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  1. Zilla added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga Now Considered As An A-List Singer   

    ​This, why are you laughing? I'll never understand
  2. Zilla added a post in a topic: Europe ‘feels like Nazi Germany,’ says Madonna   

    Simmer down, guys. Everyone can have an opinion. Respect
  3. Zilla added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    Regardless it will come out which was my point :)
  4. Zilla added a post in a topic: LISTEN: Lady Gaga - "Till It Happens To You" PREMIERE (LQ)   

    Sharing it in DM's and stuff will more than likely guarantee it getting leaked out fyi. 
    And if you have it, cool. If you don't have it and are persuading people into posting it, stop. It's their choice in the end
  5. Zilla added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    I'm still not over it and questioning my sanity
  6. Zilla added a post in a topic: Julie Andrews on Lady Gaga: 'I Have a New Friend'   

    I wanted to be Julie's friend for years :nick: legend
  7. Zilla added a post in a topic: my new single...   

    Stop with the racist talk already sheesh
  8. Zilla added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    That performance was :rip:
  9. Zilla added a post in a topic: E! News: Gaga wearing 3 custom Alaia at the Oscars   

    Added it to the OP :party:
  10. Zilla added a post in a topic: E! News: Gaga wearing 3 custom Alaia at the Oscars   

    I could go back and record it if you want for the receipts?
  11. Zilla added a post in a topic: E! News: Gaga wearing 3 custom Alaia at the Oscars   

    I was watching the E! Red carpet preshow and they said it. It's also the first time he custom designed a gown for a major red carpet event
  12. Zilla added a post in a topic: Celebuzz STANNING for Gaga   

    Are they still fighting? Sadddddddddd.
  13. Zilla added a post in a topic: Little Monsters DRAGGING woman who made the HP article about Gaga   

    oh god :fail:
    the interneettttttt
  14. Zilla added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea leaves twitter after controversy around unflattering pic   

    No we're done, have a nice day

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I'm Steph, aka Zilla aka Karen.

-New Jersey

-Member since 2009, mod since like 2010

-I will be adding more to this considering I forgot most of what I had in my old profile










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  1. Zilla

    Sinus infection. Delicious

    1. Green Detox

      :ohno: I know how that feels. It makes me suffer too. A Hot wet face towel on my forehead helps me sometimes. And nimesulide.


      I have one too right now so you're not alone!

    3. Steve Nasty

      get well soon :heart:

    4. Green Detox

      get well soon! I forgot to say!

    5. Zilla


  2. Zilla

    Complain complain complain

    1. Phoenix

      It's a big change. It's expected. 

    2. Mariann


    3. Iggy Azalea

      Judge!!! JUDGING!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    4. Zilla

      Let's leave it this way. Admin knows about all the issues and he's fixing them as fast as he can :)

    5. Yanko

      the whole site was re-designed of course people will complain 

  3. Zilla

    My cover photo is making me laugh. God I love Karen

    1. Iggy Azalea

      That's amazing. Did Admin give the approval though, he said it's causing bugs ;) 

    2. Zilla

      He didn't tell me anything sooooooooo

    3. Iggy Azalea

      Welp then it's okay because you didn't know. :P 

    1. Gia

      Hey girl, how you doin' :flirt:

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    2. Zilla

      Not bad, how are you?

    3. Gia

      Not bad not great lmao, but overall kinda good! What have you been up to lately?

    4. Zilla

      Sick and working a lot haha

  4. Adam » Zilla

    Hey Zilla! Hope your week went well. <3

    1. Zilla

      Hey! Busy busy busy how are you?

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  5. Zilla

    He's working on all the bugs and stuff. Please be patient :)

    1. YCHofficial

      Do not tell me what to do woman !!!


    2. Zilla

      I'll make you!

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  6. Zilla

    I just need to watch the gaga/julie hug a bunch of times and i become so happy :')

  7. Zilla

    anyone have good HQ pics of gaga and julie or could direct me to a thread? thank ya

    1. Bloody

    2. Bloody

    3. Zilla

      thanks you're the best!
  8. Zilla



    2. Zilla


  9. Zilla


  10. POTION » Zilla

    UPDATE: My sea monkeys r like 2-3 months old now. I have like 7-9 adults & 3-4 younger ones. Around 3 girls are pregnant & already laid some eggs--I've been seeing some newborns recently too! This is really awesome omfg, I had to let you know.

    1. Zilla

      see, they took a little bit of time to get started. Take good care of them!
    2. POTION

      I'm doing my best! It's really cool because I've sadly lost 2 lives :giveup: However, they keep reproducing & laying more eggs. I expect to have more sea monkeys in the upcoming weeks than what I had in the beginning.
  11. Zilla

    50 shades the movie is so bad omg

    1. PicklePower

      Zilla gettin' freaky over here!
    2. Zilla

      No it's not doing anything. It's just making me mad that Ana is such a weakling and Christian is such an obsessive stalker
    3. PicklePower

      How do we know you don't like being mad? :hor: How do we know you don't like weaklings and stalkers? :hor:
    4. Gagaismyhero666

      I want to see
    5. Zilla

      no. I'm a strong woman who wouldn't appreciate a man who's trying to take over my life
    6. PicklePower

      I'm just kidding. :emma:
  12. Zilla

    I'm so done with this snow -_-;

    1. YCHofficial

      i want you to smack my ass with snow :flutter: .. but srsly.. hold on its almost spring :'D
    2. Blue Jeans

      I wish it was snowing here :'(
  13. Oscar » Zilla

    What if I used spoilers?

    1. Zilla

      Still considered spam. Please use it less frequently it's irritating some people
  14. Zilla

    Is it spring yet?

  15. Zilla

    Beyoncé coming out like an angel from heaven and slaying me to the point of goosebumps

    1. rarigoes

      Amazing vocals, looked lovely! no lip syncing there. :)
  16. Zilla

    Kayla is fine and still is an admin. We're just trying to figure out what's going on

    1. Red

    2. Coop

      Her profile is normal again.
    3. bionic

      That's good to hear
    4. Kayla

  17. Zilla

    Allergies need to stop my makeup is running :fan:

    1. bionic

      I wish I could peel off my allergy-free skin and give it to you :(
    2. hmm

      Have you tried piriton or some other medicine for allergies?
    3. rarigoes

      Dissolvable Claritin or Zyrtec and Visine Allergy eye drops
    4. Zilla

      Thanks but nothing works! Lol and I would love your face Bionic. Send it to me
    5. rarigoes

      have you ever tried prescription meds for allergies? they do qork better on some people.
  18. Zilla

    I'm the kind of person who would laugh at nothing

    1. Spyro

      lady gaga tweeted my spyro youtube page instead of the BTW link proof > https://twitter.com/SpyrosKingdom
    2. Zilla

    3. Spyro

      some people gained respect for her https://twitter.com/AnimeCow/status/72518317444829184
    4. Red

    5. Zilla

      I dun get it *shrugs*
  19. Zilla

    obladioblidah baaahahahaha life goes on


      preach zilla queen of the universe and milky way slay me
    2. Ambrosia

      La-la how the life goes on
  20. Zilla

    Warnings going out for Katy bashing. Keep it cute

    1. eNvi

      oh nooo. mama Zilla is here. ok will do
    2. Gianni Versace

      Please do, Zilla. This **** is getting out of hand.
    3. PicklePower

      Thanks Zilla, gurl. :hug:
  21. GAGA1972 » Zilla

    Hey its ULTRARTPOP from my new account - you can delete all of the posts from my old one. thanks so much for the help!

  22. Zilla

    Im nominating myself as eternal queen of this website. har har har gnite


      I feel like you already are though *insert bow down gif*

    3. Mer Boy

  23. Zilla

    I don't mind if people have opinions but why throw people under the bus?

    1. Spyro

      because cady did it...
    2. Gianni Versace

      yeezy taught me
    3. CowSiss

      @Gianni, I'm screaming
  24. Zilla

    Have cheek to cheek playing through my new Amazon Echo #techgeek