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  1. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Dad charged with murder after leaving baby inside hot car all day   

    Who thinks "I'll leave my kid in the SUV while I go to work"
  2. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Gaga sings Hair in Calgary, AB   

    It was so good omg I the poor guy was in tears
  3. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea   

    its funny cause if the songs were switched and katy released BW and Iggy released DH y'all would be saying the same thing
  4. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: READ ME before your artRave show! IMPORTANT!   

    thank you :bow:
  5. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: DO NOT POST LINKS -- "Brooklyn Nights" Snippet Discussion Topic   

    Maybe this was the song that was supposed to be the leftover track on BTW?
    I remember the sound engineer or something said it would be on the album way back when and it was only recently cut
  6. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Why does Gaga have so much more money than the other girls?   

    It's definitely in her songwriting.
    She doesn't have to split the royalties with many because it's usually just her + her producers while her contempararies have entire teams of writers and sometimes aren't involved in the writing at all. And when they aren't involved in the songwriting they obviously won't get part of the songwriting royalties
  7. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Porcelain Black   

    Yeah it was totally random  :eek:
    They were playing it at work and I was wondering why I was mumbling along to it until I realized who it was
  8. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: The Gaga SINGLE you pay dust to the most ?   

  9. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Sky Ferreira   

    Am I the only one who prefers Omanko to Kristine/NT,MT?
  10. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Porcelain Black   

    Heard Mannequin Factory on my local rock station the other day :toofunny:
  11. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: Sky Ferreira   

    I hope "Ditch the Bitch" and/or "Cherry Bomb" leak someday 
  12. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: The ARTPOP App is available! [Android & iTunes]   

    "Enigma pop-star is fun, she wear burqa for fashion"
  13. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: ARTPOP Snippet on RADIOARTPOP tonight!   

    It'll be the T.I. verse but in studio form :troll:
  14. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: "Venus" confirmed as the second single, released worldwide on 10/27   

    No Donatella :cry:
  15. HighWayUnicornR2L added a post in a topic: 'AURA' premiere and lyric video discussion (RELEASE 10/9)   

    From the article
    "Not enough "Aura" for you? Well, a special "Machete Kills" lyric video, featuring the entire song, will premiere on Tuesday, October 8."

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  1. HighWayUnicornR2L

    My secret lover is 108

    1. Good Enough

      Shhh I told you not to say anything
    2. ChicaSkas

      i prefer 52
  2. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Everyone on this site try way too hard to be "shady"

  3. HighWayUnicornR2L

    stupid question but when does ArtRAVE kick off?

    1. Arturo

      May 4th
    2. Solar Spectre

      May, not considering the Roseland shows (March-April).
  4. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Dope has a beautiful instrumental

  5. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Can someone PM a link to the solo version of Just Dance??

  6. HighWayUnicornR2L

    90% of you on here give me a headache.

    1. Aaliyah

    2. T3ARS

      well, I never :crossed:
    3. Bae

      Oh goody!

      Oh really? Please, tell me more :crossed:
    5. Glow

      No kidding..
  7. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Awkward moment when your ex boyfriend adds the guy you're dating on Facebook o_0

  8. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I'll never understand the hate for Fernando, after DITD monsters were begging for him to be major on the next album, and Gaga listened. Then monsters hate what a lot of what they get

    1. Lava

      Ungrateful cunts tbh
    2. J Grey

      fernando and white shadow + gaga make the best songs. hope they always stick together.
    3. andrewsalt

      And Marry the Night and the Edge of Glory are two of the best Gaga productions EVER. Flawless instrumentals!
    4. Dazedmadonna

      He can't master and mix songs at all, that's it lol.
  9. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I feel like my friends hate me

    1. Sex Dreams

      Love you. :creepflop:
    2. Mole

      Welcome to the internet1
  10. HighWayUnicornR2L

    When someone gives you butterflies yet they don't give a **** about you >_>

    1. Pop Wolf

      Lady GaGa's relationship with her fans

    2. inuborg

      Hate the feeling :(
    3. Darkstains

      Feeling the same... worse is that they don't know you exist :/
  11. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I have no idea if you're just playing hard to get, or if I'm wasting my time

  12. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I wish I wasn't so scared of rejection

    1. HorheiFernandez

      Me too :cryga:
    2. inuborg

      Me three...
  13. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I haven't stopped listening to The State of Dreaming since it leaked

    1. jv2612

      i keep singing "housewife, beautyqueen, homewrecker, idle teen) :derpga:
    2. HighWayUnicornR2L

      I edited that part into it :derpga:
    3. jv2612

      me too :derpga:
  14. HighWayUnicornR2L

    That moment when you can't decide wether to text someone or not

    1. Logan

      Do it. No regrets.
  15. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Regina Spektor is flawless

  16. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I have seen the light and I can now say I fully love Marina & The Diamonds. The Family Jewels has to be the best album I've heard in a long time

  17. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Gonna hit on a sexy boy I know tomorrow ;3

    1. omglion

      Me too :ohno: Good luck. inb4: get dat dick gurl
  18. HighWayUnicornR2L

    And the adventure beings again ;3

  19. HighWayUnicornR2L

    reading coming out stories and the negative reactions just terrify me :ohno:

  20. HighWayUnicornR2L

    4 years ago Lina Morgana was brutally thrown off the roof of a hotel. You have 15 minutes to re-post this before she comes back to push you.

  21. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I still don't understand how people managed to mislabel "Greatest" as Party Boy

    1. Primetime

  22. HighWayUnicornR2L » Carrie Bradshaw

    OMFG I *died* when I saw your name. Bree is the most flawless housewife on the entire lane

  23. HighWayUnicornR2L

    I'm honestly going to miss hearing "previously on Desperate Housewives...."

    1. Echo

      Me too!
    2. Hollywood

      Same :cry:
  24. HighWayUnicornR2L

    Gettin up the courage to ask someone out :x