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  1. Sam added a post in a topic: Katy Perry   

    Considering she doesn't lip sync, obviously fucking not.
  2. Sam added a post in a topic: Favorite Harry Potter movie?   

    Chamber Of Secrets, with Goblet Of Fire as a close second.
  3. Sam added a post in a topic: No new pop album until 2016-2017?   

    I'm praying so hard for this to be the case. Not to sound negative, or to sound like I'm bashing her, but ARTPOP was incredibly weak compared to the likes of The Fame Monster and Born This Way. They are just so much more complete as albums, and show her talents off more. A break from pop music to work on some more stripped back acoustic music would give her time to really "feel" like making pop music again. Plus, her less pop-sounding music is fucking great anyway, such as Stuck On Fucking You, Future Love, etc.
  4. Sam added a post in a topic: Brooklyn Nights leak (?)   

    Sounds really fake to me. But I like it anyway. It reminds me of Greatest. I'd love to hear her do more songs like that.
  5. Sam added a post in a topic: DJWS confirms I Wanna Be With You will be acoustic!   

    OK. But not all of her fans want an album full of "dance songs". I'm sure it won't hurt you to skip past it.
  6. Sam added a post in a topic: DJWS to release/announce Applause remix maybe next week!   

    I'm guessing we'll be getting a remix EP on iTunes? If they do this right, it could really help push Applause up the charts. 2-3 remixes, the music video, and the original song, for a good price. That would get a lot of sales.
  7. Sam added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    50 minutes!
  8. Sam added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    The amount of members in this thread...  :eek:
    I've missed Gaga music video premieres. They're always such a big event.
  9. Sam added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    My laptop stopped working for an hour before and wouldn't start again. Worst timing. Thank god it started working in time for GMA. Just over an hour to go!
  10. Sam added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    The livestreamtvlive link is working fine for me.
  11. Sam added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    The Applause promo a few minutes ago got me even more excited. I don't think it's fully sunk in that we'll be watching a new Gaga music video in just a few hours... Shiiiit.
  12. Sam added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    Just over 3 hours to go! This is exciting. A new Gaga video, after all this time...
  13. Sam added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    It was originally going to be called the "212 EP", if that is any help?
  14. Sam added a post in a topic: First ARTPOP Single Producer Revealed   

    Imagine if the lead single sounded anything like this, in terms of the production...  :sweat:
  15. Sam added a post in a topic: Azealia Banks   

    Haha I'm not going back to OGG... I don't get on with the members there. But I'll be staying back here! :)

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  1. Sam

    Posh Life is horrendous...

    1. Didymus

      Yes. Absolutely horrendous.
    2. ooooooops

      I assume you mean :hor: endous, because it's actually a really good song.
    3. Didymus

      No, it's not.
    4. Weasel

      Excuse me no :nails:
    5. Same DNA

      Can you just leave Gagadaily like forever @Didymus People get tired of your negativity.
    6. ooooooops

      Didymus I'm the first person to stand up for those who criticize something Gaga does (I'm def not a fan of some of the stuff recently), but I've literally never seen you say anything supportive of her. Ever. So as much as I hate accusing someone of "not being a real fan," I have to wonder what exactly keeps you coming back to this site.
    7. Didymus

      @DCMonster Unless you read everything I posted on this forum, I'm not interested in such a biased, rude and disrespectful opinion that is clearly based on an ugly and hilarious egoism. **** you.
    8. ooooooops

      Yeah you're right, I was *clearly* way out of line. Your calling me ugly and egocentric and telling me to **** off was totally appropriate, though. Hmmm I can't imagine why so many people on here dislike you???
    9. ScottishGaga

      I have seen Didy post lots of positive things about our Gaga. Hes just blunt when it comes to things he doesnt like im guessing :)
    10. Didymus

      You called me a fake fan, what do you expect? Btw, I didn't call you ugly and egocentric, that was how I described the nature of your ridiculous accusation. I don't understand why you're coming at me right now for no reason whatsoever. And about "so many people here disliking me", what kind of low, hilarious insulting is that supposed to be?
  2. Blake » Sam

    Sam McGlone? Holy crap! D: I missed you! You probably don't remember me though. :shrug:

    1. Sam

      I doooooo! Blake Nichol?
    2. Blake

      Sure is! Thanks for letting everyone know my last name by the way. ;) haha
    3. Sam

      LMAO, sorry, I'll delete the comment if you want. Add my new FB and we can talk there, I don't think I've got you on it yet! I don't use it much facebook.com/sammcglone13
    4. Blake

      It says I already added you, but I re-sent it. :)
  3. Sam

    The new forum layout/theme looks really good.

  4. Vanilla » Sam


    1. Sam

      I do! Hi again! :D
    2. Vanilla

      How are you? Why have you been gone for so long?
  5. Sam

    I'm back... :)

    1. Delulu

      omfg omfg omfg omfg
    2. Red

      OH MY GOD :O
    3. ChicaSkas

      be good :hug:
    4. Sam

      I will Chica! <3
    5. Bambino

      Welcome back! :)
    6. Echo

    7. J e s s e

  6. Sam

    So ****ing mad that Hong Kong government have removed almost EVERY video from the BTWB so far. Furious.

    1. boysboysboys

      Gurl, it's up for download on the Media subforum. ;)
    2. Vanilla

      A. M. E. N.
    3. Sam

      No it isn't?
  7. Sam

    Should I change my avatar..? I've had this one for ages - and I'm kind of attached to it, but idk.

    1. Luke

    2. Miracle Whip

    3. Vanilla

      But... I love your set. (Btw, notice how all of us have BW avatars.) :toofunny:
    4. Red

      No. Everytime someone changes avatar I get confused :flop:
    5. Sam

      @ Vanilla - I'd be changing it to a coloured picture if I changed it, a picture from the Gaga x Terry book.
    6. Eulonzo

      What RedGaga said. So many people on here I forget who they are after they change there avatar.
  8. Sam


    1. Kontikki

      love it. fits perfectly. very mac.

    2. Valentino

  9. Sam

    My life's actually a mess urgh.

  10. Sam

    On my way to meet Nicki Minaj, aaahhh!

    1. Artifact

      Lucky you :cry: Congrats, don't forget to ask her :hug:
    2. Mark

      how? where?! why!??! jelly.
    3. Flippy

      :legend: Lucky... :emo:
  11. Sam

    I'm meeting Nicki Minaj tomorrow...

  12. james19709 » Sam


    1. Sam

      YESSSSSS! :worship:

      I'm so happy for you James - I'll see you there! ADD ME ON FB: https://www.facebook.com/sam.mcglone3 ;-)
    2. james19709

      I don't use it though, it's shit. :(
    3. Sam

      You're shit. :cry:
    4. james19709

      ... I'll go on it for you, I guess. It won't let me add you, so you add me. I don't wanna give out the link on a public status, make room in your messages.
  13. HeavyMetalMonster » Sam

    Hi You know when you signed up to o2 priority did it ask for your postal address? I signed up ages ago but when I go to my account you can't view the delivery address and I can't remember what address if any I entered. Thanks

    1. Sam

      I don't think it did, just postcode!
    2. HeavyMetalMonster

  14. Sam

    Thailand is kind of amazing. :legend: It's so warm here though, all the time!

    1. TerenceMonster

      Have fun there! And stay safe! <3
  15. Sam


  16. Sam

    OMG, I'm in the trailer for Katy Perry's upcoming movie!

    1. Eulonzo

    2. GodHatesFangs

    3. Nick

    4. Sam

      https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/223011_116814651735119_100002197547129_148397_3357410_n.jpg (Very far right one, with the neon yellow rave paint on my face) - A clip of that is in the advert! Hahaha
    5. Eulonzo

      Werk dat yellow rave paint.
    6. Jack

      you famous gerl! :clap:
    7. Luke

    8. Eulonzo

      You should go on your streets & yell out "Everyone, go see me in Katy Perry's new movie!". :toofunny:
    9. Sam

      I freaked the fuck out when I saw that clip in the advert, LOL.
    10. Sam

      LMAO I will, I'm famous now. She's gonna be paying me for my cameo of course. ;-)
  17. Sam

    This place is a damn mess today.

  18. Sam

    Why do people still come here when they clearly have no interest in Gaga any more, and just annoy the members? So ridiculous. :fail:

    1. Logan

      Pretty much.
    2. Jase

  19. Gaga.For.Gaga » Sam

    Zero Gravity! Msn :)

  20. Sam

    FINALLY INVITED TO LITTLE MONSTERS: http://littlemonsters.com/hausofsam Fan me please! :)

  21. Haus » Sam

    Samuel, please be a sweetheart and move this to the North America subforum http://gagadaily.com/index.php?/topic/478-minneapolis-st-paul-btwb/ :)

    1. Sam

      Done! :-) Those sections are probably going to be wiped when the dates are announced, and replaced with threads for every date, jsyk! By the way - not spoke to you for so long!
  22. Sam

    Happy 1st Birthday Born This Way - and R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

    1. Pucci

      R.I.P Alexander McQueen :( </3
    1. Sam

      I don't have it on my iMac - I'll come on on Sunday though, when I go to my Dad's house.
    2. Gaga.For.Gaga

      oh ok :(. Talk then but I'm working all the day time.
    1. Sam

      I will be on later on, going out now! :P But Happy Birthday to you and Matt for yesterday, hope you both had a great day!
    2. Gaga.For.Gaga

      Thanks :) sorry i didn't see this. msn now? :P
  23. Sam » Jase

    Your set is ****ing brilliant.

    1. Jase

      Thanks bb!