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  1. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Madonna: Gaga is very talented + there's room for other queens   

    I never understood Madonna's legendary status.  I grew up in the 70s and 80s.  All my friends and I were obsessed with MJ, Prince, the Queen, AC/DC, Go-Go's, The Bangles, Blondie, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Knicks, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, etc etc, and none of us were fans of Madonna, simply b/c there was MUCH better music out there.  I never understood the appeal of Madonna, tbh.
  2. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Madonna: Gaga is very talented + there's room for other queens   

    Madonna can remain pressed.  Gaga is now at the Barbra Streisand level of Legend, whereas Madonna will need to continue to wear a bikini/thong until her 70s as she has no vocal talent to fall back on.
    Again, Madonna should've sued Gaga if she thought BTW is a ripoff, but it would not hold in court.
  3. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Your Gaming Achievements   

    I beat the Dark Souls 2 no death run and no bonfire run b/c I wanted the rings!  The no death run almost killed me.  When I got my ring, my sheer elation was eclipsed by relief.  I fell to my knees in tears when I saw Nashandra go down, my hands were shaking.  I never had such intense feelings ever!
  4. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Quick masterpost of Oscar statistics and slayage!   

    Bella Gianni.  thanks for that!  Real statistics!
  5. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Does the public want Gaga to sing the way she did at the Oscars?   

    Yes Bambino.  The Grammys cemented her brand in the GP's mind.  Now when people think of a Gaga performance, they think of a once in a lifetime experience, excellence in vocals and brilliant theatrics/drama.  So, anytime she's going to perform at a major awards show, the GP WILL tune in, because they will know they'll get a show.  Any time her name is mentioned, it will gain even more buzz from now on.
    Sadly, a lot of entertainers do things half-heartedly with no love, and the GP is frankly sick of mediocrity and average performances.  I think that's why Gaga exploded in the media b/c she gave a performance of a life time and gave her all.  She had actual heart, talent and passion instead of the usual jaded, boring performances that are constantly shoved down our throats.
    Gaga is NOT one note, so she's not going to do the Sound of Music over and over again so we don't have to worry about repetition  I mean, have we ever seen her do the same things?  No.  So, her performances will all be unique and different, tailored to the occasion, but will always showcase her now even more amazing vocals, charisma, passion and theatrics.  I see these things as the Gaga brand, and it's the reason why she's never going to "fade".
  6. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Linda Perry wants to write a Rock Opera with Lady Gaga!   

    That's pretty amazing.  did you actually make this?  It would be cool if you actually presented this to Gaga!
  7. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Linda Perry wants to write a Rock Opera with Lady Gaga!   

    LOL!   :yes: Well, now she can have 2!
  8. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Linda Perry wants to write a Rock Opera with Lady Gaga!   

    I agree.  put it on Broadway, and Gaga gets a Tony!
  9. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: BACKSTAGE PHOTOS: Lady Gaga cries following career-peaking performance   

    Thank you, this!
  10. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: My Reaction to Gaga's "Sound of Music" tribute.   

    First of all, welcome back DA! :haha:
    Second, I had the exact same reaction!  I also felt I could pinpoint Gaga's voice anywhere, so when she sang the first notes, it didn't sound like her at all.  I was literally WTF, is she LIP SYNCHING?  This is career suicide!!!  She'll be crucified by the media.  How can she DO this to me (I took it very personally, LOL).
    These vocals are a notch above her past performances and singing with a British accent further obscured everything.  However, as I continued to listen, though still really SHOCKED at the quality of her vocals, it IS clearly her voice.  And I already know that Gaga has huge vocal and musical talent, but this just floored me.
    After rewatching multiple times, I also failed to appreciate her charisma, stage presence, and her stage knowledge in terms of commanding the audience, placement and spatial awareness.
    This is a performance for the ages.  Gaga scalped me back and forth, up and down, I'm happy to say.  I'm so very, very joyous for Gaga that I can't sleep and I've never been so happy for her, I love it!!!
  11. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: I knew Gaga looked good tonight, but good lord......   

    I miss you CK105, and yes, you're right :heat:
  12. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Nintendo raked in $220 MILLION in Q2 profit   

    That's really awesome to hear!  I appreciate the Wii U so much, as it's the only backwards compatible next gen system, and frankly, they have really great games now.  We need a new metroid prime.  Fortunately, I heard that it's impossible for Nintendo to ever go out of business since they have such a huge surplus yet low overhead compared to Sony, which has so much bloat.  
    I'm hoping the Xbox One sales will improve and Sony to get out of its debt.  If consoles keep making tons of money, we will always have great games.
  13. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Forbes Praises Gaga!   

    Excellent point here.  I think being Forbes, it appears they like things if they're successful, so now that C2C is #1, then praise.  However, if the second week sales flounders, then they'll blast Gaga, is my feeling.
    It's like my free subscription to the awful Wall Street Journal (it was free, so why not, boy was I wrong), where literally every article would end in a cost analysis.  i.e.  The cat saved her owner from a fire.  If the owner required hospitalization, that would have cost at least 150K with the rising costs of hospitalization.  At the same time, feeding and caring for a cat costs approximately 1000/year x 5 years which is $5000.  Therefore, we would say it was worth having the cat with savings of 145K.
  14. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga's next album discussion   

    LOL you guys are absolutely hysterical!  how about:
    Lady Madonna and Black Jesus
    Letters to a Little Monster (Gaga's favorite poet, Rilke)
    Evocation on Mars (release on trip to moon)--this would be her son to her daughter ARTPOP
    Slay is for the Naysayers
    Rainbow Dream
  15. StefJAGermanotta added a post in a topic: Official games recommendation thread   

    Agree!  This game reaches the level of art b/c it makes you think about the characters, moral decisions, their relationship dynamics.  I don't think there's any other video game that has the same complexity of a novel.

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