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  1. germagaga added a post in a topic: I hate how ARTPOP sounds   

    ARTPOP has better production than Born This Way, but that's literally the only thing it has above BTW. Born This Way is Gaga's strongest, most emotionally honest and aurally unique album to date.
  2. germagaga added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey   

    Yay! :party:
  3. germagaga added a post in a topic: Meghan Trainor: "I tried to go anorexic for three hours"   

    "I wasn't strong enough to have an eating disorder"
    please do not associate eating disorders with any positive connotations for the love of god
    also "i tried to go anorexic" implies that an eating disorder is like a diet or something not a mental health issue that you can't just turn on and off
  4. germagaga added a post in a topic: o<(0_0)>o What's the main reason for Gaga's fading popularity?   

    She doesn't seem to care anymore and/or she's surrounding herself with terrible people; Born This Way wasn't the most coherent album thematically but it at least actually had a theme (and the concepts presented were very relatable); even the vague concepts suggested by ARTPOP weren't really pursued or followed up on, not to mention most of them have no bearing on the actual human condition for us to be emotionally attached to  :shrug:
    The only thing that's improved are her vocals (which is probably a natural effect of growing into her voice and maybe her habits have become more healthy), but that's not the reason I loved her. There are thousands of singers with a technically better voice than her :shrug:
  5. germagaga added a post in a topic: What Companies Can (And Should) Learn From Lady Gaga   

    Not that I disagree with the point, it just feels like this article's been written&published so many times already
  6. germagaga added a post in a topic: What Companies Can (And Should) Learn From Lady Gaga   

    Isn't this the same article that's been written like a dozen times over the last three years
  7. germagaga added a post in a topic: Is anyone concerned that Gypsy is a racial slur?   

    re: usage of the word itself: To some people, it's the same as using the n-word, or the f-word. It's an inherently offensive term to people.
    re: Macklemore: There were some people talking about how Gaga was using the gay community for popularity, but I think Macklemore is an actual example of that. His popularity also raises issues of representation, like: why do straight white people get to speak for the entirety of the lgbt community? what does that say about how our society has apparently integrated lgbt people in the mainstream (especially lgbt people of color)? How many songs except for Gaga's Born This Way have even mentioned trans* people in a positive way? etc. etc. etc.
  8. germagaga added a post in a topic: Is anyone concerned that Gypsy is a racial slur?   

    Well, I'm sure that asking some people on a lady gaga fansite would give you the best data to predict how the world would react to it. Also, it's great that you're more concerned about the song's commercial success than the social ramifications of a slur being used as the title of a pop song
  9. germagaga added a post in a topic: Is anyone concerned that Gypsy is a racial slur?   

    If you wanted your opinion to be validated, Gagadaily is definitely the right place. The users here are about as socially conscious as Paula Deen.
  10. germagaga added a post in a topic: One GIF (No word) ON: BROOKLYN NIGHTS   

  11. germagaga added a post in a topic: Gaga tweets Liam Payne   

    isn't he the one that defended duck dynasty and then when he got called out on it he was like "I'm just 20 years old I'm going through this path called life on my own" or something :smh:
  12. germagaga added a post in a topic: Beyoncé   

    Here's an article for you.

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  1. germagaga

    ggd deleted a several-hundred-page series of messages that i and another user had made over several years :(((((((((


      ur dwuw era

  2. germagaga

    watches oscars like 'the things i do for gaga'

    1. Koreku

      YES, this is boring :air: I just want to know when gaga performs.
  3. germagaga

    new ep of steven universe was great, as usual

  4. germagaga

    buy me dragon age inquisition, im a desperate college student in need of immersive and lgbtq-inclusive media

    1. Spyro

    2. hughdancy

      would if I could :( everyone should play it tbh.
  5. germagaga

    i need about 2000% more good lgbtqa+ presence&representation in the media

    1. helixspirals

      Preach hunty
  6. germagaga

    Platitude is a noun btw not an adjective

    1. germagaga

      It would be like saying, "They are so table."
    2. PdogtheDaibutsu

      My platitude could mean anything
    3. Spyro

  7. germagaga

    New promo pic for Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence†album leaked

    1. Sadira

    2. ChasingGhosts

    3. Highway10

      omg its so beautiful
    4. Scarlet Witch

    5. Redstreak

    6. Maleficent

      Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style
    7. Alannah

      She looks gorgeous, omfg.
  8. germagaga

    wow. ARTPOP is trending on fb

  9. germagaga

    let's ignore the twitter picture and focus on how radiant and happy the facebook picture is

  10. germagaga

    They don't even say "Come to Brazil!!!1!!!" or anything they just write "Brazil" and it's the top comment on one of Mariah's facebook posts

    1. Glow

      i hate it so much
    2. helixspirals

      its kinda creepy
      Like they don't even need to say it anymore. They just know you'll see "Brazil" and understand them completely
      Always watching. Always Looking. Always waiting ~*~ BRAZIL ~*~
  11. germagaga

    i thought about the haus of gaga when i saw this

    1. Memo

      lmao accurate
    2. ChasingGhosts

      omg haha
  12. germagaga

    he doesn't mind i have a flat broke down life

    1. LordDisick

      says it feels like him..
    2. Mr Josh

      in fact he says he thinks its what he might like about me
    3. LordDisick

      i love the way she kinda talks in that song
    1. BLACKOUTbritney

    2. Mark

    3. JFK

      omg lol
    4. rubytuesday

      #justiceforjohnwinchester #hedidthebesthecould #fatheroftheyearaward #takecareofsammyyoupieceof****
  13. germagaga

    Remember when the Born This Way Foundation opened at Harvard and now they're sharing six-year-old chain messages on Facebook

    1. Didymus

      lmao so true
    2. Blue Jeans

    3. Fox People

    4. germagaga

      I briefly worried that this would be too negative but honestly Gaga proclaimed that this was her life for several years and now we have heard no news from them for at least two; they should be hiring people, conducting/funding research and studies, and circulating press and awareness. From all that fundraising they did they should be fully capable of shoving money into people's faces or something
    5. Didymus

      Well, they hired Emma :hor:
  14. germagaga

    Do you guys think now would be a good time to send Gaga a fanbook?

    1. Pendulum

      I do think so
    2. Seeka

      Maybes~ maybe I'll actually put in some pictures this time.
    3. SISTER

  15. germagaga

    the illuminati is as legit as the grade A bullsh*t I'm swallowing because I don't know what constitutes evidence or critical thinking

  16. germagaga

    "pretty fades but lonely is forever" wendy williams

  17. germagaga

    Gaga speaking Japanese :saira:

  18. germagaga

    When people spell "vocal cords" correctly :sara:

    1. germagaga

      It's a dumb pet peeve.