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  1. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga NASA Personal Flying Device   

  2. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: VOLANTIS: A project by NASA   

    Change the topic lol, she never said she was working with NASA at all. She didn't even answer the question NOR mention NASA, she merely said that TechHAUS was going to work like rocket engineers..
    What kind of exaggeration. Unless she explicitly announced them, you all are just setting yourselves up for a huge disappointment. 
  3. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga pierces septum   

    I guess even the most love-preaching, peace praising and image & sexual accepting fanbase has its own human traits.
    I find it relieving that not everyone is blindly agreeing with what Gaga has done, its alright to disagree but we have to remember we don't dictate her life. Similarly, we have to remember that not everyone who likes Gaga will agree with what she does and have to do exactly the same, and that is preaching love and shitting cupcakes.
    I can only safely suggest to wait and see how this develops, don't strain yourself too much on the image. The music is where the substance lies.
  4. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga pierces septum   

    They liked the conventional 'different'. Otherwise her fans would have been screamo fans or hipsters, cause yknow thats different from the norm too.
  5. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga pierces septum   

  6. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: First ARTPOP Single Producer Revealed   

    The pressure on him tho
    But Gags is probably like 'oh its nothing just my first single after nearly a year'
  7. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Title Revealed Later This Week! (Rumour)   

    Who will reveal it though.
    What if Gaga created a new account in Twitter and tweeted it but nobody realized.
  8. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    I was just thinking the same. Almost all of BTW era's video was pushing it already. 
    I sort of miss the old music videos, simple but still enjoyable. Sometimes a 4 minute interlude captivates you (for a while), but sometimes you just remember that very first time you saw your artist in her first few music videos.
    I'm not saying she should tone it down, given the circumstances I should see why she should sorta go big or go home. Bad Romance was a hit music video alright. Its like artistic but also... almost conventional. 
  9. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    :dead: fuck no
  10. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    Because songs about having sex and fun all the time is a norm nowadays, not saying its right or wrong though.
    But I guess some people are too steeped into their religion and get extremely defensive about it. They don't want someone else to make fun about something they believe deeply.
  11. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Single Info and Discussion Topic   

    But the very word 'burqa' may generate controversy as she'll be using it in the song.
    Unless its 'Your burqa is sweet and pretty'. Nevertheless, she'll be appropriating culture/religion. Though that's extremely common nowadays.
  12. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Random Movie Discussion   

    I'm just gonna say Monsters U because that's literally all I watched for 2013. But it was really good for me!
    I'll be watching Kills because I enjoyed the first one, but I don't think exploitation films are to be taken seriously. 
  13. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga on way to studio in LA   

    It doesn't look like a wig to me, more like her real hair.
  14. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: WATCH: Applause Video [91 Million Views!]   

    Wait how is it gonna be TEOG 2.0
    You mean there won't be a chance of them scraping the original artwork.
  15. TerenceMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga on way to studio in LA   

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    Sometimes I feel thankful for being able to enjoy songs like The Queen when other fans don't like it. Its like they're missing out on one additional fantastic song from Gaga.

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      It's one of my faves. It makes me cry every time!
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      :giveup: its bootiful
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    Found this on Twitter, personally I think this is much better than the original cover. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mawclsMEIs1rfz8oxo1_500.jpg Thoughts? Gaga needs to replace it tbh.

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