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  1. Jase added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new Gaga Daily!   

    ​they will at a later date
  2. Jase added a post in a topic: UK Charts Discussion   

    iTunes Update

    01. Love Me Like You Do (From "Fifty Shades Of Grey") - Ellie Goulding
    02. FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney
    03. Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) [From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Soundtrack] - The Weeknd
    04. Living For Love - Madonna
    05. Take Me To Church - Hozier
    06. What I Did for Love (feat. Emeli Sandé) - David Guetta
    07. Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Mark Ronson
    08. Heartbeat Song - Kelly Clarkson
    09. Hold Back the River - James Bay
    10. Something New - Axwell Λ Ingrosso
    11. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith
    12. Gravity (feat. Ella Eyre) [Radio Edit] - DJ Fresh
    13. Sugar - Maroon 5
    14. Ayo - Chris Brown X Tyga
    15. Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran
    16. Clocks Go Forward - James Bay
    17. Lock All the Doors - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    18. Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Paloma Faith
    19. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
    20. Style - Taylor Swift
    21. The Nights - Avicii
    22. Budapest - George Ezra
    23. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
    24. Figure It Out - Royal Blood
    25. Say Something - Karen Harding
    26. Elastic Heart - Sia
    27. Love Me Like You Do (From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Soundtrack) - Ellie Goulding
    28. Doing It (feat. Rita Ora) - Charli XCX
    29. Up (feat. Demi Lovato) - Olly Murs
    30. Stay With Me - Sam Smith
    31. Blame It on Me - George Ezra
    32. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
    33. Towards the Sun (From The "Home" Soundtrack) - Rihanna
    34. Wish You Were Mine - Philip George
    35. Like I Can - Sam Smith
    36. Hold Back the River - James Bay
    37. I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith
    38. Ballad of the Mighty I - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    39. They Don't Know (Radio Edit) - Disciples
    40. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith
    Bubbling Under
    48. King - Years & Years *Pre-order
    55. Cassy O' - George Ezra
    82. Let In the Sun - Take That
  3. Jase added a post in a topic: American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5 - October 2015)   

    Sarah not returning would be heartbreaking tbh.
    I'm hoping NPH is back. He's a big Gaga fan so it'd be kinda cute if they got to work together :flutter:
  4. Jase added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    omg the AHS promo posters are always so striking/well made, and I assume she'll feature in all of them in the run-up to the premiere! :excited2:
  5. Jase added a post in a topic: American Crime Story Season 1: The People V OJ Simpson   

    TOTALLY forgot about this so thank you for this thread!! When does this premiere?
  6. Jase added a post in a topic: She is almost back on top   

    I think he means in the GP's eyes. 
    But yeah, it's so lovely to witness this turnaround. I'm SO excited about what's to come this year!
  7. Jase added a post in a topic: Inez & Vinoodh shot the AHS promo!   

    This! Such cool visuals.
  8. Jase added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    We'll agree to disagree. Absolutely no hard feelings :hug:
  9. Jase added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    #02 now, Ellie's back at #01
  10. Jase added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    You claiming people have "no sense of humor" just because we don't find you saying how you wished she'd broken her neck funny? Stop.
  11. Jase added a post in a topic: Daily Beast: "Gaga is a Phoenix and it's her time to fly"   

    Taking me back to the Marry the Night video :cry:

    "ARTPOP, was a commercial and critical disaster."
    the hyperbole :smh:
  12. Jase added a post in a topic: Taylor beats Beyonce and Ed S beats Sam S at Brits   

    Taylor's first Brit! She deserves it.
  13. Jase added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    Absolutely nothing in your statement could have been taken in a joking form, though. There was no silly emoticons, no further explanation, just something really horrible and that's the kinda crap which gives this fanbase a bad name.
  14. Jase added a post in a topic: FULL HQ VIDEO: Madonna falls while performing on BRITS   

    Finding it funny is different than wishing serious harm on somebody :)

Status Feed

  1. Jase


  2. Jase

    Gaga owning 2015 and she doesn't even have new music out. :legend:

  3. Jase

    the amount of "i didn't know she could sing like THAT" comments on twitter :legend:

  4. Jase

    "wearing plastic gloves bc she just finished scrubbing your favs blood off the floor after she murdered they career" :lmao:


      it looks like red leather though
    2. TheOriginalOne

      OMFG :dies:
  5. Jase

    "Tonight we slug whiskey, vomit paint, dance electric till we faint"

    1. Astraeus

    2. Luiz

    3. B E A S T

      From where is that from?
    4. Gohan

      Tonight we slug whiskey, vomit paint, dance electric till we make Gohan faint when we tell him he's going to be GGD's newest moderator
  6. Jase

    Spyro should NOT be modded for changing his username to Ratchet. :noparty:

    1. Spyro

      Change my name to Spyro then you can mod me tbh.
    2. BLACKOUTbritney

      Such a messy name change. We forgive him tho
    3. Jase

      Change it back to Spyro, Spyro!!!!!!!
    4. Spyro

      I can't cause I need to wait about 56 more days :(
    5. BLACKOUTbritney

      Make a thread for a mod to change it back!!!
    6. Jase

      I can change it back if you like.
    7. Spyro

      Please! :cryga:
    8. Astraeus

      please make this happen http://i.imgur.com/UzcxFdc.png I'll be your bitch for a week
  7. Jase

    Spyro you did NOT just hide that thread :lmao:

    1. Spyro

      :) un hide it tbh.
  8. Jase

    trying to find members who'd make good mods by browsing through the 'who's online' list :rip:

    1. inuborg

      oooh I should become a mod to be honest.
    2. Lance

    3. Lance

    4. POTION

      Eeeeeeeeek, I'm on offline :rip:
    5. Coop

      Uhm what about Haroon? :fan:
    6. Bloody

      I'm here :sis:
    7. inuborg

      Think about it though, inu as a mod will bring iron first justice for stans of all fan bases, big or small.
    8. PurplePatch

      Wait, lemme switch to online mod :cry:
  9. Jase

    I just started The 100 and I'm really enjoying it :unicorn:

    1. OBEY

      one of the best shows ever :giveup:
    2. Jase

      i keep getting distracted by bellamy's beauty :giveup:
    3. OBEY

      i don't know how many episodes you've watched, but i truly couldnt stand him in the first episodes of the season :lmao:
      he's a beauty you're right ! and finn too<3
    4. Jase

      Not many, just about to start season 1, episode 3 :)
    5. OBEY

      omg :giveup:
      every episode is :giveup:
      but this one :giveup:
      i won't saw more ! ;)
    6. OBEY

      omg :giveup:
      every episode is :giveup:
      but this one :giveup:
      i won't saw more ! ;)
    7. Jase

  10. Jase

    the **** of a spider which has been terrorizing me for months is back, i just saw it scurry across my bedroom floor :puke:

    1. inuborg

      sorry, I just wanted to say hi
    2. Gohan

      BURN HA

    3. Jase

      hi!! :sara:
    4. Jase

      @gohan :lmao: I literally can't move. I'm *terrified* of spiders so I'm pretty much just sat here having a mini panic attack
    5. Morphine Prince

      I got bit by a spider once on my arm and it was the worst experience of my life. A large portion of my arm was red, swollen, and NASTY and it lasted like that for like two weeks and I had to wear long sleeves.... none of the medicine worked, not even antibiotics since it was infected.... what finally worked was natural aloe vera and it went away after like 3 days of constantly applying it. Yeah, I just needed to share that :rip:
    6. Jase

      I'm literally about to try and sleep and that's the last thing I read before I log off...brb, perma banning you x
    7. Gohan

      nnnnnn, LMAO
    8. Morphine Prince

  11. Jase » Neptune

    Hi, I've sorted your WP's out! :hug:

    1. Neptune

      Thank you :hug:
  12. Jase

    new avatar!

    1. Kayla

    2. Coop


    1. Morphine Prince

      Does this disc contain nuclear launch codes?
    2. Coop

      ARTPOP Act II?
  13. Jase

    Is Scandal any good?

    1. bionic

    2. PurplePatch

      Eh, it's good, but it can be grating at times with the relationship dynamic between Olivia Pope and the president, you'll see
  14. Jase


  15. Jase

    Gaga dancing to AC/DC, the fashion, that amazing performance with Tony...what a great night.

    1. MamanMonstre

      and lets not forget a Grammy :champagne
    2. PACO

      don't forget the Grammy they won :sis:
    3. Jase

      OH YEAH :lmao:
  16. Jase

    I'm not ready for the GGD Grammy meltdowns tomorrow night.

    1. Coop

      We're gonna win it! :party:
    2. Spyro

      i requested work off for this exactly.
    3. Red

      Are you ready for ready for the s.hit storm the s.hit storm

    5. Jase

      I'm not ready for the 250,000 reports which will more than likely flood in due to the meltdowns.
    6. Spyro

      may i be of an assistance?

      thats what u get for living in modland gg
    8. Jase

      yeah i'll pm you my login details so you can take care of everything :unicorn:
    9. Spyro

      i was talking about being mod but that works :unicorn:
  17. Jase

    I think I'm addicted to drinking water :/

    1. Iggy Azalea

    2. badgalriri

      thats good. just dont drink too much in one day. you'll drown your cells and cause major issues, including death
    3. Jase

      @badgirl ty for the advice!! :deadbanana:
    4. CowSiss

      Hope this makes you feel less thirsty http://crystalmoth.com/pictures/121112/weird_picture_fish_face_ugly_black_guy.jpg
    5. Jase

      @Gypsiss WHYYYYYYYY
    6. badgalriri

    7. Spyro

    8. Mer Boy

      I love it when my piss is crystal clear. That is the only reason why I drink 2.5L a day.
    9. CowSiss

      @Jase Hopefully, it did the trick. Just tryna help you overcome overhydration. It's a thing
  18. Jase

    is ggd going real slow for anybody?

    1. Jewels n Drugs

      nope :shrug:
    2. Andreyw

    3. inuborg

    4. Jewels n Drugs

      Basics :classy:
    5. Koreku

      Actually, yes
    6. Astraeus

      Yes for a few days too
    7. Adam

      Kinda... btw, love your new pic! She's looks so marvelous. :)
    1. TheOriginalOne


  19. Jase

    pigrez on front page of tomorrow's papers: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B8jJ5nFIcAAKkPQ.jpg

    1. Ursula Buffay

      He needs Jesus.
    2. hmm

      Probably not even true; if it were they would question him now, not wait until he leaves some silly tv show
    1. BoomKack

    2. Jase

  20. Jase

    "brace yourselves for adult themes, aggressive scenes of confrontation, and very offensive language right from the very start and constantly throughout" - sounds like this is going to be an entertaining CBB episode :popcorn:

    1. Onion Boy

      can you please message me
  21. Jase

    "Wtf is Perez" is trending worldwide, I AM SCREAMING

    1. Blue Jeans

      since i can't comment on your profile i'm just gonna post here, thanks for fixing the issue with my wpt :)
    2. Jase

      you're welcome!
    3. Adam

      Off topic, but thanks for helping, Jase! I appreciate it, seems it's a another crazy day. <3
    4. Jase

      you're welcome, lovely :hug: