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  1. Kyle added a post in a topic: Kanye West developing video game about his mother   

    Sounds like a reverse Binding of Isaac expedition.
  2. Kyle added a post in a topic: London, Canada, and Minnesota threatened by terrorist group   

    West Edmonton Mall is my favourite place to go so it's disconcerting.
  3. Kyle added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Disney couples go '50 Shades of Grey'   

    I just... what?
  4. Kyle added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Perez Hilton makes a rape threat towards Calum Best   

    Watch what you guys say in here. I'm on the same page as most of you, but careful not to push the boundaries. Thanks! 
  5. Kyle added a post in a topic: Applause VHS Cover By Me   

    This is really cool! Well done! 
  6. Kyle added a post in a topic: Justin Bieber: "I've been acting for the past year."   

    *insert Aura laugh here* 
  7. Kyle added a post in a topic: Chris Brown postpones tour due to legal troubles, lashes out at a fan   

    Imagine having to postpone going to a concert because your fav didn't finish their community time....
    Like... imagine stanning for an artist who has to delay their tour because they haven't finished being reprimanded to be being a **** up. 
  8. Kyle added a post in a topic: Second jazz album "off the cards"   

    Mindtrappa is the owner of Propagaga. What he says is always true.

    Thank. God.
  9. Kyle added a post in a topic: Is Gaga as close to her fans as she used to be?   

    Yeah and I hope she distances herself a bit more. Her untouchable attitude during the peak of a The Fame Monster and beginning of the Born This Way era was which made her seem so cold. Of course she was still closer to her fans that most, but it wasn't to the excessiveness of the ARTPOP era.
  10. Kyle added a post in a topic: Godly Remix of FourFiveSeconds   

    Omg where did you find this?
  11. Kyle added a post in a topic: New song "Till It Happens To You" for documentary   

    Well this is exciting news! :party: 
  12. Kyle added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga working with electronic producer DJ R3hab?   

    I really hope the electronic rock record that I have been dying for is coming.
  13. Kyle added a post in a topic: Gaga preventing next album from underpeforming?   

    I love you. 

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  1. Kyle

    My notifications won't load, so if you are trying to contact me in some capacity, I can't see it. Sorry! 

    1. Iggy Azalea

      Did you try clicking the "View all notifications" button. Mine wouldn't load on the tab so I just clicked that and went to another page and it loaded.

    2. Kyle

      I tried that, but it takes me to a blank page with an error message :/ 

  2. Gohan » Kyle

    Kyle, help :cry:

    Can you please talk about the friends list (it's missing since the update) and the button to switch to web version, I hate the mobile version, it's so laggy. Please, cutie :(

    Thanks in advance ❤

    1. Gohan

      on modland*

    2. Kyle

      Yeah I'll bring it up! :)

    3. Gohan

      Thank you so much! :love:

    1. Iggy Azalea

      Q T 

    2. PACO


  3. Yanko » Kyle

    read my pm please

  4. Kyle

    Instagram: ThisIsKyle_ Follow me! :)

  5. Kyle

    Follow me on insta! ThisisKyle_ I'll follow back if I like your stuff

  6. Kyle

    Follow me on Instagram! thisiskyle_

  7. Kyle

    Follow me on Instagram! ThisIsKyle_

    1. Jed

      Just followed you. @howardjedidiah is me. Show some love <3
  8. Kyle

    Follow me on Instagram: Thisiskyle_

  9. Kyle

    Are you guys actually getting mad over the fact that inappropriate threads are being removed????

    1. Dann

    2. Lance

      some had valid reasoning
    3. Kyle

      This site never fails to confuse me.
    4. Spyro

    5. Truffle Butter

      yes because majority of them were valid.Why can't we discuss the fact that mods constantly censor everything when it really shouldn't be.
    6. Kyle

      If things are being removed they are being removed for a reason. Whether or not you agree with that reason is irrelevant.
    7. Truffle Butter

      Exactly we have no say in anything. Why don't we have a thread where we can express how we feel about what happens on this forum?
    8. Linnocent

      "Whether or not you agree with that reason is irrelevant."

      look at me, i'm so badass, the king of this forum, i do whatever i want. ahaha. what kind of childish answer...
    9. Kyle

      Making threads calling out people for "catfishing" or whatever (I didn't actually see the thread but that's what I heard) is pointless and will only cause problems. Going on to make a thread about whining about moderation solves nothing. We have particular rules in place for a reason. There's a difference between expressing how you feel, and bitching.
    10. Kyle

      If you have a problem, take it up with the moderator who you are in conflict with, in private. Don't make it a public mess to try and build up a team.
    11. Optimistic

      @kyle the thread this truffle butter person is going on about is a thread where he called out "awful members" for apparently catfishing - so he was bullying and now he's complaining about the fact his bullying is being censored. you can't write it :rip:
    12. Truffle Butter

      I'm only bitching because mods like you are giving BS answers like you're a king lol...
    13. Truffle Butter

      Gatha ha Linnocent
    14. Kyle

      @Linnocent: Yeah I definitely feel I am king of this forum. We don't have rules just for the hell of it. This site has been around for nearly six years. The rules we have are to prevent the re-occurrence of site-wide debacles.

      @Optimistic: Exactly.
    15. Truffle Butter

      So why cant we discuss what goes on with the forum... That's what I'm going on about I'm over my original thread. I was obviously shading a member. I never denied that.
    16. Kyle

      Well there ya go.

      Creating a thread solely to stir up drama is so unnecessary, and if you have a problem with a particular moderators decision, take it up with them in PM.
    17. Truffle Butter

      I'm not talking about particular mods just forum issues in general not just moderation.
    18. Kyle

      If there are issues they need to be taken up with us so we can deal with it. Making these issues public just creates more problems.
    19. Spyro

      didn't we use to have a mod called "king"? hehe
  10. Kyle

    Follow me in instagram! THISISKYLE_

    1. PACO

      do you follow back :sis:
    2. Kyle

      sometimes! haha
    3. PACO

      I already follow you, nevermind :rip:
      you don't follow me tho :MANiCURE:
    4. Prismatic

      You saw Katy :emo: <3
    5. Phoenix

      I loved your Halloween costume. :)
    1. Kyle

    2. bionic

    3. Kyle

      OH. I'm so out of it right now haha. I thought you meant I should tweet on Twitter.

      By the way, I'm awaiting a response to your question so I'll let you know asap :)
    4. bionic

      They're bird sounds! (I completely forgot that was to you, you probably thought this was a subtle reminder :giveup: )
    5. Kyle

      Haha yeah I realized after my confusion. I'm a bit dim sometimes haha.
  11. Kyle

    I need advice from someone with good social skills lmao.

    1. Arturo

      I'm surprised you didn't just DM me or message me on Facebook :Madge:
    2. Haroon

      What's up?

      (I think I'm alright/good with that stuff :gum:)
    3. Kyle

      lmao arturo don't even try it. Haroon, I'll message you in a bit! :)
  12. Guille » Kyle

    Hey Kyle! from what i've experienced here you are one of the nicest members and I've seen you online and thought you could help me by RTing this it's really important to me, I need it and I'd really appreaciate it if you helped me. Thank you!

    1. Kyle

    2. Guille

      thank you SO much! it means the universe :giveup:
  13. Kyle

    Ugh I cannot find a link to the new Madonna leak.

  14. Mr Josh » Kyle

    Can you come to chat and kick a troll? :)

    1. Mr Josh

      GeographyGal is back in chat :air:
  15. Kyle

    Does anyone else have the issue where after they change their password, whenever they come back to GGD they have to log in every time for like... a week? Or is that just me?

    1. Alpha

    2. Kyle

      Oh thank god it's not just me. It's so irritating!
    3. Astraeus

      On mobile... it drives me bat****. I have to login every single 5 minutes if I'm not active for 5 or less minutes. so annoying!
  16. Yanko » Kyle

    can i keep this avi?

    1. Kyle

      I don't think so, sorry :( I wish I could say yes as it's a great picture but I think Google will have a fit over it.
  17. Adam » Kyle

    Hi Kyle, How are you? ?

    1. Kyle

      Hey Adam! I'm doing alright thanks. How are you?
    2. Adam

      Alright, up late, just chilling
    3. Adam

      You up late or up early?
    4. Kyle

      Up late I guess! It's only 10:30 here though so it's not too bad. I have the sleep schedule of a 90 year old though so I always go to bed around 11 on the weekends haha. I'm trying to work with some electric guitar sounds on a new track which is proving to be a little bit difficult!
  18. Kyle

    How do y'all suggest going about talking to someone on my bus to school that I don't know but looks nice?

    1. Kyle

      And don't say "just say hi!" because I have really bad social anxiety.
    2. Prometheus

      You can notice something about them and point it out. Be like, "Nice jacket! Where did you get it?" And go from there.
    3. Kyle

      That's still so hard for me. I just like to stare from a few seats away and wish i had the courage haha
    4. PACO

      Just find an excuse to talk to him/her like prom said, and then try to continue the convo :) it's scary but you'll probably regret if you don't do anything :)
    5. Harry

      I'm with you on this, I find it really hard to strike up conversation with people even when I really want to. Even online :/
    6. Prometheus

      You're both attractive so it should be a non-issue to get nice reactions
    7. Kyle

      I'm pretty sure I selfie better than I actually look haha.

      Blah! This is so frustrating
    8. Harry

      lol you're so sweet prom, i'm not attractive though. you and kyle are!
    9. Prometheus

      @Kyle every time I see you reblog something that says something like "I wonder what it's like being cute" I want to set your computer on fire
      @Harry now you're being too sweet because you're the attractive singer-songwriter/producer
    10. Kyle

      Hahaha well this derailed quickly but thanks guys! Hahaha
    11. Prometheus

      Nnnnnnn sorry Hotticus Modicus
    12. Kyle

  19. Ambrosia » Kyle

    Happy Belated Birthday Kyle! :) You have been a pleasure to know.

    1. Kyle

      Thanks Ambrosia! You too! :hug:
  20. Kyle

    Someone should leak Text You Pictures because it's my birthday and I've been waiting to hear that song for over 4 years.

    1. GoodBoyReRe

      Happy Birthday!!
    2. Harry

      happy birthday :flutter:
    3. Ibo

      Happy birthday! :)
    4. Kyle

      Haha thanks guys!!
    1. Astraeus

      Yep! That's real :D I think it's a bit overpriced personally since I paid $35 for mine, but I haven't seen one that low for $50 on ebay since 2013. If you really want it then you should get it :)
    2. Kyle

      Yeah I thought it seemed low! It's just so hard for me to cost justify that much money for a single haha. I need to find one cheap like you did! Missing only one single is killing me :giveup:
    3. Astraeus

      Do you collect Australian singles? But yeah, you should get that :)
    4. Kyle

      I don't really, no. I don't go hard like you guys!!! I just like to have each main edition of the albums, a copy of every single, remix EP, etc. as cool as it would be to have, I don't really want to spend money on different versions of the same thing unless they are dramatically different. All my fame and fame monster singles came from the singles collection so I don't know how region specific those are.
    5. Astraeus

      You're so lucky that you only collect the regular singles, the AU singles were a pain to find and expensive :rip:
    6. Kyle

      What's different about them?
    7. Astraeus

      AU singles usually have a warning printed into the insert, like for explicit songs, but the Eh Eh AU single has a completely different cover, the original one. It's a photograph of Candice Lawler photo shoot with the microphone that was used to promote Just Dance :legend: I reckon it was going to be the worldwide single cover, but then they chose the Meeno photos from the video?
    8. Kyle

      Yeah I've seen that one! What version is the Telephone single with her biting her finger? The black and white one? I quite want it haha.
    9. Astraeus

      That's the UK promo single (without a barcode, maxi sent to radio stations). About 200 were made. There is one on discogs for $170 now, but I was able to get one for $80 back in October, if you have a keen eye, you might be able to get a bargain :)
    10. Kyle

      Oh jesus! Another expensive one. Ok, well thanks for the info! Sorry for bugging you so much haha.
    11. Astraeus

      No, you're not bugging me :P If you ever need any help with items I can always help :)
    12. Kyle

      Thanks so much! :)
    13. Astraeus

      Don't forget to bid! It ends in 20 mins and it's a great price
    14. Astraeus

      Hey! You should make a collection website :)
  21. Kyle

    I still see posts about a Redone version of Bloody Mary. It doesn't exist. Anyone claiming to have it is lying/has a convincing fanmade version.