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  1. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Quick Gaga drawing (:   

    Quick? :giveup: I want your skills.
  2. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: What is ARTPOP's Scheiße ?   

    ff @ the awkwardness in the convo above  :giveup:
    And I'd say G.U.Y, that or Sexxx Dreams.
  3. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Beyoncé   

    Can someone post the videos? I've only watched Partition, which slayed my soul, and Grown Woman.
  4. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Beyoncé   

    QUEEN SAVED 2013
  5. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Beyoncé   

  6. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Possible Setlist LEAKED?!   

    how even lmao
  7. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Gaga talks about Perez on twitter   

    "People" are mad at Gaga for tweeting that because it was random, Perez was quiet for once, and it makes her look desperate for attention with the other tweets about Applause and its chart spins.
  8. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Gaga talks about Perez on twitter   

    Honestly this is worse than the whole BTW era. I hope she stops doing things until the VMAs and everything is looking good cause right now it's getting sorta kind of a bit embarrassing.
  9. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Popjustice: music video for "Applause" may be 17 minutes long   

    Why does she feel the need to make long ass music videos? Telephone was great but the rest really showed her creativity going downhill. Alejandro with the unnecessary extra footage and "Ale Alejandro" in repeat for no reason at all. MTN's cinematography was beautiful, but it ended up being more of a pretentious mess that didn't even make sense when they aired it on TV.
    BR didn't need a movie length to make her win VOTY, why doesn't she realize that? It was the perfect balance for the GP, and for the fans.
  10. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: New pictures of Lady Gaga in NYC today (7/11)   

    get em ready bitch.
  11. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Gaga promised ARTPOP will be worth waiting   

    i hope she takes some 80s retro tunes and mashes em with some futuristic pop instrumentals so she can get a #1 debut single and a grammy for AOTY
  12. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Gaga promised ARTPOP will be worth waiting   

    cant wait for the album of the decade!!!!!!
  13. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Lana Del Rey   

    I made this cover for the iTunes festival audio a few minutes ago, thought I'd share.

  14. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Lana Del Rey   



  15. Cervaantes added a post in a topic: Lana Del Rey   

    wait what happened to "Will You Still Love Me When..."

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  1. Logan » Cervaantes

    I miss you <3

  2. Logan » Cervaantes

    I miss you!

    1. Cervaantes

      I miss you too! It feels weird coming back after a long time.
    2. Logan

      Well you better stay for the ARTPOP era! Unless you really don't like it here, then I'll understand xD
  3. Cervaantes » Star

    Hi :) Thanks for your kind words. Yeah I rarely come here anymore, I still make graphics though, you can always find me on tumblr/twitter. btw I see you on atrl (if it is you lol).

    1. Star

      chile you are on atrl? :giveup:
      yea, i am on Atrl with named phoenixstar. I usually shade taylor and some basic bitch, mind you.
      I will follow you on tumblr, but i havent used it long time :deadbanana:
    2. Cervaantes

      don't have an account but sometimes i lurk. I need them to open up the registration again :(
    3. Star

      Not you replying this status in 3 months late. Latey Cervaantes
    4. Cervaantes

      now 4 months lmao sorry, i'm officially there now tho, i'm bimbo
    5. Star

      Mess you replied so lateeeee... How's life?
  4. Star » Cervaantes

    Where have you beeeeeeeen? I really miss your work, it looks like u are not online much?

  5. Cervaantes » Maix

    Aw, thanks so much for your words. You're very kind. And well, I don't really go onto ggd anymore, I just, sadly, don't like it. You can always find me on tumblr, twitter and monstermovement though. :)

  6. Maix » Cervaantes

    Cervaantes, I miss you and your stunning graphics so much, you've always inspired me in every single peace of graphic you made, your style was unique and I was always amazed by your techniques. So please tell me - where are you? :( ♥

  7. ChicaSkas » Cervaantes

    Happy Birthday Baby I love you <3

    1. Cervaantes

      Thank you <3
  8. Fusel » Cervaantes

    I just came here to say that I love your avatar :hor:

    1. Cervaantes

      well thank u :hor:
  9. Famey » Cervaantes


    1. Cervaantes

      I gotta keep it classy
  10. Cervaantes » Das Grizaholic17

    I thought you were dead :O

    1. Das Grizaholic17

      I was just talking about you about an hour ago with jay actually. I thought YOU were dead ;x I miss you bb. Come back to me
  11. Cervaantes » Hoey

    It's done g0rl, I tried to make it not too ****ty but I couldn't help it :cry:

    1. Hoey

      Thanks. Checking now.
  12. Cervaantes » Zach

    I forgot to ask you for the wallpaper size :P

    1. Zach

      Oh my goodness, I can't believe I forgot. 1366x768 Thanks again love! <3
    2. Cervaantes

      I'm sorry to bother you again lol but the links somehow changed and now they redirect me to the homepage of the gallery D:
    3. Zach

      Sorry, I've been ill all day. Psh, you never bother me! Are the links still not working? Considering I just tried them and they seemed to be working now.
  13. Famey » Cervaantes

    your new set is The Most Perfect Thing to Ever Existâ„¢

    1. Cervaantes

      Haha NEVER.
      I was really unsure about it but I appreciate your comments <3
  14. MonsterCroatia » Cervaantes

    Love you Godvaantes <3

    1. Cervaantes

      Awww, I love you too :')
  15. Cervaantes » Hoey

    Your wallpapers are posted.

    1. Hoey

      :O checking now.
  16. Cervaantes » LadyJamie

    Hey, I forgot to ask you what size your screen was. If you don't know, just click on this: www.whatismyscreenresolution.com

    1. LadyJamie

      LOL. I like how I couldn't find my VM's. It says 1920 x 1200.
  17. Cervaantes » Gabe

    Your cover is posted in my thread. If you want me to re-do it just ask :P

  18. Maix » Cervaantes

    Hey my absolutely favourite Graphic Artist on the ****ing world ! ♥

    1. Cervaantes

      Haha, hi Maix <3
    2. Maix

      you're so good ! ♥
    1. Cervaantes

      Logan! (:
    1. Cervaantes

      Donnie <3