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  1. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    I really like the emotion in her voice. Can't wait for HQ of both versions.
  2. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: Gaga's recent run of Vocal Slayage   

    Well said.
    Her versatility is incredible and her work ethic is inspiring. Not even sky is the limit for her.
  3. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: Be honest, are you happy about the C2C era?   

    Yes, I love the album and I love the impact this collaboration is having on her.
  4. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: Your Favorite Single From Each Album   

    The Fame: Paparazzi
    The Fame Monster: Bad Romance
    Born This Way: Marry The Night
    ARTPOP: Applause
  5. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: One year later: Was it a good idea to cancel DWUW?   

    I'm glad she didn't release it. She would have been crucified.
  6. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: Cheek to Cheek Album Discussion   

    I had this album on repeat all morning. Lush Life is my favourite.
  7. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga: I'm planning to release one jazz album a year   

    I would love that. But I also need RockGa in my life. :rockstar:
  8. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: PHOTOS & VIDEO: Gaga arrives in Athens, Greece!   

    I love this crazy woman. She's just doing her thing and has no fucks to give. :gaga:      
  9. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: Will / Did you buy 'Cheek to Cheek'?   

    Absolutely! I love everything we heard so far.
  10. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: NEW MUSIC: Tony & Gaga - Nature Boy   

    Wow! I'm in love with this, Gaga sounds like an angel and Tony is amazing as always. And that flute!  :nick:  
  11. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: "I used to Love Lady Gaga then........."   

    I love Judas, both song and video, so I'm glad it was released as a single. :)
  12. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: PHOTOS: Gaga in Istanbul, Turkey!   

    Damn, those fans are crazy. :ohno:  I hope nobody's got hurt.
  13. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: artRAVE awakens and inspires Gaga   

    That's great. I'm glad to hear she's happy and inspired. :)
  14. BadKid58 added a post in a topic: LOLGAGAS (part 3)   

    Oh my god :lmao:

Status Feed

  1. BadKid58

    Listening to Mary Jane Holland makes me miss BTW era :cry:

    1. ChasingGhosts

      me too :(
  2. BadKid58

    Judas Goldfrapp Remix creeps the hell outta me :music:

    1. ChasingGhosts

      Me too but it's soo good :giveup:
    2. BadKid58

      Yes :giveup:
  3. BadKid58

    OMFG, she really is going to Space :O

  4. BadKid58

    Greetings Himeros, God of ... desire :mess:

    1. hughdancy

      when I listen to the clean one I just imagine 'fu ck' desire or something omfg
  5. BadKid58

    Is RnBXclusive legit?

    1. Guille

  6. BadKid58

    I feel like I won't be able to enjoy this era until it's over :(


      Same :(
    2. KayCee

      cause its a mess
    3. Andy McQueen

      Why? :(
  7. BadKid58

    That ungrateful bitch! I honestly hope she chokes on that cake.

  8. BadKid58

    I don't have much faith in this stream :(

  9. BadKid58

    I can't ****ing believe what I'm witnessing! This is the best promo ever.

    1. NxKxD

  10. BadKid58

    Yes Gaga, let it all out!!! I adore you.

  11. BadKid58

    I adore this mother****ing woman!!!

  12. BadKid58

    Can someone give me a link of that pic with NakedGa on a roller coaster, please?

    1. Fizzy

    2. BadKid58

      Thank you. :hug:
    3. Fizzy

      No problem... :)
  13. BadKid58

    What's with all this negativity? What did I miss?

  14. BadKid58

    I was hoping Katy will finally go mature with this album, but it seem she's going back to kindergarten.

    1. Temple

      Why do you say that?
    2. BadKid58

      4 year old me would love her new video.
    3. Buddy

      Same, but it's probably for the best because whenever she gets dark it comes out forced. It's best she sticks to what she does best, cuteness and cornyness
    4. BadKid58

      Yeah, I guess so.
    5. Swine

      no news there. "Double Rainbow" sounds ****ing derk, tho
    6. Buddy

      I mean, I agree with you in the way I wanted to see if she could pull it off... but if she wants to be #1 on the charts it's best she sticks to what she's already established
    7. Buddy

      DERK lmaooooooo
    8. Swine

      but she has nothing to offer, it's so boring...
    9. BadKid58

      Yes, I can't believe GP still swallows her crap.
  15. BadKid58

    Can someone please gift me Applouse

    1. kya

      sure. what's your email?
    2. BadKid58

      elena.linardic@gmail.com thank you
    3. Blank Space

      Which country are you from?
    4. BadKid58

    5. kya

      the gift was sent. no problem :)
    6. derpleo

      Can someone gift it to me too? im from italy pls
    7. Blank Space

      But he can get it only if hes from same country am i right?
    8. derpleo

      Dunno maybe if you change your Itunes nationality for a while
    9. derpleo

      well? do u find a way to gift it to me?
    10. Blank Space

      Please message kya im on my phone sorry.
    11. derpleo

      I can't dunno why but thanks anyway
    12. kya

      i'm waiting to see if Elena got it. I don't know if it goes through, since I'm from a different country.
    13. Blank Space

      Ivwill gif you tomorrow if you still want
    14. derpleo

      I've got a gift from an uk monster but i still dunno if it works... we'll see thanks anyway :)
  16. BadKid58

    Yay! Just got my ps3. :party:

    1. Halcyon

      Woo! Are you on PlayStation Network? :)
    2. Bradzerz

      Welcome to the club ;D
    3. BadKid58

      Yes. My ID is ElenaLav.
    4. Halcyon

      I'll be sure to add you! I'm ToxicHot. (:
  17. BadKid58

    I had little bit to much last night.

    1. Driezewies

      did all of the people start to rush? :derpga:
    2. GodHatesFangs

      did someonetwist the dance? did you find your drink?
    3. natelikescats

      did you find your keys and your phone?
    4. inuborg

      did you find your keys and your phone?
    5. BadKid58

      Yes and everybody was screaming Gaga when this song come on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFyvsFlUqos :legend:
  18. BadKid58

    Got my LittleMonsters invite. Yay!

    1. Sheridan

      Congrats bb!
  19. BadKid58

    I'm so sad. Why do people hate Gaga.

    1. Sheridan

      Ignore them :hug:
    2. Zach

      No one can be liked by everyone. :c I don't get it either.
    3. BadKid58

      I know. I will never read comments on yahoo again.
    4. Bob

      Don't be sad about it, it's their loss. :hug:
    5. Sheridan

      Yes. there is no point in upsetting yourself!
    6. Bob

      Good! Don't pay attention to the negativity, that's what Gaga does :)
    7. BadKid58

      Thank you guys:hug:

    8. Sheridan

      :hug: :)
    9. Bob

      No problem :runhug:
    10. Sheridan

      Runhug? This isn't The Bachelor, Bob! :P
    11. Bob

  20. BadKid58

    Happy Birthday Gaga! I love you <3

  21. BadKid58

    so boring i could die

    1. Mark

      true tea
    2. Reno

  22. BadKid58

    Love is like a brick. You can build a house, or you can sink a dead body.

    1. Born2BeBrave

      can it sink a dead album :( ?