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  1. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Iggy Azalea glad she didn't win Grammy   

    ​  Fucking yes, I will bump to TNC all ****ing day.
  2. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Empire (Breaks Fox's 23-year television ratings record)   

    Loved that episode!!! The ending was so awesome!
  3. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Gaga's male equivalent?   

    Kanye West
  4. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - 45S hits 962k, Style 982k, Sugar 1.1M+, UF 4.3M+   

    ​His album is going to be soooo good! Can't wait!
  5. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Katy Perry is selling Left Shark onesies now   

    hahahaha so many great replies
  6. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Rihanna - 240M records sold WW; #R8 coming soon   

    I loved Loud
  7. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Taylor Swift unleashes New Romantics on iTunes (now at #9)   

    This really is a great song hahaha! I hadn't heard it until today!
  8. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: World's Best-selling Female Artists of all time - Gaga ranked 7th   

    They should update that for some of those artists though. Like Katy should be way higher up!
  9. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)   

    I really want Gaga to be the villian. I want lots of scenes of her just being a badass killer or something sick like that. I think it would be awesome hahah
  10. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Madonna wil give Rebel Heart with US tickets for her Tour...   

    Again....Why does she always do this? It's only to say that you're "selling" more copies.
  11. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Iggy: "Why Eminem Didn’t Get The Same Grammys Backlash"   

    I think people give Iggy way too much hate. I'm so glad that she's above that and just keeps going on. Keep doing you Iggy.
  12. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: PREMIERE: Kanye West - All Day   

    ​The name of the first song he performs is Jesus Walks from one of his old albums!!! If you like it you should check out his album The College Dropout! It's an amazing album!
  13. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: General Charts Discussion - 45S hits 962k, Style 982k, Sugar 1.1M+, UF 4.3M+   

    One last Time - #28 (+2)
    Edit:aww whats up with the post counts?
  14. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: Should Gaga Release A "Greatest Hits" after LG5   

    No I don't think so, too early!
  15. Edgelover129 added a post in a topic: 2015 is going to be a busy year for Gaga   

    ​When was this announced? I know she was photographed with him and said "multiple projects" I just didn't know anything had been confirmed!

Status Feed

  1. Edgelover129

    NPH is so sexy and just killed that introduction!!

  2. Edgelover129

    Just gifted my dad the Cheek to Cheek album because it was only 5.99 on itunes!!!

    1. Maleficent

      I'm so glad to hear ur love is worth $5.99
    2. Edgelover129

      @maleficient, he had always complained that I got it for my mom but not for him...they're divorced hahaha so I sent it to him. Maybe he won't realize that it was only 5.99!
    3. Maleficent

      Haha... He'll love it. I'm only joking
  3. Edgelover129

    Just gave my cat some milk :)

    1. Bae

      hope it doesn't get the poops
    2. Gohan

      Thank God you used cat instead of pussÿ
  4. Edgelover129

    Straight guy friends are the hardest to come out to...

    1. Redstreak

    2. Edgelover129

      Especially when you've had SO MANY previous conversations with them before. Just makes things awkward on a different level idk
    3. Spyro

      not hard... just awkward.
    4. ItsVenusBitch

      I only came out to 1 of my straight male friends. He told all the rest. I dont have any straight male friends now, lol.
    5. CowSiss

      I have a straight guy friend who's also family. I feel he knows and doesn't care but I also don't see the need to tell him because he doesn't have to come out straight to me, so why should I come out to him? IDK, in all honesty
  5. Edgelover129

    Jason Derulo has so many great songs. He's so underrated.

  6. Edgelover129

    Honestly, I just wanna talk to a cute boy who will flirt and just chat with me.

    1. Onion Boy

    2. Blake

      Ugh amen same
    3. Edgelover129

      Like is that so hard to ask. It doesn't have to be major but come on!!! GIVE ME SOMETHING!
  7. Edgelover129

    Recently came out as bisexual and I was wondering if anyone on this site knew where I could go to talk to people who feel the same way. Where can I make a thread on this site? I'd love to talk to you guys.

    1. Red

      On the Conversation Area I guess
    2. Luiz

      tell us your story :fan:
    3. Prometheus

      We have a thread! Let me find the link.
    4. Prometheus

      Here you go! http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/121783-the-gender-and-sexual-identities-awareness-thread/
    5. Edgelover129

      Thank you guys :D
  8. Edgelover129

    That amazing switch from Bed of Lies to Pills N's Potions... <3

    1. Blake

      Bed of Lies is after Pills N' Potions though...
    2. Edgelover129

      I know lol. I was saying that if you switch them it would actually be much better.
  9. Edgelover129

    Remember the first time you head Scheisse's chorus....!!!!!

  10. Edgelover129

    Can we all just pretend that the Do What U Want era never even happened...okay awesome!

    1. JFK

      No, it was my rebirth era.
  11. Edgelover129

    They better release an ARTPOP USB!!! I need to add it to my collection!

    1. ChasingGhosts

      I doubt they will tbh we have the app
  12. Edgelover129

    Anyone have a link to this interview with Carson Daly?

  13. Edgelover129

    My stream won't even let me press play. Piece of ****.

    1. FuhrerOfTime

      its actually the worst thing tbh!!! what kind of **** connection...
    2. FuhrerOfTime

      its actually the worst thing tbh!!! what kind of **** connection...
    3. FuhrerOfTime

      its actually the worst thing tbh!!! what kind of **** connection...
    4. FuhrerOfTime

      its actually the worst thing tbh!!! what kind of **** connection...
    5. FuhrerOfTime

      its actually the worst thing tbh!!! what kind of **** connection...
  14. Edgelover129

    Can anyone PM me a link to the SD leak from earlier?

  15. Edgelover129

    Does anyone know the differences between the clean and dirty versions of Venus? I'm dying to know!!!??

    1. Sunbather

    2. Edgelover129

      Wait you're kidding right?!?!?!
    3. Sunbather

      Always am!
      Sorry I don't really know what the difference is.
  16. Edgelover129

    From here until the release of ARTPOP all im listening to is promo singles and official singles, no more snippets or leaks for this guy! I CAN DO THIS!

  17. Edgelover129

    I just bought a NEW PAIR of Heartbeats. My old ones that I had for two years broke and I bought new ones for ARTPOP!

    1. Alex Spears

      Inb4 she releases a v3 for ARTPOP, I've had mine for 2 years and they work like they're new
    2. Edgelover129

      I've heard a lot of people tell me that theirs lasted like a month but mine lasted SO LONG until they just stopped working. But they were the best headphones ive ever had so I had to get more to listen to ARTPOP. I cant be listening to the album on my ten dollar marshalls headphones...
    3. Grant Gaga

      v2 or v1 did you get? i have v1 and i've had them since the fame monster!
    4. Grant Gaga

      should i get v2? are they better?
    5. Alex Spears

      I've had V1 since TFM and V2 since BTW!
    6. Alex Spears

      Well it's a bit louder and clearer (a bit) and the chord is stronger.
    7. Edgelover129

      i personally LOVE V1 but ive never had V2. I dont like their look nearly as much,
    8. Grant Gaga

      for me, the v1's are getting a little girllllly hahahha
    9. Edgelover129

      idk I had the black ones and everyone LOVED them. I would get compliments about them all the time. I think they look more sleek than they do girly.
    10. Alex Spears

      I thought the "red" ones were super red, then I bought them and they were G.A.F.
    11. Edgelover129

      what do you mean?
    12. Alex Spears

      They were Gay as **** like seriously people used to make fun of Me, not the headphones though, so when I got the V2 I made sure I got the darkest color possible
    13. Edgelover129

      **** really? i just ordered the red ones.......
    14. Grant Gaga

      I have the silver v1s. i want the white v2s!!!!
    15. Grant Gaga

      i have a white ipod so i want white headphones
    16. Alex Spears

      The White V2's are STUNNING!!!!!!
    17. Grant Gaga

      i know omggggggggggggggg
    18. Edgelover129

      I just cancelled my red v1's I think im going to get black v1's. I loved those ones.
    19. Alex Spears

      Good gurl, you saved yourself a ton of grief lol
    20. Edgelover129

      its too late to transfer money into my account. looks like im ordering tomorrow morning.
  18. Edgelover129

    Some people here have a huge ass stick up their asses.

    1. Jase

      You'll go far with that attitude.
    2. Edgelover129

    3. Spyro

      You act like it's a bad thing. ;-;
    4. Redstreak

      Well if it's an ass stick, shouldn't it go up asses?
    5. Edgelover129

      hahahah OPS! You guys are funny
  19. Fizzy » Edgelover129

    Thank You for adding me as your friend! Really appreciate it. :hug: :)

  20. Edgelover129

    XOXO is one of my favorite people on GGD. No doubt about it. This guy is freaking hilarious!

  21. Edgelover129


    1. BlondeKingOfGGD

    2. Edgelover129


      Check out the slayage
    3. HausOfAntonio

      How reliable is this site?
    4. Edgelover129

      VERY Reliable. It's from Kworb, which tracks sales and airplay.
    5. HausOfAntonio

      In that case this is awesome!
    6. Fisherman

      Great keep it up guys
    7. Edgelover129

      Everyone keep streaming the song :)
  22. Edgelover129

    7 DAYS!!! WHOOO!!!!

    1. Fisherman

      9 days in my country :Whitney:
    2. Edgelover129

      Jealous! So excited for the single to drop!
    3. LetsGetHigh

      9 days, 10 hours, 32 minutes and 30 seconds! :woot:
    4. Edgelover129

      :) YES!
  23. Edgelover129