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  1. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Update: Gaga knows! Fan wants to propose at tonight's artRAVE   

    nooooooooo :toofloppy: :toofloppy: :toofloppy:
  2. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Update: Gaga knows! Fan wants to propose at tonight's artRAVE   

    They look like 12 tho?
  3. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: artRAVE: May 18 Cleveland, OH   

    Yea it is. Saw the Cali Dreams Tour and MB 2.0 there. Good times. :flutter:
  4. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: artRAVE: May 18 Cleveland, OH   

    I'm GA for this show. Hopefully I'll see everyone there.

    Anyone doing Fort Lauderdale or any Roseland dates?
  5. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: artRAVE: May 04 Ft. Lauderdale, FL   

    Got dat LMZ. See y'all there.

    Anyone else going to Roseland or Cleveland?
  6. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: The paid meet and greets sound rather unfair now   

    A lot of people are complaining about the price but let's be honest here- if the M&G was $200 everyone and their mother would want to go. They would run out of tickets too fast and it would be a HUGE disaster. Personally I'm not paying over 1k to meet her but I'm not going to get pissed at people who choose to. If that's what they want to do that's fine and like it or not the prices have to be that high.
    Meanwhile I'm just ready to pounce on dem LMZ tickets... :unicorn:
  7. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Roseland Ballroom NYC (3/28, 3/30, 3/31, 4/2, 4/4, 4/6, 4/7)   

    I'll be there! I got my ticket! :)
  8. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Get Well Soon, Gaga! (We Know You Lurk, So Please Read This!)   

    I miss her do much. I just hope she's happy and healthy. :giveup:
  9. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: What # were you in the pit?   


    [spoiler]But based on other people's shows I would've been around #15 for Tampa and probably in the 30's for Miami if my shows hadn't been cancelled .[/spoiler]
  10. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Tour [ stage & concept ]   

    [quote name='Chic' timestamp='1361029160' post='2255523']
    The ARTPOP tour is most likely coming sometime in 2014 or 2015, you've got to be kidding me if recovery is that long, which it isn't. She's predicted to be better in July. Jesus, her career isn't ruined because of it. I'm sure when she's fully recovered she'll start with the ARTPOP promotion, and then after the tour. To not do the ARTPOP tour many months after she makes her recovery would be a massive slap in the face to the U.S. fans, because that would make four-five years of not performing at Madison Square Garden and the other cancelled dates. As would starting with the Asian, European, Oceanic, African and Latin American legs again instead of NA.

    You don't know what it feels like, and the fact of the matter is, she DOES owe the U.S. fans because this was a massive disappointment. And I know, being the amazing person she is, she'll make it up to us when she's better.

    This tbh. US fans have basically been waiting two years to see her already. Realizing it's going to be another year or even two is really bringing me down. 3+ years. wow.
  11. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Born This Way Ball CANCELLED   

    [quote name='Pharaoh' timestamp='1361373658' post='2271999']
    Actually, Gagz tweeted The [b]Born This Ball[/b] Tour was cancelled, that's where they got it...

    So the Born This [i]Way[/i] Ball isn't cancelled??

    The delusion.
  12. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Born This Way Ball CANCELLED   

    Has anyone else who will never see the BTWB been noticing the type of people who are like "look on the bright side" or "it's just a few dates?" All the people saying dumb shit like that are the ones who...

    A) Live in countries where the tour wasn't going anyway.

    Are you kidding me? I don't think anyone should be belittling anyone else who is genuinely hurting over this just because they got to see the show already. Some of us are probably going to be waiting another 2 years to see her again and will NEVER see hear the songs on BTW live.

    Get well soon Gaga. Even though I'm upset I still love + support you.
  13. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Born This Way Ball CANCELLED   

    Shocked & upset right now. I don't blame her by any means. I blame my horrible life as today marks one month until I would've seen gone to my first of two shows. Wishing I could have been liberated by the BTWB. I guess I'll be waiting another 2 years to go to see her again...
  14. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: "Lady Gaga wanted to give me a lap dance" reveals Charlie Sheen   

    After I saw Daily Mail I was done reading. lmao @ people who think this is legit.
  15. mpwmcfly added a post in a topic: Gaga removed guns from BTW Ball   

    [quote name='gagaluna' timestamp='1358085231' post='2121353']
    unbelievable.... the cruel ignorance among monsters is just appalling

    then u wonder why LM's are known as "The WORST"???!!!

    with ignorant, insensitive comments like this - it's no wonder - - but ooooo when it comes to a gay teen coming out then it's all boohoo and handle with such care, - but for 20 murdered innocent 6 year olds it's 'hey, the show is more important / who cares'. One twit actually said ppl shouldn't mourn for years - well, their families sure will be moron!!

    Let me put it onto baby language for you self-consumed numbnuts to understand:

    If 20 young gay teens were killed in a knife fight - how would you feel about Gaga using a knife as a prop in her show - eventhough SHE had nothing to do with it?? and eventhough it made for a better more 'epic' show?? think about it - cause really - some of you write the most ludicrous thoughtless comments.

    get your twisted priorities straight - you give monsters a horrible reputation.

    BTW I predicted Gaga would eliminate the guns from her show - and thank GOD she did!! Atleast She's got a brain AND a heart unlike some of you.

    You've got to be ****ing kidding me right now.

    1) I've been a guns advocate for years. I donated over 6 months of my time last year to Organizing for America (the community outreach program of the Obama campaign.) One of the MAJOR issues I was fighting for was gun control (and this is way before any of the recent shootings.) I worked hand in hand with community members in low income and high crime areas fighting for the beliefs we all shared (gun control being one of them.)

    2) Did you really care about what Gaga chooses for stage props before the shootings? I'm sure you didn't. NO ONE cared before any of this happened. Her art shouldn't be compromised for what you any one else [b]not connected [/b]with the incidents believe.

    3) She's been using guns in her performance art for a while now and in ways that could be perceived to be worse than how she uses them in the BTWB.


    4) If a group of citizens connected with the shootings had asked her to refrain from using guns for a couple dates in the area- fine but the whole tour doesn't have to change because of it.

    5) "Numbnuts" was a nice touch. yawn.

    Your hypothetical situation:

    6) I wouldn't care if Gaga continued to use knives.

    7) Whether a someone is gay or not has nothing to do with the gravity of a person's death.

    It's actually offensive that you've brought me into this. The show didn't need to be changed but you may remain pressed.

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  1. mpwmcfly

    I'll be live tweeting the day of the first artRAVE show. You can follow me at @true_tea if you please. :)

  2. mpwmcfly

    Ready for the tour tbh.

  3. mpwmcfly

    Would someone mind sending me an HQ download? I'd love you forever. xx

  4. mpwmcfly

    I'm dying @ the Romney thread. What even?

  5. mpwmcfly

    Anyone else not exactly excited as everyone else for ARTPOP? I'm still getting over the hype and cancellation for the BTWB. I'm just numb right now.

    1. aaronyoji

      i stay content when im creating art inspired by artpop, or come up with a good line for a song. its always in the back of my mind tho, its whats driving me, and thats fine for now.
  6. mpwmcfly

    Got my code for Tampa!!

  7. mpwmcfly

    LOL For those who've been around a while- I just randomly found Royal Jester's twitter. HAHAH

    1. Kermit the frog

      Omg plz tell him to join, this forum needs him :toofunny:
    2. mpwmcfly

      LOL I SHALL!
  8. mpwmcfly

    ERMERGERD The Fame smells SO good!

    1. FameHungry

      why do so many people have it atm? D: btw what does it smell like?
    2. mpwmcfly

      I'm not sure why other people have it but I ran to the grocery when I heard it was coming out. There's a sample in the September issue of Cosmo. The mag isn't out in all stores yet.
    3. mpwmcfly

      It has a very classy smell if that makes sense. A little sweet. Not overpowering. Smooth.
    4. Delulu

    5. mpwmcfly

      @Tiffa <3333
    6. Delulu

      LOL wow. Fail. I tried to "like" your comment.... yeah. no.
    7. mpwmcfly

  9. mpwmcfly

    Ed (Gaga's bodyguard) now follows me on twitter. I'm just cool like that. :)

    1. Zilla

      he followed me weeks ago. I need to stop sending him raunchy tweets. I CANT HELP IT HES CUTE
    2. mpwmcfly

  10. mpwmcfly

    Congrats to the people that did it: GGD isn't fun anymore. I may still come back for news but I'm done being a regular poster. Member since January 2010.

    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. jv2612

      If you think this is fun, you should've been to GGD 1.0 now THAT was fun.
    3. mpwmcfly

      Removal of gifs, no cursing, smaller youtube embeds. You must not have been here as long as I have. This place used to be awesome. All of my friends have been run off by the mods and there's really nothing left.
    4. jv2612

      It's hard to see something that I loved being destroyed like this.
    5. mpwmcfly

      @jv2612 Summer 2010>>>>>>>> Shit was poppin.
    6. eddy223


    7. mpwmcfly

      @jv2612 My feelings exactly.
    8. Arturo

      I've been here since December, so yes I havent been her that long.
      In case you didn't know, you can still use gifs.
      And who cares? Watch the video on Youtube
      The cursing is going to be taken into effect for every forum that advertises
    9. Arturo

    10. mpwmcfly

      @Arturo52311 The thing is you never saw the old GGD so you don't know the difference. This place is a shell.
    11. jv2612

      There used to be a magical place called No Holds Barred :cry:
    12. Arturo

      If you say so.
      Bye :sweep:
    13. MoneyFameSex

      Thing is.. THINGS/PEOPLE CHANGE.. EVERYTHING CHANGES... when you get older and married and your lover gets older are you gonna abandon that person cause they are changing?
    14. Hot Space

      Bye, I guess. :(
    15. mpwmcfly

      @MoneyFameSex It's a forum. Not my mother. The biggest point is users have been and are complaining and nothing has been done for months. There's a complete communication breakdown. This is the worst it's ever been.

      @jv2612 LOL THE NHB DRAMA>>>
    16. Harry

      ^^ if that person became an annoying bitch that prevented me from doing basic things that I always used to do, then yes
    17. MoneyFameSex

      WELL I doubt they are gonna change it.. so might as well just move on
    18. mpwmcfly

      I'm not leaving completely. I just don't see the point in posting anymore. And btw: This is not one of those "I'm fed up and leaving" things where the person is back in 3 hours. I'm just upset like a lot of people.
    19. Arturo

      Meh, this place isn't perfect but it's not as bad as people make it out to be.
      Like complaining about it every single minute
    20. mpwmcfly

      @Arturo52311 You have no idea. I just can't explain to you fully what it was like 2-3 years ago. lol.
    21. HybridWarhol

      Wow first people complain about Gaga, now people complain about GGD. I mean guys, this is life, not everything is gonna be perfect. I'm sure admin and moderators are trying their best.
    22. Harry

      ^ lmao
    23. mpwmcfly

      @TheNextOne Not trying to be rude but you've been a member for about a month. You don't know what you're talking about. I could literally explain everything to you if you'd been around for a couple years. It just wouldn't make sense now.
    24. HybridWarhol

      @mpwmcfly I've been on GGD 1.0 before and I've been on GGD 2.0 as a guest a lot of times before I signed up for an account. I know what I'm talking about, but thanks for assuming things just because I've only had an account on GGD 2.0 for a month.
    25. HybridWarhol

      Anyway, on topic, imo some monsters do complain A LOT, especially on very trivial things. This is my opinion, it's okay if you disagree.
    26. HybridWarhol

      @mpwncfly What exactly do you need to "explain to me"?
  11. mpwmcfly

    I'm watching the first Machete movie (in preparation for Gaga in the sequal) and this chick had a cell phone IN HER VAGINA! WAT.

    1. Hot Space

      No wonder Gaga's in the sequel. :laughga:
    2. JustinLovesGaga

      Wtf? :laughga:
    3. Bamboo

      Did they use a machete to get it out :creep:
    4. Burning Desire


    5. mpwmcfly

      Nope. She put her hand in there and pulled it right out. Sound effects and all. The parts with the machete are extremely graphic.
    6. Kyle

      Oh my god. I caught the first 20 minutes of it last night in my hotel room and when that happened, my brother, Dad, and I were all like "What."
    7. KingAlanI

      I thought putting it down her bra was crazy. :P
    1. Swine

  12. mpwmcfly

    Right not I'm definitely not looking for where Marina might be staying when I see her in Portland. That would be creepy. :ohno:

  13. mpwmcfly

    Falling in love with Gaga all over again. <3

  14. LickableMonsterBoi » mpwmcfly

    I wanna Ki too...=-) whats the motha ****in T bitch????

    1. mpwmcfly

      Oh. NM. Thinking about bed since there's nothing to do.
    2. LickableMonsterBoi

      werd me too..I almost passed out on my keyboard...smfh
  15. mpwmcfly

    Let's have a kiki. I wanna have a kiki. (mutha****a)

    1. CoolTrainerTerry

      I'm gonna let you have it.
  16. mpwmcfly

    I think I'm going to bed. GGD has been annoying me all afternoon...

    1. Logan

  17. mpwmcfly

    Real cute mods. I actually prefer cherry pie though.

  18. mpwmcfly

    Can anyone send me Jedward's album? I'd be happy to buy it on itunes but apparently their record company, like Marina's doesn't believe in U.S. releases.

  19. mpwmcfly

    Parents please keep your children off the internet. You will see what I mean via the recent topics.

    1. Arturo

      That 11 year old twerkin' :eww:
  20. mpwmcfly

    Ya'll should follow me on twitter and stuff... @mpwmcfly

    1. Save Me Once

      Followed! ;D
    2. Arturo

      Followed! :)
    3. Arturo

      wait it doesn't let me :flop:
    4. mpwmcfly

      Yea my twitter is private to keep the creepers out. You should still be able to though.
  21. mpwmcfly

    Omg. What the eff is going on on GGD right now. Drama Drama. Why can't we just talk about Lady Gaga? lol :flop:

    1. Grace

      0peration Gaga :hor:
    2. Swine

      What happened?
  22. mpwmcfly

    I swear to god if I see one more ****ing thread on Gaga copying someone I'm going to pop a testicle.