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  1. VFD added a post in a topic: Are Little Monsters Too Basic To Appreciate Jewels And Drugs?   

    I love it, and I honestly believe many didn't give it a chance before it even came out.
    Many dreaded the idea of a trap song when she kept releasing videos on her channel or Cake Like Lady Gaga. Most weren't here for it when we saw the name of the song at the start of the iTunes Festival.
    Incidentally, I've heard many times were people listen to it by mistake after neglecting it, only to find out it's not bad at all, lol.
  2. VFD added a post in a topic: Born This Way is criminally overrated by this fan base.   

    That's precisely one of the things I love the most about it. In my opinion, Born This Way is the album that best describes Lady Gaga. This was the record where she really showed us her biggest musical inspirations and her overall message of equality.
  3. VFD added a post in a topic: Born This Way is criminally overrated by this fan base.   

    Only after fans got over all the "drama" and "messy" situations, people are starting to realize why it is her best album.
    The same thing will probably happen with ARTPOP, although I firmly believe Born This Way is much better.
  4. VFD added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    This fucking woman manages to surprise me even after 6 years... :giveup:
  5. VFD added a post in a topic: The ring becomes the most liked Gaga's photo on Facebook!   

    Really?  :omg: She could break the record, then!

    EDIT: Just checked Obama's photo. It's currently at 4.5 million, lol.
  6. VFD added a post in a topic: Gaga leaves NYC apartment, covers ring finger   

    I think so too, otherwise she'd simply take it off. However, I think the pictures definitely hint at it too much, and the media will probably pick up on it.
  7. VFD added a post in a topic: Katy Perry is Suffering from Chronic Knee Pain   

    And that resulted in the sudden cancelation of the Born This Way Ball,  unfortunately...
    Completely unnecessary.
  8. VFD added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Gaga today in New York looking STUNNING   

    It's so weird seeing Gaga with an unrecognizable hairstyle. You'd think she has wore everything, lol.
  9. VFD added a post in a topic: Florence + The Machine album title+ tracklist + releaese date revealed   

    Love this single! It's like a mix of Kiss With a Fist, but orchestrated with the beautiful mood of Ceremonials. :giveup:
    The description of the album is specially intriguing. Although I agree that 11 songs seems a bit short. Glad she's continuing with the recurrent theme of water.
  10. VFD added a post in a topic: Why didn't Gaga perform at the 2010 VMAs or 2012 grammys?   

    I don't see a problem with her not performing that often at the VMA's or Grammy's. Makes them all that more special. Besides, she has to play her cards right for when an actual opportunity arises, such as the start of a new era.
    2010 was Gaga's year, anyway.
  11. VFD added a post in a topic: VIDEO Snippets: Gaga covering Stevie Wonder's "I Wish"   

    I fucking love this woman. She does it all so effortlessly! And it's great to hear her with back-up singers and all of those musicians.
  12. VFD added a post in a topic: I need some infos for the next album.   

    Funny, that's arguably the most exciting part of an album campaign, next to the release. I love reading theories regarding titles and song descriptions. And hearing a sung lyric that I've read for months feels incredible (I still remember the shivers upon finally hearing BTW's chorus).
    But I agree about clips. They are just so... anticlimactic. The teasers from Gagavision were great, tho. But it's really weird how G.U.Y.'s chorus sound much better in the clip than in the actual song.
  13. VFD added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Gaga answers Engagement Rumors on GRAMMY Red Carpet   

    I don't get why many of you are always saying those things about Tony. The man's 88 and he's still giving great performances. He just pauses before answering, not really that awkward. And Gaga is just lovely.
  14. VFD added a post in a topic: Yahoo: Tony and Gaga "low point" of the night; Gaga worst dressed   

    Yahoo! is the pits when it comes to celebrity news. And the comments are always pathetic.  :smh:
    Pay no mind to that site.

    LMAO, the writer could probably be trolling, then. :laughga:

Status Feed

  1. VFD

    Finally understood how HML ties with the album. Apart from the sexual references, it's also about Gaga just being herself with her friends. It's an ode to her roots.

    1. Gohan

      Exactly. The "leather" part is a hint definitely :)
  2. VFD

    Germany is slaying me! :giveup:

  3. Logan » VFD

    It's our turn to battle again ironically lol. Let me know if you want to battle today :)

    1. VFD

      LMAO, I has to read 30 pages to understand what had happened.

      All right, I guess it's time for revenge. How about tomorrow? I should be available all afternoon.
    2. Logan

      Aww, you can't do it now? I'm free all day tomorrow so that's fine too :)
    3. VFD

      Let me see if I can. Give me 15 minutes.
    4. Logan

      okie dokie
    5. VFD

      OK, I'm ready!
    6. Logan

      I'm online
    7. VFD

      You know what... :giveup: Utter sweep.

      As you probably guessed, I'm horrible at predicting. I made at least 4 mistakes, lol.

      Anyway, congrats! :party:
    8. Logan

      If you would have only used one Quiver Dance, the game probably would have turned out differently. Good game :hug:
  4. Logan » VFD

    Looks like i'll be facing you on Monday :)

    1. VFD

      Bring it on! >:)

      I'll add everyone's FC this weekend.
    2. Logan

      What's a good time for you to battle tomorrow?
    3. VFD

      How about 4 PM CST?
    4. Logan

      That would be 6 my time, but okay xD
    5. VFD

      LMAO 6 AM? We can arrange it at a later time. :)
    6. Logan

      no, pm lol
    7. VFD

      Oh, I could at 1 PM CST (3 PM your time), then.
    8. Logan

      Okay :P
    9. Logan

      Go ahead and add me.

    10. VFD

      Already done. :)
    11. Logan

      I'm so excited (:
    12. Logan

      Just let me know when you're ready!
    13. VFD

      OK, I'm ready!
    14. Logan

      Gimme a few minutes i'm in the battle tower lol
    15. Logan

      ok ready
    16. Logan

      are you calem?
    17. VFD

      Yes. Just asked you for a battle.
    18. VFD

      All right! Great battle! Good luck on the next rounds. :)
    19. Logan

      That was amazing! Good luck to you too! Maybe we'll meet up again in the end ;)
    20. VFD

      Who knows? That could be true. ;)

      BTW, I'm jealous of your shiny Rotom.
    21. Logan

      I don't know if we're supposed to post the codes or not yet, so edit it out of your post for now xD

      And thank you! I'm so proud of it. I hatched it and it had the right nature and everything.
  5. VFD

    Foster The People's new Best Friend video is definitely their best one! Y'all should watch it! http://youtu.be/Ndzln1UEyf0

  6. VFD

    It's been so long since GGD crashed! :cry:

  7. VFD

    Can I buy a GA using the LM pre-sale code?

  8. VFD

    Could someone PM the link to the ARTPOP leak. Please! :)

    1. Funkymonkey

      how do I PM u? (i am new here)
    2. VFD

      Enter to my profile, and on the upper right there is a button that says "Send me a message". Thanks you so much! So excited, lol!
    3. Funkymonkey

      I can't see it! Could u pm me? so I can PM u back :)
    4. VFD

      I doesn't let me because I just sent a PM a while back. :( The button is in my profile, behind my latest status. Hopefully you find it! :)
    5. Funkymonkey

      I can't PM u because I'm 'new', sorry!!!! u should just look for a torrent ;)
    6. VFD

      LOL, OK. Thanks. :)
  9. VFD

    Could anyone PM the link to the HQ ARTPOP. Thanks! :)

  10. VFD

    Could someone link me to Perez's ARTPOP review. I wanna read his take on swine, lol.

  11. VFD

    I kinda want ARTPOP to leak so that these threads stop, lol.

    1. Sunbather

      But then the "ARTPOP IS LEAKING" threads will start
    2. VFD

      Didn't think about that...
  12. disciplineme » VFD

    My twitter feed is besosgigi. I don't know how to DM on here. Lol I'm new

    1. VFD

      Just found it. Thanks!
    2. VFD

      Just found it. Thanks!
  13. VFD » DXPE

    I actually really like The Grim Grotto! My least favorite would probably be The Miserable Mill. My favorite is either The Erzat Elevator or The Slippery Slope. :)

  14. VFD

    The Grammy's finale was so awkward...

  15. VFD

    Some fans worry too much... As Gaga puts it: "Let's enjoy this experience".

  16. VFD

    I'm really liking this more open Gaga. Her truthfulness somehow strengthen her positive message. She's also a cooler chick now.

  17. VFD

    So, I'm noticing a trend. BTW, AP... In before the next is called ROFL (Ray Of F*cking Light). :laughga:

    1. Fusel

      What about LMFAO :laughga:
    2. VFD

      "Little Monsters Fight As One" :laughga:

      Calling it. :crossed:
    3. Fusel

      "taylor's bad habits" - tbh
    4. HybridWarhol

      LOL - Lots of Liqour
    5. Red

      SMH - Sing My Harmonies
    6. bionic

      i dont get it...
    7. bionic

  18. VFD

    The feature to see who is viewing a thread is back!

  19. VFD

    Loving the end of the media blackout!

  20. VFD

    The Necki Menij Show's fifth episode has been uploaded! :party:

  21. VFD

    MTN performances are all amazing. Wish it slayed. Oh, well.

  22. VFD

    Never had I suffered this much to upload an avatar...

    1. Yepiz92

      i know mine is like 20kb lol i had to make it super small to be able to upload it
    2. VFD

      LOL same. I ended with one of 35KB, I just couldn't stand one more failed upload!
  23. VFD

    Just bought TMBT at MSG, in commemoration of BTW anniversary. :)