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  1. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Europe’s Kids Are Moody and Depressed,according to study   

    No kidding :toofunny: We are the first hitted by the economic crisis, older generations are very pessimistic when it comes to our future so sure we are depressed.
    I remember some young people in Denmark doing a presentation about them travelling all around Europe to talk to the young European that was pretty good: http://our-europe.com/home/
  2. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Terror attack at Copenhagen Cafe Free Speech Event, 1 dead   

    The number is quite big but some curious people might have also joined... I hope it's not people supporting what he did that would totally fucked up
  3. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Jews safer in Germany than in USA: American Jew living in Munich   

    Well that's not very surprising, because German are constantly reminded of what happened in WWII, like if you see the curriculum they have in school comparing to what we have in France... They are probably more aware of anti semitism and therefore more proactive.
    I don't know how bad it is in France to be honest as I am not Jewish, but a friend lives in a jewish neighboroud and it seems fine like the people seems to be safe and happy. However I don't think it's completely safe in France I still here so much weird comment like "them" "the sionist lobby" and this bullshit...
  4. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Norwegian Muslims to form a human shield around Oslo synagogue   

    This in Copenhagen please?
  5. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Saudi cleric declares the Earth has stopped   

    OHhh now I understand! I felt something was off when I cycle to work this morning...
  6. TiphEret added a post in a topic: After Copenhagen attack, PM urges that Jews should move to Israel   

    Germany has a very specific relation with Jews though. I remember in my kibbutz no german volunteers were allowed unless Jews because there were so many survivers from concentration camps.
    In Denmark I don't think there is much anti semitism and during WWII the Danes were realy well organised to protect the jews that's why only a few got deported. Even the far right see anti semitism as a problem whereas in France the FN is known for making a lot of anti semtic comments for example. There are also a lot of Jews that immigrated here from ex USSR. So I think here it's quite alright.
  7. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Draw Mohammed for a chance to win $10000   

    I am all for freedom of speech can't argue with that. However I think the whole idea is stupid, not that they shouldn't do it because of safety or whatever, they can do that it's fine, but it looks to me like fighting in kindergarden, when you keep pocking at someone instead of solving the problem.
    Maybe it would be time that instead of saying "us" and "them" we use "we" because the terrorists in France and the one in Denmark were actually citizen of these countries. They grew up there, so how come they can turn around and be so violent? I don't think the deal is a drawing here, that's an excuse, but there is a deeper problem of integration. Plus living in both countries I can see how hard it is to integrate, even though that's not a justification to murder people.
    So instead of doing more contest about who is gonna draw the most offensive Mohammed to tell the jihadist to fuck off how about taking a look at ur responsability in this. I don't think the real issue is freedom of speech
  8. TiphEret added a post in a topic: After Copenhagen attack, PM urges that Jews should move to Israel   

    This part kind of piss me off. For the synagogue it's obvious Jews were targeted just for being Jews but during the free speech event non jewish people died as well so the prime minister could stop playing the only victim as usual card, one more time...
    I also don't think that encouraging Jews to leave Europe is positive at all, before being Jews they also belong to a country, in that case Denmark, I think most Danes felt affected by it it's not like nobody cares come on
  9. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote to Ban AP US History   

    That's petty scary, but well most countries usually don't say the whole story in their history books... Even in France there are some subjects that are "avoided" or barely talked about during history class unless you dig deep...
  10. TiphEret added a post in a topic: After Copenhagen attack, PM urges that Jews should move to Israel   

    [quote name="EXCXSXE" post="6328616" timestamp="1424137824"]

    I was expecting a mess because I thought the title was referring to the PM of Denmark...
    Shoulda known this forum can make a mess out of anything that uses the word Israel. :smh:[/quote]

    danish PM? :toofunny: that would have been so weird!!
  11. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Shooting in Copenhagen synagogue, 1 dead, 2 injured   

    I was with friends literally two blocks from the synagogue chen it happened thé cops blocks the whole area one of m'y friend couldnt go home that night because they closed all access to nørreport one of the biggest et. People were shocked I think but it was early when we heard about it so most of the city was style partying anyway luckily the guy was caught!
  12. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Support of Free Trade with the US in each EU state   

    Is it the transatlantic trade agreement? I am quite against so far mostly because of the power given to multinational, how it would affect regulation when it comes to gmo etc...
    Plus Europe is already made of very different countries with different economy and politics so I don't think globalising everything is good in that situation
  13. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Three muslim students shot dead in university of North Carolina campus   

    Ok, but what if because you don't believe in god and you find horrendous all the terror attack comitted in the name of religion, you decide to kill some religious people because for example" religion is inherently wrong" or something like that...wouldn't be because you are an extreme atheist? or at least a consequence?
    Luckily we haven't seen much of that coming
  14. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Daily Economy Thread: (Updated Feb 26th)   

    As you say it I don't think the real issue is capitalism, as it's a system but to me, it seems that it lost it's goal. Now it's making money, for more money, for more money, even if it costs, lives, resources, and so on... It's weird.
    What denmark is planning on entering the eurozone? Do you think it means the pay is gonna get lower... I wish not
  15. TiphEret added a post in a topic: Sims 4 on Mac next week !   

    I was extremely disappointed... the sims 3 are better IMO

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      I know!!! I'm so impatient for the new albu, it's actually coming like 6 days before ARTPOP!
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      SO excited! What did you think of her last video?
    3. Nolan Voth

      I liked it, but for me, I'm more interested with the music when it comes to M.I.A. I love her experimental oriented music! My favorite album is Arular
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      sure well i can still tell u about the genetic part I don't know exactly but in France if you have a bi polar episode, they would ask you if you have bi polar in your family, genetic doesn't do everything but it may play a role, maybe like something that could be turn on or off because of our environment and experiences but I am not an expert.
      However when you think about it it could make sense. For example if one of your parent suffer from depression the way he behave towards yo...
    7. TiphEret

      you and the fact that child often learn through mimetism a lot of your set of belief come from someone that is depressed so maybe you could be more inclined to develop depression? I don't know!
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    Hey there! I am leaving today for Israel! so excited :) can't wait!

    1. Nastix

      Oh is it today? Good luck sweetie, make sure to have fun here! :D
      Do you already know which kibbutz you're going to be at?
    2. TiphEret

      Nope Ill know tomorrow. I go to the kibbutz office in Tel aviv and they will see where there is availability! Thank you ill have fun for sure :)
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      Oh ok :) You're welcome :hug:
      When is your flight btw?
    4. TiphEret

      Its tonight at 7pm I have a transfert so Ill arrive tomorrow at 5 am!
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    Only two weeks before Israel! Can't wait :D

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      Hope you'll have the best time here :party:
    2. TiphEret

      I'll definitely will thank you :D
    3. Nastix

      Do you have any idea where you are going to be? :)
    4. TiphEret

      Not yet, I'll be volunteering in a Kibbutz so I'll now as soon as I get to Tel Aviv
    5. Nastix

      Oh that's really nice! Hope you'll have fun and seize this experience :party:
    6. TiphEret

      Yes! I don't know what to expect but two friends did it and told me it was the kind of experience I would love :)
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      No I am leaving London....GGD isn't a place it's a website :)
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    Back in London

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    I miss Dr. Greene!

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    Dear M. I decided I don't like you anymore