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  1. Mittens added a comment: Lady Gaga filming commercial for Shiseido Japan   

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see the commercial!
  2. Mittens added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    Literally just drop the URL in the text box!   
  3. Mittens added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    (But really I like it!   The activity stream seems particularly cool!)
  4. Mittens added a post in a topic: PHOTO: Lady Gaga Confirms Engagement   

    Oh my God  :heart:
  5. Mittens added a post in a topic: Songs you like, that are generally disliked   

    Summerboy is genuinely one of my favorite songs.   :rip:
    Its adorable.
  6. Mittens added a post in a topic: Madonna partners with Grindr   

    I love this crazy bitch.   Who else, honestly?

  7. Mittens added a post in a topic: February 8th 2015: Gaga and Tony Bennett Play The Wiltern, Los Angeles   

    Hi everyone!   I will be posting Chica's live updates from inside the Wiltern on our twitter account, @gagadailyteam
  8. Mittens added a post in a topic: Little Monster on Twitter EXPOSED LIVE on HSN :mess:   

    This fucking fan base though. :rip:
  9. Mittens added a post in a topic: 'I Wanna Be With You' was changed into 'Dope' for a reason   

    I can confirm, I was at the Phoenix show.  
    5:25 ish in the video
  10. Mittens added a post in a topic: Time of the show with Dope.   

    It was amazing
    She cut MJH though.
  11. Mittens added a post in a topic: artRAVE: July 30 Phoenix, AZ   

    [quote name="Stefani328" post="5374326" timestamp="1406774883"]

    Where's everybody?[/quote]

    We are at the far left of the stage towards the front
  12. Mittens added a post in a topic: artRAVE: July 30 Phoenix, AZ   

    I am in the GA line with drew, Gia, and venefikus. Who's here?
  13. Mittens added a post in a topic: artRAVE: July 30 Phoenix, AZ   


    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone want to hang out with me and Venefikus tonight? He's bored in his hotel, I'm stuck at work for a bit, and we don't know what to do. :smh:
  14. Mittens added a post in a topic: artRAVE: July 30 Phoenix, AZ   

    Perfect timing for Anything Goes. I wonder if she'll sing a bit of it. :party:
  15. Mittens added a post in a topic: artRAVE: July 30 Phoenix, AZ   

    Our date is coming up so soon!
    We need to plan a pre/post show hang out or something.  :flutter:

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    1. Prometheus

      *cowers in fear*
  1. Mittens

    College is such a bitch. I love and miss you all.

    1. Chic

      I miss you too, Mittens!
    2. Mittens

    3. Chic

  2. Ray of Light » Mittens

    And the love profusion; You make me feel

    1. Ray of Light

      You make me know
  3. Mittens

    RIP Katy Perry. I'm so sorry guys, I ran her over with my car. :(http://imgur.com/0QPyX0t

    1. Prometheus

    2. BLACKOUTbritney

      Hahaha omg :rip:
  4. Mittens

    Spending your Sunday off with a broken A/C unit is amazing. I love you, Arizona.

    1. artRaver

      Praying for you because it's humid as sh*t today. :rip:
  5. Mittens

    Click this. http://www.sanger.dk/ It will make you happy.

    1. Haroon

      Is this going to be a jumpscare after a short while? :gum:
    2. Mittens

      Would I do that to you guys? (Probably - but not today!)
    3. Haroon

      LOL! Aww that link is heartwarming, except I keep having the urge to wipe my screen now :rip:
    1. Dayfid

      I see you too~
    2. Mittens

      I see you more. Better, even.
    3. Dayfid

      I miss you~ How have you been? :)
    4. Mittens

      Great! How about you?
    5. Dayfid

      I've been good. Thank you~ You should Skype me sometime tbh.
    6. Mittens

      My computer has been broken for awhile. I get on at work these days. I have a macbook air in the mail though. :party:
    7. Dayfid

      I was wondering why you barely post/go on Facebook anymore. :rip: Hopefully it gets there soon so we can read 50 Shades of Grey together instead of me just eating chips awkwardly while you read it. :lmao:
    8. Mittens

      Hah! Maybe we'll switch things up and I'll eat chips while you read to me. :)
  6. Alex Spears » Mittens

    You're so Sexxxy.

  7. Mittens

    Y'all motha****as need to calm yo titties, mmmkay?

    1. Elan

    2. Alex Spears

    3. PurplePatch

      Yes mother Mittens, scold the children
    4. capso

      What's everyone freaking out about?
    5. Fizzy

      Follow me on instagram tho mother mittens. :derpga:
    6. Mittens

      Gladly! What's your instagram? :derpga:
    7. vespertine

      drag ha
      slice ha
      tenderize ha
      sauté ha
      serve ha
  8. Mittens

    Dear Russian "Guests" reporting random posts with political propaganda, stop. I don't think you're going to politically sway any of the moderators.

    1. POTION

      ooo slay dem
    2. Morphine Prince

      Mittens is coming for blood.
    3. Batwings

      And the sound of weaves being snatched slashed through the tumult...
    4. Mittens

      My report center is full of the same copy paste message about how great Russia is. :awkney:
    5. bionic

      is this aimed at me?
  9. Mittens

    Anxiously waiting to be sorted.

    1. Haroon

      3 of the houses have been announced, if you're not in those three then you're in the unannounced one (not revealing names to keep the excitement and surprise) :teehee:
    2. Alpha

      If you just applied the survey you will wait longer.
  10. Mer Boy » Mittens

    Could you put the announcement up? I put a copy of the official announcement in out PM :)

    1. Mer Boy

      Never mind Kayla did it :)
  11. Mittens » Alex Wesker

    I always kill you in the sims. xo

  12. Mittens

    Last night was incredible. I got to meet Asia and Fozzy. Oh, and Gaga was cool too.

    1. Dr Rogoe Perry

      Rumour has it that Fozzy is G.A.Y. is that tru ?
    2. Pandora

      :lmao: You looked good gurl, slay!
    3. Mittens

      Lane said Fozzy is a sassy bitch! all I know is he was fabulous.
  13. Mittens

    I moved out of my parents house last week and finally got internet. My Wifi name is MadonnasArms - Password: WTFISMDNA. God I love being a real adult!

    1. VISION

      :rip: omg :deadbanana:
    2. tearsnfears

    3. Mittens

      I'm a mess, I know.
  14. Averie » Mittens


  15. Molly » Mittens

    Hi, I can't PM so I'm writing on your wall. Because Chica for some reason didn't respond to me, I'm trying any mod who will just listen to me or atleast reply a yes or no.. I made this account to contact a mod. I was banned from GGD under the username lavenderblonde/MOLLY CYRUS at the end of December. My ban was expired in March but anytime I try to log on, it's still not allowing me to log in. Is this perma-ban? And why? During my 3 months away I spent alot of time reflec...

    1. Molly

      and I've changed a lot! Please give me a 2nd chance
    2. Mittens

      Let me look into that, sit tight!
    3. Molly

      ok, I will. Thank you for replying
  16. Ray of Light » Mittens

    You're my fave. Keep owning GGD <3

    1. Mittens

      For some reason I just barely saw this, and it made my day! Thank you so much, you're so sweet. :)
  17. Mittens

    Will you guys like our GUY project on LM.com for visibility? :)https://littlemonsters.com/post/5341a397467833f8758b4d84

  18. Mittens

    Buy Pop Chips at Walmart