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  1. Alive added a post in a topic: New HQ ARTPOP pic outtake, serving The Fame cover teas   

    Reminds me more of this 

  2. Alive added a post in a topic: Gaga posts new pic, changes twitter DP & header (interlude?)   

    Gaga turned into brooke candy  :spin:
  3. Alive added a post in a topic: Gaga: "This Tour is Unlike Anything We've Ever Done"   

    The gloves and bra went brown from aging/ sweat  though  :flop:
  4. Alive added a post in a topic: Type Lady Gaga with your eyes closed   

    lsduy shsh  :laughga:
    edit: not me being the only one who cant do it  :later:
  5. Alive added a post in a topic: Ozzy and Gaga top poll with lyrics most tricky to make out   

    Have they ever heard of Grimes? , she sings in english but in a way that it sounds like a completely different language  :huh:
  6. Alive added a post in a topic: Is this an unfortunate photo?   

    I feel sorry for the people trying to get a photo and Gaga's looking at a different camera :toofunny:
  7. Alive added a post in a topic: Gaga has to step her game up   

    Have you not seen the video of Gaga performing bad romance choreo on that ledge in roseland as she belts out bad romance to marina? 
  8. Alive added a post in a topic: Gaga in New York- wearing mask   

    Does anyone else remember the Alejandro era where she would always wear veils and masks whenever in public? 
  9. Alive added a post in a topic: Terry Richardson Posts New Roseland Backstage Pics   

    She looks so happy , its probably because shes doing what she loves best :flutter:
  10. Alive added a post in a topic: Gaga Spotted Filming Outside Roseland (Photo/Video)   

    Missed her New York street hooker looks  :legend:
  11. Alive added a post in a topic: new outfit change!   

    Has she finally hired a better makeup artist or what?
  12. Alive added a post in a topic: Applause at the Voice kids   

    Ikr , sounds like an autotune mike at some points, but that could be his voice  :awkney:
  13. Alive added a post in a topic: 3-28-2014 -- Roseland Ballroom Discussion Topic (Videos in OP!)   

    I love the randomness of the setlist , its possible that this could be the last performances of these old songs like teeth and monster 
  14. Alive added a post in a topic: Not-so-popular Gaga Songs that Have Special Places in Your Heart?   

    Summer boy, fashion of his love, earthquake, oh well, let love down and honest eyes 
  15. Alive added a post in a topic: Gaga Arrives Roseland Ballroom   

    YESS!!! , finally an outfit that will out weird the hashbrown/bird hat 

Status Feed

  1. Alive

    I dont care what people say , the sun is down is a jam

    1. Rising

      The sun is down IS a jam though
  2. Alive

    Its so strange how closely Gagas career follows bowie's

    1. aaronyoji

      oh really? where in her career is she in relations to him?
    2. Alive

      She pretty much came about in the same way , they both pretended to be a lot bigger than they are to become famous , they both re introduced theatrics to a boring pop scene
    3. aaronyoji

      oh yeah i know, i just meant, where is she in her career right now relative to david bowie? how many years into his career did it take til he made is rise and fall of ziggy stardust, etc.
    4. Alive

      According to some doco i watch recently ziggy stardust lasted for a year in his early career , then when he came back he wasnt as successful for a while , I think this is were gaga is right now after her success in her early career with the fame , she just completely moved away from that image ( her equivalent to ziggy stardust) and came back as something not everyone liked as much
    5. Alive

      you could also compare gagas blackout and sobering point in early 2013 to davids berlin phase when he experimented with different music and did his own thing , its all there just at different times
    6. aaronyoji

      hmm interesting, i remember kelly osbourne on FP in reference to her fashion and persona, that her ziggy phase was kind of coming to a closure as well. i really dont know if i see it though, cuz i dont wanna compare her early work to that phase, musically i feel like she has yet to reach her rise and fall of ziggy, or her vespertine, or her dark side of the moon in terms of quality and experimentation.
  3. Alive

    Cant beleive ive been here since 2011 and still dont have 3,000 posts

    1. calmar

      There's no rush or anything. I only had 1000 after one year, and now I've gotten 2000 more in 2 months :emma:
    2. U-GO-BOY

      same here
    3. Blake

      I was like that...now I have nearly 4000 so.
    4. Blake

      And I've been here since like 2010 lol.
  4. Alive

    Your still good to me if your a bad kid baby :flutter:

  5. Alive

    Anyone else getting the problem where the facebook ggd feed gets mixed with status updates?

    1. hoeslay

      Same. Also sometimes the recent topics disappear.
    2. soundwave

      my recent topics completely disappear
    3. Anth0nyL0pez

      My recent topics left panel appears for 5 seconds then goes completely blank. Inb4 ggd has a secret surprise/update for us
  6. Alive

    So glad Gaga breathed the life back into this era

    1. Essence

      IKR? This era has become so awesome. The fashion, the new video, the performances - A+
  7. Alive

    Yesterday has left me with trust issues..

  8. Alive

    Looks like green hair is the new teal

  9. Alive

    Not gaga's simpson episode being the worst rated

    1. FATCAT

      The show is stupid anyway, even the creators wish it would end.
    2. bionic

      It was pretty awful.
  10. Alive

    Can karen O be my spirit Animal?

    1. Mer Boy

    2. Maleficent

  11. Alive

    Ive kind of been curious as to why gaga started going back to her original look , for nostalgia?

    1. ChasingGhosts

      Me too, I dont mind either way but it'd be nice to know why
  12. Alive

    I hope she performs The fame summerboy

    1. Mr Josh

      I dont think she will. Last time she did was at Coachella in 2007. Her voice has changed.
    2. Alive

      I would still like to hear it performed once more , if she can do just dance she can do summerboy imo
    3. Mr Josh

      different key
  13. Alive

    " or from Australia rocking to Applause" , it flopped here though..

    1. GoodBoyReRe

  14. Alive

    eating consistently is so hard when your at uni

  15. Alive

    I would pay a lot of money to see gaga play No Floods and Fooled me again one last time

    1. UrethraFranklin

      Omggggg yesssssss. I hope she does an anti-tour like Kylie did.
    2. Rising

      Fooled Me Again :flutter: I love that song so much.
  16. Prometheus » Alive

    You are my new favorite user. Your pictures and art are amazing!

    1. Alive

      Oh thank you so much , im motivated to update my gallery now
    2. Prometheus

  17. Alive

    Cant at one little spot of concealer turning me into pizza face the next day

    1. Buoy Boy

      the best makeup ever hands down is nutri-gold it is AMAZING dunno if you can get it where u are but if u can snap it up!!!
    2. Prometheus

      I've thought about using concealer...but I don't know where to start and how to not make it noticeable.
    3. Buoy Boy

      honestly, if u can get nurti-gold get it! its a foundation not a concealer but is literally undetectable and amazing
    4. Alive

      I try not to use those products , im just trying to get my skin good so i dont need it
  18. Alive

    The new users who think they are the first to try gif signatures :smh:

  19. Alive

    Classic poker face upsidedown air humping is back :spin:

    1. ChasingGhosts

    2. Nolan Voth

    3. Alive

      where she thrusts her hips into the air while laying on a bed , in poker face she does it on a the pool chair
  20. Alive

    I liked guy but urgh those housewives

  21. Alive

    My mum just sent me a text saying "gaga came to visit" with a picture of the artrave ticket she got me , i love my mum

    1. Didymus

      Awww :giveup: That's so sweet, congratulations, enjoy it! :party:
    2. Alive

      thanks! , its my first concert
    3. Michael

      awww yay, congrats!!! what show you going to?

      COngrats! :hug:
    5. Scarlet Witch

      Omg your mom is :legend:
    6. Edu

      She sounds so lovely!
    7. Alive

      perth 20th of august
    8. Michael

      cool :legend: have fun!
  22. Alive

    Im really hoping i dont wake up to meltdowns.... maybe il''l just watch the video first then read reactions

  23. Alive

    ?anyone else excited for a full colour video?

    1. Stefani328


    3. Maleficent

      We've only had 1 b&w video though, I think
    4. Fox People

      applause, alejandro
    5. Nolan Voth

      inb4 they decide last minute to apply b&w to the whole video. :emma:
    6. Maleficent

      inb4 instragam filters, different one in each scene.
  24. Alive

    the single cover !

  25. Alive

    omg im obsessed with the fame wig and black clothes