.M.G. SHOCKED! STUNNED!

    How ya'll doing? How ya'll holding up? Ya'll good? That's nice.
  2. Valentino added a post in a topic: Rate the Last Album You Listened to   

    [quote name='omgitsandrew' timestamp='1354638565' post='1974308']


    Here you go
    Aww that's sweet of you! I'm waiting for the cookie Wiz-K promised me though - should arrive next Tuesday or so - but thank you.
  3. Valentino added a post in a topic: Rate the Last Album You Listened to   

    [quote name='Klou' timestamp='1354603372' post='1973684']
    Warrior - Ke$ha

    So awesome when I write a whole review and it all got erased, so now for a shorter version! I wasn't as disappointed with the album as I was initially, but there still are no "wow" moments on here. The first half is definitely worse than the second half. Tracks like Warrior, Crazy Kids, and Thinking of You made me think the album would bomb, but was saved by the rock edged second half.

    It's a weird album with [color=#ff0000][b]Ke$ha sounding very generic + [u]her rap/sing/talk[/u][/b][/color] one minute and then a talented rock edged artist the next. I just wish she stuck with more of the latter, but unfortunately she sold out a bit for radio with the former.

    It's a pretty standard Pop album with not many thrills and will probably be just enough for her to continue her top 10 streak. I personally listen to this album and don't feel it is a standout in the crowded pop world.


    Standout tracks: C'mon, Dirty Love, Love Into the Light

    Duds: Warrior, Crazy Kids, Thinking of You

    *I never rate albums with the bonus tracks. They're called "bonus" for a reason.

    I haven't listened to the album... nor will I... ever.... like ever... frankly I'd rather have sizzling hot corn oil poured into my ears...

    Have a great day. Gawd bless.
  4. Valentino added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Lady Gaga defies critics with South African date   

    Career on the decline my ass! [IMG][/IMG]

  5. Valentino added a post in a topic: Kesha   

    [quote name='Arturo' timestamp='1353994063' post='1951568']

    I love you so much Tino


    Crazy Kids is still the best song on the album
    Love you too. You know I do'ooh!

    I'm looking forward to next week when 'Warrior' comes out.........................
  6. Valentino added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion (Gaga single tracking: August)   

    [quote name='craig' timestamp='1353966515' post='1950301']
    I think it MUST come down to better marketing at the retail level, or discounts, etc.
    [b]Rihanna dropped from 163k to 99k debut in the UK, almost 40%.[/b]

    Maybe her team learned something from Taylor and Gaga's opening success, and their past opening failures. Rihanna is typically a steady seller in albums, just not that good at debuting high.
    With this new album? 40%? Good grief!
  7. Valentino added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion (Gaga single tracking: August)   

    [quote name='CoolTrainerTerry' timestamp='1353964129' post='1950194']
    You've got me. I don't really see anyone clamoring for new Rihanna music, so this just really baffles me.
    Hmmm yeah.... if I didn't know any better, I'd think her label paid for it by buying her album themselves, but I know better... they'd never do that.
  8. Valentino added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion (Gaga single tracking: August)   

    I'm trying so hard to understand, maybe someone here can help explain this to me.

    Now, and correct me if I'm wrong at any point, 'TTT' sold 198k debut week in the US last year - slightly BELOW RihRih's (that's what we Navi like to call her) last album - WITH the BIGGEST #1 hit of her entire career, but 'Unapologetic' is gonna sell between 225,000-250,000 this year with a moderate #1 hit? Please explain. Thanks.
  9. Valentino added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion (Gaga single tracking: August)   

    [quote name='Klou' timestamp='1353914185' post='1948579']

    Tino, PLEASE come back as a regular again. I miss you so much
    Perhaps I will... perhaps...
    [spoiler]So sweet. [/spoiler]

    Get ready for the SLAYAGE that ARTPOP will bring to the CHARTS! Ya'll have been warned... so don't say I didn't warn you. Thanks.
  10. Valentino added a post in a topic: Kesha   

    [quote name='Jase' timestamp='1353876216' post='1946298']
    "But Gaga talks like that cuz she can back it up..." implied otherwise

    Okay. Have a blessed day now.
    [quote name='Moonstar' timestamp='1353883117' post='1946739']
    excuse me no
    Oh? [img][/img]
    [quote name='VampLV52' timestamp='1353884032' post='1946789']
    I think she has given us a marvelous album, but she and her producers have followed too many preexisting trends by doing such things as whistling and using instrumental breakdowns for the bridges of songs. You can hear such things on the radio today as done by other artists. Ke$ha is great, and Warrior is great, but [b]pop has not been reinvented here[/b].
    But, that's not what she told us...
    [quote]Ke$ha has explained the reason behind the delay of her second studio album.

    Fans of the star were expecting a new record by the end of the year, but producer Dr Luke recently revealed that Ke$ha will not be releasing any new material until next May.

    Ke$ha told the Calgary Herald: [color=#ff0000][b]"I want to take enough time to make sure it's the reinvention of pop music. That's the ultimate goal, to reinvent pop music.[/b][/color]

    "So I'm planning on taking as much time as I need, but May sounds about right."

    The 24-year-old teased that her [color=#ff0000][b]future material will focus more on [u]rock 'n' roll[/u], rather than electronic pop[/b][/color] which she has become known for.

    "I definitely could see that happening in my future. With the evolution of my next record that I'm working on right now, and just meeting people like [Alice Cooper], and meeting Robert Plant — those are the people that I listen to," she said.

    "If you were to ask me what my favorite song on pop radio is I can't really answer that because I don't really listen to it that much. I'm more well versed in old school, more rock 'n' roll because that's what I like listening to."

    Ke$ha added: "So I wouldn't be surprised if [color=#ff0000][b]my next record does have more of an edge.[/b][/color]"[/quote]

  11. Valentino added a post in a topic: US Charts Discussion (Gaga single tracking: August)   

    Allot of the fans on ATRL don't think Ke$ha will debut #1 this time. It'll be... interesting, to watch it all unfold...
    [quote name='nick4bty' timestamp='1353896043' post='1947656']
    Why do you always have to be such a downer? I'm sick of all your posts using the phrase "like Gaga used to be" or "like Gaga has been." Lay off the woman. This is a ****ing Gaga fan forum. Why must you hate on her in every single post you ****ing make? Radio still plays her songs, people are still excited for her, ARTPOP is shaping up to be big. Just because the BTW era wasn't perfect you have to whine and bitch nonstop? Please stop.
  12. Valentino added a post in a topic: Kesha   

    [quote name='Jase' timestamp='1353875063' post='1946259']
    Album of the decade

    I don't really get why you're in this thread when it seems you're only here to very blatantly provoke some kind of non-existent argument
    Argument? I was just asking a question...
    But fine, I'll leave...
  13. Valentino added a post in a topic: Kesha   

    [quote name='Jase' timestamp='1353874394' post='1946243']
    Pop artists are well known for their hyperbole. I mean, hello, we're on a Lady Gaga forum
    But Gaga talks like that cuz she can back it up...

    #EgoReference #BeyoncéStan
  14. Valentino added a post in a topic: Kesha   

    [quote name='Dayfid' timestamp='1353873277' post='1946207']
    Tino please. It is flawless [color=#fff0f5]like you.[/color]
    I... didn't say... anything I just...I'm just asking cuz... she said she was gonna "reinvent pop music" with this album... so...
  15. Valentino added a post in a topic: Kesha   

    So what are your thoughts so far? Has Ke$ha reinvented pop music like she said she would?

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