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  1. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: DEBATE: ARTPOP, Gaga's best or worst?   

    I would say both.
    Personally I think these songs are up there as her best ever songs:
    Sexxx Dreams
    And then you get songs like Donatella...which is just so terrible compared with everything else she's ever done
  2. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Gaga faves a Tweet about Madonna's "plan"   

    Same here in so many ways but at the same time it would REALLY draw a line under the fan wars and media shitstorms for good...
  3. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Madonna: Gaga is very talented + there's room for other queens   

    Love how she says she's only criticized her once.
  4. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Madonna: Gaga is very talented + there's room for other queens   

    Guess what Madonna? You've used the same chord structure as a lot of songs that came before you.

    The only time Madonna talks about Gaga is when she has something to promote. Bitch GTFO.
  5. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Pop Artists Who Praised Gaga's Oscar Performance?   

    Kylie praised her
  6. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: WAIT- So now do the public have it confused or do WE?   

    But why would she dress crazy for the music she's been singing? She's not singing pop songs at the moment. 
  7. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Why Do you think Gaga kept secret her Operatic Voice?   

    Government Hooker intro waves and says hi  :giggle:
  8. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Gaga's performance at the Oscars hits 9M views on Facebook!   

  9. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Would you be here if Gaga made a song like Born To...   

    I was expecting born to make you happy by britney. 
  10. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Courtney Act stans for Gaga!   

    She was in the applause lyric video. I LOVE COURTNEY!
    But Bianca is still the best.

  11. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Gaga's Oscars performance now #01 on the front page of YouTube!   

    It has over 5 million views on facebook in less than 24 hours. 
    EDIT: Now nearly 6 million.
  12. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Is Kanye betraying Lady Gaga?   

    It would make no sense for the Gaga/Kanye tour to happen now. It wouldn't be a good look for either of them.
  13. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Various celeb reaction tweets to Gaga's stunning Oscars performance   

    I've always said this too. Talent ALWAYS prevails. And she's got heaps of it.
  14. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lady Gaga hits new career high at The Oscars   

    Guys she's going to perform fashun

  15. Flamboyant added a post in a topic: Oprah Winfrey teases Gaga's performance   


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  1. Flamboyant

    What a great day to be a fan.

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    Please watch my latest mix! 32 songs in 1! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO2P1TT-wOE

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    Follow me on Instagram monsters! @JoePMorrison - I will follow back :)

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    I've got that between-eras depression :( I need new gaga in my life so bad :(

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  8. Flamboyant

    Where is Gaga right now? Is she in Italy? When does she leave and where is she going?

    1. Levine

      Her next tour date is tonight in Barcelona. So I think she's in spain now.
    2. Flamboyant

      Thanks! Yeah I just seen that. My friend for some reason thought she was in Glasgow going to a VIP screening for some MTV thing but it's clearly false information haha!
  9. ChicaSkas » Flamboyant

    i was wondering... would you permit me to use elements of your cover art for Gagaween 2014 if I cant get organized in time

    1. ChicaSkas

      waiting on a GA for the project now and was just curious if that was doable. ps pls ck email <3
    2. ChicaSkas

      I kinda went ahead and used parts of it anyway but I gave you full credit on the image itself <3
    3. ChicaSkas

    1. Good Enough

      Wait you're Katy Krazy?
    2. Flamboyant

      lmao nooooooooooooooo! I remastered a Kat Krazy instrumental and made it into a Gypsy remix
  10. Flamboyant

    Watch! GYPSY (JM Kat Krazy Remix) HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vnIRpa3kPM

    1. Blake

      No he doesn't have it. He tweeted me back.
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    Follow me on twitter for a follow back monsters! Need more gaga fans on my timeline. @JoePMorrison

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    When anyone asks me if I want some MDMA I instantly hear "MDNA". My answer is no to both anyway.

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      At least MDMA is more appealing
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    Follow me bitches I follow back! @JoePMorrison

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      no twitter :)
  14. Flamboyant

    GUY is slipping on itunes UK. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

    1. What

      nobodies buying it
    2. djBuffoon

      It'll come back up, it's not even officially released to radio yet.
    3. Flamboyant

      I hope so. I don't understand how it's not even in the top 50 after the video release.
    4. Lukas

      Radio play hasn't started and gaga's song's usually start to rise after a television performance in the UK , April 8th is the radio release date so it's still got loads of time to do good
    5. Flamboyant

      Cool :) thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  15. Flamboyant

    Where the HELL is G.U.Y. on the itunes chart!?

    1. Mills

      Somewhere around top 150.
    2. Arturo

      I got over a 600% boost in sales.
    3. PdogtheDaibutsu

      You can't see it because it's under you
  16. Flamboyant

    Check out my Summertime Sadness remix and let me know what you think! :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsokabRj6ho

  17. Flamboyant

    Do we think that this new "beyonce-type itunes surprise release" could be Gaga..? I've been dismissive to that idea all day but the more I think about it the more I think it could be her... "THESE NEXT FEW MONTHS WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF ARTPOP".

    1. Scarlet Witch

      I'll pray to Lord Lucifer for it
    2. Flamboyant

      Could maybe that be the reason why there's been quite a big delay between singles? Preparing the rest of the ARTPOP material?! WHO KNOWS I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
  18. Flamboyant

    I made a Lana Del Rey remix for Summertime Sadness and want to post it. What section should I put it in?

    1. Addy Ezzie

      I'd say conversation area. There's an Audio section in Media but it's only for Gaga songs I think.
  19. Flamboyant

    Just phoned the police on a busker outside my window. Not because he was too loud and keeping me awake, but because he never played Gypsy.