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  1. Samuel added a post in a topic: Are You Bored With The Cheek To Cheek Era?   

    I just flat out don't like jazz music... so whilst I'm happy it's seen some commercial success, I'm really not bothered about it.
  2. Samuel added a post in a topic: Would YOU die for Gaga?   

    Most definitely not... I don't even know the woman.

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  1. Samuel

    Haven't logged on here in ages. Lol, where's the crew from 2012?

    1. Hecturr

      still here sis, still here
    2. Temple

      Mostly on OGG
    3. Arturo

    4. Samuel

      Yeah. I'm there too... just thought I'd pop back here. I do miss this place from time to time... so what's changed since the ARTPOP era began? I stopped posting just before Applause leaked.
    5. Samuel

      Arturo! I remember you! How you doing?
    6. inuborg

    7. Temple

      This website has gotten very bitter, to the point where we have an ignore feature.
      But it's also really fun. I'd suggest the Oreolicious thread as a place to hang out
    8. Samuel

      @inuborg you used to stan for Azealia didn't you?
    9. Samuel

      Awh. Well that's a little sad I guess... I could have imagined what went on here during the era though. Jeez...
    10. inuborg

      @Samuel Yep! still do. Glad you remember me lol
    11. Arturo

      You remember me? That's surprising tbh :sweat:
      I'm fine. What made you want to log back on? :)

      Nothing has changed much since before Applause imo. (Things have changed since 2012 but not 2013)
      And yes, the era has caused many meltdowns on here. From Applause not going #1 to the DWUW vid.
    12. Samuel

      I have no clue... gored bored of ATRL, got bored of the ghost town known as Operation Gaga.

      And yeah, I remember you being in the charts thread quite a bit? You were usually the one who calmed things down when Brian/Americano and that johnyguy member got a little ticked off. I was usually just a lurker, never really posted much whilst I was here but idk, this place holds a lot of memories for me; even if I was an outsider looking in.

      And yeah, that's the reason I aba...
    13. Samuel

      abandoned ship... I couldn't take the heat so I very swiftly left the kitchen. This place seems most content when we're in-between era's so, IDK... I felt like now that the storm had passed, it was safe to log on maybe? :P
    14. Arturo

      Yup, the charts thread was where I spent most of my time since I joined the site up until DWUW starting dying around January 2014. (And G.U.Y was non existent so why even bother?)
      Now I just mod the section but hardly post.
  2. Samuel

    i managed to get seated... kinda annoyed I couldn't get standing.

  3. Samuel

    Ya'know where she lists all those countries in Gypsy? She should probably bleep out Australia on the re-issue.

  4. Samuel

    It's been a while since she's delivered a performance THAT good. She absolutely slayed, thank you Gaga.

    1. Deacon

  5. Samuel

    See, here's my problem with it, as much as I love it, there's no one clear STAND OUT... With TFM, I knew DITD had that little something extra, as did Scheiße for BTW, I don't think ARTPOP has that one defining gem of an album track.

    1. Gagaloo92

      ARTPOP is a flop :fan:
    2. freedumb

      um have you heard venus or guy or donatella or are you helen keller or something
    3. freedumb

      or gypsy
    4. GagaUnderYou

      ah i feel you
    5. Nickolas724

      Probably cause there all gems
    6. freedumb

      or sexxx dreams
    7. MEDONER

      maybe because they're all good and special?

      What Nickolas said
    9. Samuel

      I think Venus is as close as it's going to get... but it's no where near as spectacular as Scheiße or DITD. Having said that I love the album... I just wanted that ONE gem of an album track; and for me personally, I don't think we got it.
    10. Crash

      Like you said, for you though. Personally, we got three stand-out tracks in Aura, Venus and ARTPOP imo, as they're different from everything else.
    11. MEDONER

      Venus and G.U.Y. make the difference tbh, they're Gaga.
    12. Samuel

      ^ absolutely. of course, just my opinion!
  6. Samuel

    someone pm me plz.

    1. Jaikub

      and me please x
  7. Samuel

    I was NOT sold at first, but now... I think Venus may just become one of my all time favourites from Gaga. It's becoming extremely hard to stop listening to it.

    1. Goddess Of Love

      when i stop listening,its just keeps in my head,so I have to turn it on. :(
  8. Samuel

    Finally pre ordered ARTPOP!

  9. hahahahahahahah » Samuel

    hi. i'm trying to meet little monsters (i'm visiting london). you wouldn't happen to be in london?

  10. Samuel

    Not gonna lie, starting to get a little pissy about this track list scheiße.

  11. Samuel

    OH MY GOD - I've got a bunch of Jamaican people outside of my house playing music from their car on FULL BLAST at 1am. I seriously want to shoot someone.

    1. Unicorn De Milo

      Tell 'em to play applause tbh :Whitney:
    2. DXPE

      Sounds like the Man Down video
    3. Unicorn De Milo

      @DONATELLA :smh:
    4. Majora

      walk outside with a bat
  12. Samuel

    I feel another betrayal coming on.

  13. Samuel

    So much hostility on here tonight. Geez.

  14. Samuel


  15. Samuel

    Awh. I missed most of it. Only caught Swine + I Wanna be with You. BTW this Applause intro is ****ING INSANE.

  16. Samuel


  17. Samuel


  18. Samuel

    Just watched Dancer in the Dark. I cried so ****ing hard.

  19. Samuel

    Typical. I wait all these years to join ATRL, and as soon as I do I hate it.

    1. Luc

      same lmao
    2. Ibo

      I'm trying to join since forever :smh:
    3. Crash

      Wait, they're letting people join again? Thought new registrations were closed
    4. Samuel

      They were open for two days before they shut it down again, believe me your not missing out on anything.
    5. Crash

      Oh okay, I wanted to at least join for all the legendary gifs, oh well
    6. Forrest Gump

      here's a better forum http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/
    7. Sexxx

    8. Ibo

      I am accepting accounts, if anybody wants to leave :)
    9. SEANGT

      oh. I didn't know they had to accept you. That's stupid.
  20. Samuel

    Anyone seen "The Mist"? Gonna watch it now. Hope it's good.