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  1. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Gaga training for fight   

    I used to love doing bag work to workout 
  2. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Sarah Paulson about Gaga on AHS   

    I could not I gai e a season without her I just love her so much.
  3. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Billy B hurt by Tara Savelo's credit as the make-up artist of Gaga in 2009-2011   

    He has every right. Nobody should be taki g credit for sow thing they didn't do. That's just my thought
  4. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Are Little Monsters Too Basic To Appreciate Jewels And Drugs?   

    No. It's just blah. 
  5. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Gaga leaving her Apartment (28/2/2015)   

    She looks gorgeous and Asia is all grown up 
  6. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: VIDEO: Gaga acting goofy with Telephone while shooting Shiseido commerical   

    She's adorable 
  7. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Is anybody else EXTREMELY excited for the AHS era   

    I've been such a huge fan since it started and the fact she's on it its just mind blowing amazingness!!! I cannot wait!
  8. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Transgender model booted from Germany's Next Topmodel upon revealing it to the judges   

    She is beautiful. So did she get kicked off because she didn't d well or? Because if so that's awful
  9. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy dies, aged 83   

    I'm incredibly hearth broken over this. I cried when I read the nes. I knew he was in the hospital recently but wasn't expec this
  10. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    I'll get used to it. I remeber YEARS ago on th old GGD a when it switched I felt the same and I got used to it
  11. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    I'll get used to I hope because right now I just don't know  
  12. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Do you believe in the trash can story?   

    Why wouldn't I? I've had awful things happen to me in school that caused me to actually change schools. Like said above I've had food dumped on me and they even went as far as to cut my hair. People suck.
  13. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Are you here for...   

    I just can't wait. I've been watching it since the beginning and the fact she's in it is just :giveup: I have no words
  14. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    [quote name="foxtales" post="6387866" timestamp="1424997690"]

    yay I'm so glad you like it! Be sure to share it on social media! I'm so excited to share this video with you guys :)[/quote] that was incredibly AWESOME! Nice job and welcome to the forums! I'll share this!! I am so fucking excited of this season!!
  15. Michellaphonic added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    I still can't get over this and I'm so excited I cannot stand it! My bday is Halloween so it's the best gift EVER!

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I'm just me and that's all I can be. Aneurysm and stroke survivor and warrior. Long time rocker and Gaga fan. 

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  1. Michellaphonic

    Jared Leto cut all his hair off and his beard. I think I may shed a tear. He's still gorgeous though.

    1. Adam

      Greetings, beautiful!  :heart:

      Hope you're doing well and staying warm.

    2. Michellaphonic

      Doing ok tbh it's been in the low 80's here in NorCal which is unusual but I can't complain. 

    3. Adam

      Ah, I see. I've been to NorCal, around SanFran bay, I remember temperatures being brisk, but mild. Not usually cold this time of year?

    4. Michellaphonic

      Usually it is but we're going through a awful draught. Today is a bit overcast. I live in Sacramento which is more central then the bay so we're warmer here. 

  2. Michellaphonic

    I lost my entire profile and I'm too lazy to go back and do that entitling over again so I shall have a boring profile. I also lost posts but that doesng matter really.

  3. Michellaphonic

    I'm so lost here haha

  4. Michellaphonic

    That was incredible!

  5. Michellaphonic

    Oscars and WWE Fastlane today :giveup: I'm so excited.

  6. Michellaphonic

    I. Going to be having another craniotomy to clip my other aneurysm. Ugh. Over surgeries!!

    1. Lance

      Praying for a speedy recovery! xoxo :]
    2. Zilla

      Good luck :)
  7. Michellaphonic

    I have another cerebral angiogram Monday to check on my aneurysms. I'm nervous. I don't remember the last three after my rupture and surgery. I don't remeber two months. Boo :(

    1. Tokyo

      That's horrifying, just asked my family to explain to me. I wish you the best in your continuous recovery <3
    2. Michellaphonic

      Thank you. It's scary. I have one that was fixed when it ruptured. I don't remember any of it. I have another that hasn't ruptured. It's like a time bomb in my head. It's awful to not feel secure and safe in your own body. We're hoping mor haven't decided to pop up. I have very weak vessels so it's possible.
  8. Ibo » Michellaphonic

    Daily Reminder: you are awesome! :)

    1. inuborg

      I approve this message
  9. Michellaphonic

    I'm ok today. It's the first day in MONTHS I felt ok. I have another Aniogram on my brain aneurysms next month.I don't remember the first 2 since I have loss of memory and was in a coma basically for a couple weeks.ANYWAY Hello.

    1. inuborg

      hey <3
    2. Michellaphonic

      How are you doll? how have you been?
  10. Michellaphonic

    I've bee so very ill for MONTHS!! QHello GGD.

    1. inuborg

      Hey!!!!!! How you been? Getting better?
    2. PACO

      hope you get better :hug:
    3. Ambrosia

      Nice to see you. :)
    4. B E A S T

      Welcome Back!
    5. Jase

      you've been missed!
    6. Michellaphonic

      I am getting better dY to dY. Doing very well considering. Anyway just popping in.
    7. inuborg

      hope to hear from you again soon <3
    8. Alien Tulip

      I missed you (alien tuulip btw) Hope u get better. Wishing u nothing but love and health.
  11. Michellaphonic

    I thought I was going to have to go back to TNI_trauma neuro intensive care unit LAST night.I was having weird head pain and ear ringing.I had numbness again.I haven't been out for a month yet.Stupid aneurysm and stroke. **** YOU!...I am ok but I had a scary rough night.

  12. Michellaphonic

    FINALLY changed my profile pic to a current one post Aneurysm and Mild Stroke plus 42 days hospital stay.I have had my head shaved quite a few times times.I have always loved it.

    1. Michellaphonic

      Yes, I now have a crooked Smile.
    2. inuborg

      The new haircut is fierce! Have you heard Regina's two new songs she's done live?
    3. Arturo

      I love it!
  13. Michellaphonic

    2 months in ICU and I'm finally home. Hello GGD

    1. Sunny

      WELCOME BACK :RUNHUG: :PARTY: (sorry if it seems i am shouting)
  14. Michellaphonic

    ive been in NEURO ICU for 5 weeks and will probably be here for a few more. I'm so depressed, I want to go home so bad :(

    1. inuborg

      It may seem sucky now, but its best for your health and ultimate well being!
  15. Michellaphonic

    I have officially been in N-ICU FOR ONE MONTH. boo :( aneurseums and strokes suck at 39 or any age tbh. I spent my bday here yesterday but I'm here to have a bday and that's what counts.

    1. Michellaphonic

      Ps: GagaGhost made my night lol
    2. Bowie

      I hope everything works out for you, and happy belated birthday to you. Best wishes.
    3. Michellaphonic

      Thank you :)
  16. Michellaphonic

    My head is shaved from surgery and having a hard time uploading new pic on my iPad. Sigh. When I get home in a couple weeks ( ugh1 month here already) I'll upload. I rock it and have shaved it often. I have a nifty scar now

    1. Michellaphonic

      3 weeks to be exact
    2. Arturo

      Aw, I missed you sis :(
    3. inuborg

      hope you're recovering well! Regina just posted a jazz cover yesterday!
    4. Coop

      Is everything okay? Did the surgery go well?
    5. inuborg

    6. Michellaphonic

      I'll be back. I don't recall the last few weeks tbh. this pass week is the first clear week. Recovering slow and cannot wait to be hme.
    7. Michellaphonic

      I miss my dog so much! My hubby comes everyday but can't wait to sleep on his chest and in my bed. Hopefully be my bday and lol be home. Halloween!!!!
    8. Michellaphonic

      I'll NOT lol
    9. Michellaphonic

      Yes I still have another subarachnoid aneurysm but it's too deep so their leaving it alone. I feel good it's just scary and my memory is off
    10. Michellaphonic

      Thank you for link!!!!
    11. Coop

      How dangerous is that?
      I hope you'll be okay <3
    12. inuborg

      That is so scary :ohno:
    13. Michellaphonic

      The surgery is riskier
    14. Michellaphonic

      That made zero sense what I posted lol I deleted it. I will have tons of head scans all the time. Tried to die a few times but I'm too strong a bitch for that! I'm lucky and grateful to still be here. Sometimes my words get mixed up and nothing makes sense. Random words come out. Maybe next time I'll leave it. You all may get a kind ck out of it lol I don't remember emotes codes!!!!!! Oh hellllll no!!!
    15. inuborg

      Im glad you're doing good! Well enough to post here, anyway
    16. Coop

      I wish you all the best, kick that subarachnoid aneurysm ass!
  17. Michellaphonic

    I've been in NEURO ICU for 2 weeks. I had 2 ruptured anerisum and don't recall first week. I was incubated . Another week here and so grateful to be alive.i tried to die twice but fought!!!! I Have another week here. It anyone would like to chat let me know!!! I have lots to catch up on ✋

    1. Michellaphonic

      Intubated not incubation lol
    2. RAMROD

      Hope you get well soon :hug:
    3. MonsterMum

      up for a chat if you wanna talk :)
    4. inuborg

      omg!!!! So sorry to hear that, but I'm glad your pulling through. Your such a fighter! Sending my love :sara:
  18. Michellaphonic

    FINALLY AHS:Freakshow!!! I just can't contain my excitement.

  19. Michellaphonic

    Since it;s Oct 1st and AHS:FS is soon.I am watching the entire seasons from the start!

  20. Michellaphonic

    I didn't submit a question because every one I wanted to ask has been asked haha!

    1. Ambrosia

      There were some good questions being asked!
    2. Michellaphonic

      They're really were! Can't wait to read the answers :flutter:
  21. Michellaphonic

    I love Olympic and power lifting!! Got my ass kicked today.

  22. Michellaphonic

    Ok I at least got my workout clothes on HAHA.

  23. Michellaphonic

    Ok.Time to Crossfit.I have wasted far too much time here today ....procrastination.

  24. Michellaphonic

    I grew up on TonyB and am a fan but I cringe sometimes the way he says Lady LOL poor guy.

    1. Dayman

      Well, she is more Lady than Gaga when she's with Tony - so I feel like it's very fitting. hahaha
    2. Michellaphonic

      Oh I get that and it isn't that he calls her that ...it's the way he says it sometimes.I wasn't being shady about it ;) if you thought that....since everyone thinks everything is shade here :lmao:
    3. Benji

      He sounded a little out of breath or something when he says 'Lady' on ICGYBL :emma: I like the contrast between his and Gaga's voice though, it's funky!
    4. Dayman

      lol, I don't believe in "shade" - mainly because now that might as well be synonymous with "sentence" on this website if you ask some people.
    5. Michellaphonic

      I love them together so much!!! Like I said I grew up on Tony so I am so excited.
    6. Michellaphonic

      The word shade has lost all meaning I swear hahahaha