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  1. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    Best Nicki forum on da internet [url=""][/url]
  2. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: 'Born This Way' Album Lyrics † Song Info Topic   

    Eum... She wrote it, so why wouldn't she like it?
  3. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to still go ahead with her Jakarta concert   

    Where are those pictures from? They're great!
  4. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    That rap part at 2:47 is definately the best part of the video, the whole video is really good, well, except that I totally don't like Chris Brown...
  5. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    [quote name='Mason' timestamp='1337209848' post='1265898']
    Here's the video for RBMS! [url=""][/url]

    Wow, dat ass at 1:21
  6. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    Bitches ain't serious, man these bitches delirious...
  7. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    So many good songs on Roman Reloaded and she makes a video for Right By My Side...
  8. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga's tour rockets in with $30 MILLION in first 8 Shows   

    Where is this from?
  9. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Forbes: Lady Gaga one of the most powerful celebrities on the globe   

    Jennifer Lopez?

    Receipts please...
  10. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Forbes: Lady Gaga one of the most powerful celebrities on the globe   

    She might be #1, this is about fame and not sales you know...
  11. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: There will only be a photo of Lady Gaga in Men In Black 3   

    OMG! So glad!
  12. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    Can't stop singing (rapping) Come On A cone, so amazing! Best song o her album!
  13. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Japan Charts Discussion   

    The Fame: #7
    21: #10

  14. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: RQ: Please post your show's setlist here! (Official Setlist Topic)   

    Paper Gangsta maybe, but it's okay right now...
  15. SebaMonster added a post in a topic: Nicki Minaj   

    [quote name='EULONZO' timestamp='1335971416' post='1196898']
    I'm not into happy songs tbh.

    When Nicki was singing on Pink Friday (like Moment 4 Life) it didn't bother me at all, but now... But I guess she'll get back to how she was back than, when she'll be less revelant...

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  1. SebaMonster

    Wut is this ****?

    1. Echo

      Whats wrong Seba?
    2. SebaMonster

      Nothing :creep:
    3. SebaMonster

      You didn't just surpass my post count...
    4. Echo

      Nope. :nacho:
  2. SebaMonster

    I remember when GGD always had 1.000 or more members online, not trying to be rude.

    1. Arturo

      I remember when there used to be intellgiant discussions in the 4th album thread, then eggs were suddenly allowed to post in there :toofunny:
    2. SebaMonster

      Me too :cackle:
    3. Arturo

    4. Swine

      I remember when I didn't notice censorship, and now it's like our daily bread :laughga:
  3. SebaMonster

    What happened to my signature? It was the right size... '-_-

    1. Swine

      It was too flawless :hor:
    2. SebaMonster

      Yes, this forum can't handle it, I guess. :p
  4. SebaMonster

    Finally changed my set, how is it? :hor:

    1. Bob

      It's great.
      Do you like mine? :shy:
    2. SebaMonster

      Omg, your profile background! o_O
    3. Bob

    4. Swine

      It makes me hot, tbh.
    5. Bob

      His set?
    6. SebaMonster

    7. Swine

      Yes, his set :fan:
  5. SebaMonster

    That was weird... o_O

  6. SebaMonster

    What Billboard Awards did Gaga win? I still don't know...

    1. _Scheisse

      Dance artist and dance album. She also won the fan voted awards
    2. Americano

      yeah, she won 4 in total. The dance ones and the BBMA Fan Favorite Artist and Most Influential Style Award
    3. SebaMonster

      That's great!
  7. SebaMonster

    I love the middle picture of the 7 pics on the banner...

    1. Swine

      No one could ever tell :lmao:
    2. Kirilll

      Yassss :legend:

      You just couldn't resist :giveup:
    3. SebaMonster

      No, i couldn't... :sweat:
    4. OZZ

  8. SebaMonster

    These Simpsons episode previes are getting cheesy...

    1. Nolan

      Gaga, Dada, Jawa, PEACE. :hor:
  9. SebaMonster

    Sometimes it gets annoying how most of you guys think Gaga decides everything she does, she has a record label you know...

    1. ExorcismGaga

      She has the illuminati, you know..
  10. SebaMonster

    Come On A Cone lyrics slay your life... :nacho:

    1. inuborg

      "If you weren't so ugly, I'd put my dick in your face"
    2. Texas HoldEm

      I'm sitting with Anna.
    3. Leo

      Them lyrics so cold, they belong in Alaska.
    4. minajatrois

      Nope, Texas HoldEm, you aren't sitting with me. :hor:
    5. Texas HoldEm

      Not a metaphor punchline, I'm really sitting with Anna!
    6. minajatrois

      you wish :hor: lol
    7. james19709

    8. SebaMonster

      I just pick up and go, might pick up a hoe... :nacho:
  11. SebaMonster

    Bloody Mary is seriously the best song ever...

    1. Moochy

    2. Bad Kids

  12. SebaMonster

    I think GGD used to be perfect, why all these changes?

    1. Echo

      Like.... Facebook?
  13. Mark » SebaMonster

    luvin da sig.

    1. SebaMonster

      Oh, thanx. Made by myself, I'm so talented... :hor:
  14. SebaMonster

    When will this devil worship stop... '-_-

    1. Mark

      lol. it never ends.
    2. SebaMonster

      I mean: when will people stop talking about that, it's so fucking retarted... T_T
    3. Daria

      I hate that they always accuse every singer of devil worship.
    4. Mark

      i wonder who started this funny concept of illuminati?
    5. SebaMonster

      And I hate how their "prooves" are so ridiculous, but people still believe it...
    6. Daria

      one reason I hate YouTube now....
    7. SebaMonster

      lol, me too

      @Mark Pressed Christians that hate today's generation, probably...
  15. SebaMonster

    If you wasn't ugly, I'd put my **** in your face!

    1. Logan

      In that case..
    2. Bob

      Let me smell yo dick
    3. SebaMonster

      If you wasn't so ugly... :troll:
    4. Bob

    5. SebaMonster

    6. Bob

    7. Rino

      *rolls eyes*
  16. SebaMonster

    My new signature sucks ass...

    1. Bad Kids

      Nope, its awesome <3
    2. SebaMonster

      I changed it again anyways...
    3. OZZ

      love it to be quite honest
    4. SebaMonster

      Too late, it's already changed...
    5. Chezza

      Flawless tbh.
  17. SebaMonster

    This new signature thing sucks, I wanna use my old signature... '-_-

    1. Debbie Lovato

    2. SebaMonster

      Dude, who are you?
    3. Debbie Lovato

      Ta mère, i am member like you on this site ... i just want to know why u deleted my reply.
    4. SebaMonster

      I didn't... A mod did, cause you can't talk about that forum on here...
    5. SebaMonster

      I didn't... A mod did, cause you can't talk about that forum on here...
    6. Debbie Lovato

      ok i think it was you sorry :flop:
    7. SebaMonster

      And my mom is not here... T_T
    8. Debbie Lovato

      Hahahaha u speak french or no.
    9. SebaMonster

    10. Debbie Lovato

      Oh tu va sur Gagavision
    11. SebaMonster

    12. Debbie Lovato

      Sorry for this conversation, i'm not an active member, nobody who i am, my english is not very bad.
    13. SebaMonster

      No problem... :p :hug:
    14. Debbie Lovato

      hahaha sorry very bad :flop: :hug:
  18. SebaMonster

    Imagine if Gaga releases Scheiße as a single while touring, it gets an amazing Dance video and becomes a hit, quite possible in my opinion... :ohwell: That would just be amazing!!! :legend:

    1. Arturo

      It seems as thought everyone wants Scheisse as a single now even more that the tour started. It would smash so hard :cry:
    2. SebaMonster

      Yeah, I can't at everyone saying the BTW era is over, who knows...?
    3. Nikko

      It would flop
    4. SebaMonster

      How can you know?
    5. Nikko

      I have the receipts. It'd be too risky for Interscope and Gaga to release a 6th single. The regular audience has got a bit too much of Gaga in 2011, they need a break of her. That's why MTN flopped. And you know that only a fanbase can't make a single happen. There you go.
    6. HazMonsterPaws

      Not a single, just a video, please :nails:
    7. SebaMonster

      Gaga has already been gone, the public wants her back, that's why they talk the whole time about her... :ohwell:
    8. Nikko

      Yes, a video would be okay. Would promote the tour well!
    9. Nikko

      @Seba, even if they want her back, they would want a new single, not something we have for a year now.
    10. SebaMonster

      Alot of Gaga "fans" haven't even listened to BTW... :nails: They only know the singles...
  19. SebaMonster

    I don't think Justin Bieber will be gone in one year like everyone says, he'll become a singer like Justin Timberlake soon, I think he'll be gone when he'll be just too old... :nails:

    1. KingAlanI

      yeah I heard the idea is to translate him to a decent adult act...personally, I still won't be interested.
    2. HazMonsterPaws

      I hope he'll disappear soon. And the real Justin needs to come back :nails:
    3. Eulonzo

      "he'll become a singer like Justin Timberlake soon" He already is a singer though..?
    4. SebaMonster

      He's a singer, but he's trying to become one like Justin Timberlake...
    5. Servare

      10 years later, we'll see him on SNL
    6. Alijandro

      JT was never as polarizing, hence why he succesfully went fron teen act to contempory artist, and JB will not
  20. SebaMonster

    Check my background... :nails:

    1. Kontikki

      I actually love that
    2. Scooby

      Your bio is covering it
    3. Servare

      LOVE IT!
    4. SebaMonster

      Thanx! :p
  21. SebaMonster

    All books will be replaced by iPads at my school next year... :dead:

    1. Pazuzu

      where teh fuck do you go to school? city of gold?
    2. SebaMonster

      Just a tiny city in Belgium... But I don't like this, I prefer books...
    3. Pazuzu

      RIP books. lol if the school I went to replaced books with ipads, theyd all be stolen or destroyed. viva la books over hurre.
    4. Sheridan

      My sister's school too!
    5. SebaMonster

      I've been thinking that too... I'll have to keep mine the whole time with me, my parents would get so mad if it got stolen! o_O
    6. SebaMonster

      I've been thinking that too... I'll have to keep mine the whole time with me, my parents would get so mad if it got stolen! o_O
    7. SebaMonster

      lol, are you from Belgium? :p By the way, it's the first school in Belgium and my school is so proud and they're talking the whole time about these iPads... So phatetic! :p
    8. HazMonsterPaws

      If the school is giving you one, I wouldn't complain.
    9. SebaMonster

      We have to pay of course!
    10. SebaMonster

      We have to pay of course!
    11. HazMonsterPaws

      :cryga: I wouldn't pay for one of those things :fuckthis:
  22. SebaMonster

    Thinking about how LAG got fired and Gaga's choreo's will never be as good anymore makes me so mad...

    1. Ribs

      LAG made really iconic choreos tbh. Miss her choreo, but not her ego :nacho:
    2. SebaMonster

      Yeah, you just can't watch Telephone, Alejandro and Judas without imitating the dance moves and they're so easy that you can do them after watching the video two times, unlike MTN choreo...
    3. Ribs

      Judas choreo >>>>>>
    4. boysboysboys

      I love MTN choreo, but yes I do miss LAG's past choreography. We can't really do anything about it as people of varying difficulties have stayed with Gaga, while LAG hasn't.
    5. iAstroLeo

      I like LAG's choreo because it was easy to learn, yet very inovating to watch.. Judas and Born This Way>>>
  23. SebaMonster

    Some things Gaga does are so stupid... But whatever, I'm still fan for the good things she does (like her amazing music)... :nails:

    1. boysboysboys

      Hmm, like what?
    2. SebaMonster

      Birth scene at the BTW Ball, Jo Calderone, the egg at the Grammy's, the thing on her head at the VMA's, oversized moles (the tiny ones were good), ...
    3. boysboysboys

      Mm, okay, this is your taste :) It's cool that you love Gaga.
    4. Eulonzo

      The oversized moles I agree with you. But that's your opinion. :)
    5. Juan Carlos

      The enormole is flawless.
    6. Kirilll

      I agree with you on the Birth scene :eek:
    7. Celestica

      I like the birth scene just because it freaks so many people out, lol
    8. minajatrois

      I never liked Jo to be honest
    9. SebaMonster

      Yeah, I love female Pop stars, they shouldn't disquise themself as a man... :nails:
    10. Eulonzo

      I love Jo. :crossed:
    11. boysboysboys

      I love Jo too.
    12. Juan Carlos

      Jo was...interesting...
    13. lauramonster

      Jo was interesting for the you and I video, maybe too much for the VMAs
    14. SebaMonster

      @lauramonster mte
    15. Hot Space

      We all do stupid things.
    16. Eulonzo

      The only reason why I think Jo was "too much" at the VMAs was because she was drinking during the show. So I don't think she was in her right mind tbh. If you notice, She was drinking while she was with Kanye and Jay Z.
    17. Carles

      is there a vid of the birth scene?
  24. SebaMonster

    If Gaga released Scheiße as a single right now it would be a hit tbh... I mean, there's no competition!

    1. Celestica

    2. SebaMonster

      How does this makes me pressed? :huh:
    3. HazMonsterPaws

    4. Lord Axel

      Scheiße as a single is my dream :'C
  25. SebaMonster

    Music is so boring right now, I really miss when alot of female Pop stars released hit songs and good music video's back in 2009 and 2010... The only succesfull song by a female Pop star right now is Starships, which had a ****ty music video... :/

    1. Ribs

      It's only April, though :P More music to come this year xD
    2. Celestica

      broaden your horizons, Seba
    3. Kuroro

      wat about STIUTK? one of the few songs today that uses real instrument. genius.
    4. SebaMonster

      Even a new Katy Perry hit would make me feel better right now... :ohno: Part Of Me was such a flop...
    5. HazMonsterPaws

      I feel the same. Music is SO boring right now! Months ago I just wanted Katy and all the other artist who were always in the top 10 to vanish but I miss them now tbh. When are we getting another hit like "Aserejé"? I'm just waiting for another great singer to appear. We already had Lana this year though...
    6. SebaMonster

      Yes, Goddy Perry come back!!! :legend: